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CPTV Video Spotlight -- Mickey Petersen On Common Preflop Situations

2012 EPT Copenhagen Champ Talks No-Limit Hold'em Tournament Strategy


Mickey PetersenPlaying a short to medium stack in no-limit hold’em tournament poker can be tricky, so Card Player TV recently caught up with 2012 European Poker Tour Copenhagen champion Mickey Petersen to discuss a number of preflop dilemmas that players commonly face.

Petersen, who’s live and online tournament winnings exceed $2 million, first gave CPTV some insight on determining if you have a large enough stack to make a raise or re-raise preflop for less than all-in. First off, he reminded us that as always in poker, the right approach is very situation dependent.

“Well, I guess the first rule with stuff like that is that there is no certain [approach]. it all depends on the players you are up against, your skill set, the kind of hand you have and so forth,” said Petersen. “In general, people usually say that if you have a stack of 14 big blinds or less you are usually raising all-in or folding.”

Check out the complete video below for more of Petersen’s advice on preflop situations with short to medium stacks.