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Nevada Governor Opposed To Election Betting

Gov. Brian Sandoval Takes First Public Position On Issue


Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has expressed his opposition to a proposal that would make Nevada the first state with casinos taking action on federal elections.

The Republican governor, who described himself as “more of a traditionalist” when it comes to betting, said that while Nevada has profited from betting on sports and horse racing, he would not support the proposal until he’s “convinced otherwise,” according to the Las Vegas Sun.

He hadn’t taken a public position on the topic until last week.

State Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, is behind the proposal to permit betting on presidential elections and said he was a “little surprised” by the governor’s comments.

Segerblom said he would be speaking with Sandoval about the issue in the future. He pointed out that wagering on the presidential elections is already permitted in England and with off-shore Internet gambling operations.

Sandoval added that Nevada’s Gaming Control Board and the Gaming Commission have not supported the proposal in the past, nor did a legislative gaming committee vote to support it at its meeting last week in Las Vegas.

Segerblom plans to introduce the bill again in the 2015 legislative session.

In 2013, Nevada sports books won just over $200 million.