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WATCH: Congressional Hearing On Online Poker

Hearing Featured A Few Good Laughs


In case you missed yesterday’s online poker hearing that was held in Congress, here it is in full. The hearing was brisk, lasting less than two hours.

Now, nothing actually happened during the hearing. It was just all rhetoric, most of which has been repeated ad nauseam for months and months and months. However, there were some funny moments, like when Congressman Joe Barton said God was behind online poker and when a U.S. lawmaker essentially called Las Vegas Sands a hypocrite for its anti-online gaming position since it already offers mobile betting.

The hearing was also probably completely pointless, since it is very widely considered that there is an infinitesimally small chance of online poker being legalized, or banned, at the federal level. States like Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have taken action on their own.

It also seems very unlikely the hearing will have any effect on state debates in 2014.

What the hearing was good for, other than a few laughs, was to highlight the uphill battle that will be waged in order for online poker to experience a true rebirth in the United States. Online poker play was largely eradicated in America thanks to Black Friday in April 2011.



almost 8 years ago

Viewed every inch of this. Kind of boring and congenial.

When Abboud started waving his cellphone around saying something like..."Do we want this portable gambling machine in everyone's pocket?"

Well...I thought, "it ALREADY IS. But it's just unregulated".

Abboud didn't fare so well at this hearing. Pappas was straightforward, and knew his facts.


almost 8 years ago

At 15:00 the representative from Nebraska asks the representative from Texas if Nebraska can ban Texas Holdem and only play Omaha. Nice.

Seriously though, much thanks to Congressman Barton for sponsoring this bill and working to regulate online poker.