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Doyle Brunson NAPC Day 4 - Fight for the Final Six

Hachem and Negreanu Reach WPT Doyle Brunson North American Poker Championship Final Table; "Grinder" Wins Player of the Year

Six spots, 33 players, one WPT televised final table, and, oh yeah, the race for Card Player's Player of the Year award - welcome to day 4 of the 2006 Doyle Brunson North American Poker Championship.

The battle for the six most lucrative seats in DBNAPC history began at noon PST with $6,000-$12,000 blinds and $2,000 antes.

While many came to see Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, a veritable lock to win his first POY award, Daniel Negreanu commanded most of the attention in early play. Coming into the day in 31st place out of 33 positions, Negreanu (Aheart Jheart) doubled up through Marco Johnson (Adiamond10heart), then provided the first elimination when his pocket kings held against the pocket deuces of David Oppenheim ($42,285).

Twenty-five minutes later, the focus of the DBNAPC, at least for those following the Player of the Year race, switched back to Mizrachi. All in on an 8heart 4spade 2heart flop, John Hoang (Jheart 9heart), fifth in the POY standings and Mizrachi's closest competition still in the tournament, exited in 32nd place ($42,285) after Jesse Jones (Aheart Aclub) called and made a wheel with the 3club turn and 5diamond river.

The bustout of Hoang, coupled with Nam Le's elimination from the WSOP Circuit Harrah's Atlantic City event, guaranteed Mizrachi his first Card Player Player of the Year award. Both fans and players applauded as tournament director Jack McClelland stopped play and announced Mizrachi as the 2006 POY winner.

The short stack among the remaining players, Mizrachi took home 29th place ($50,745) when an all-in reraise with A-Q failed to improve against Jim Hanna's A-K.

At 6:30 p.m., Mads Anderson flopped a set of tens to crack Mats Rahmn's pocket aces (19th place - $67,655), and the final 18 players redrew to two tables.

Lee Markholt, the chip leader coming into day 4, became the tournament's 18th-place finisher ($67,655) on the first hand of two-table play after the Qdiamond Qclub 5spade 4club 3spade board offered his 10spade 7diamond no help against Michael Binger's 9heart 9spade.

While Markholt entered play with the most chips, Doyle' rep Cyndy Violette came into action as one of the last two female participants in the field (Laura Fink finished in 22nd place, for $50,745). Violette's run, and the female presence at the 2006 DBNAPC, ended when she moved all in preflop with pocket queens and Justin Bonomo called with pocket aces. Violette exited the tournament area in 14th place ($84,570).

At 10:45 p.m., after a one-hour dinner break, a pair of consecutive eliminations sent the Doyle Brunson North American Poker Championship to a final table. First, Haralabos Voulgaris (Adiamond Kclub) called an all-in reraise by Scott Fischman (8diamond 8heart), and paired his king on the flop to make Fischman the 12th-place finisher ($84,570). Moments later, a Qdiamond 10diamond 4diamond Adiamond 6heart board gave Joe Hachem (9diamond 9spade) a higher flush against Fred Goldberg (10club 8diamond), ending Goldberg's tournament with an 11th-place finish ($84,570).

The chip counts and seating for the final table were as follows:

1. Daniel Negreanu - $3,785,000 (seat 1)
2. Joe Hachem - $3,440,000 (seat 5)
3. Haralabos Voulgaris - $2,525,000 (seat 7)
4. David Redlin - $1,860,000 (seat 6)
5. Ed Jordan - $1,650,000 (seat 8)
6. Jim Hanna - $1,535,000 (seat 4)
7. Justin Bonomo - $1,325,000 (seat 3)
8. Mack Lee - $800,000 (seat 2)
9. Steve Sung - $705,000 (seat 10)
10. Mads Anderson - $370,000 (seat 9)

Negreanu capped off a daylong climb up the leader board by providing the first elimination of the DBNAPC final table. After a $120,000 raise by Anderson, "Kid Poker" called an all in reraise by Lee. Negreanu's 4diamond 4spade made him a huge underdog to Lee's Qclub Qspade, but an Aclub Kclub 2heart flop, followed by a 3diamond turn and 5spade river, gave Negreanu a straight, eliminating Lee in 10th place ($101,485).

Sung followed Lee to the rails as the ninth-place finisher ($118,400) after his trip queens with a jack kicker (Qclub Jdiamond) fell to Hanna's trip queens with an ace kicker (Aspade Qspade).

Like Negreanu, Anderson rose up the chip counts, only he made his biggest moves at the final table. After starting as the short stack, Anderson not only built up chips (doubling up through Hachem and Bonomo), he eliminated the day's last two players.

Following a lost race to Hanna, when his pocket fives fell to Hanna's Aclub 8diamond, Voulgaris moved all in preflop, and his Qdiamond 4diamond put him in a hole against Anderson's pocket tens. Voulgaris, the 11th-place finisher at the 2006 Mirage Poker Showdown, paired his four on the flop (7heart 7club 4heart), but finished in eighth ($135,315) when he missed the turn (5diamond) and river (3heart).

On the next hand, Bonomo reraised all in, Anderson called, and, after 15-plus hours of play, the fourth day of the Doyle Brunson North American Poker Championship ended as Anderson's pocket sevens held against Bonomo's Aclub Qclub (seventh place, $152,230).

The chip counts for the WPT televised final table are as follows:

1. Daniel Negreanu - $4,670,000
2. Mads Anderson - $4,310,000
3. Joe Hachem - $2,345,000
4. Edward Jordan - $2,320,000
5. David Redlin - $2,040,000
6. Jim Hanna - $1,820,000

For a complete list of payouts and chip counts please click here.

The six players return for final table action at 5 p.m. PST and will play down to the $2.1 million winner.

Stay tuned to for live updates, chip counts, photos, videos, and for a news episode of "The Circuit."

Quote of the Day: "Its bad enough he's got more chips than me. I don't need him to demean me. [He's] better looking, [he's a] better player." - Haralabos Voulgaris on an opponent who kept calling him "kid."