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WATCH: Massive Chip Leader Meltdown In World Series Of Poker Main Event

Anton Morgenstern Blows Up In Amazing Way On Day 7


The most recent World Series of Poker television episode featured the epic collapse of one-time main event chip leader Anton Morgenstern.

The German held around an amazing 30 million in chips with just 24 left in the event, but played far too aggressive hand after hand to give away his big stack. After he took a few hits, the wheels came off completely. It was a blow up of tragic proportions.

2013 WSOP episode no. 18 started off with Morgenstern five-betting an opponent with 8-7 off suit. Unfortunately for Morgenstern, his opponent held pocket aces and shoved preflop.

Later, Morgenstern called Mark Newhouse’s all-in with pocket eights. Newhouse held A-Q and hit a queen on the flop to secure the crucial double up.

Despite all of this, Morgenstern still had a dominant stack — but not for long.

Eventually (starts at around 18:25 in the video), Morgenstern and Newhouse tangled again, this time for the largest pot of the tournament up until that point.

The action began with Morgenstern raising to 325,000 from the hijack. Mark Newhouse called on the button. Everyone else folded. The flop fell ASpade Suit AHeart Suit 2Spade Suit.

Morgenstern led for 425,000. Newhouse just called.

The 3Heart Suit on the turn prompted a 750,000 bet from Morgenstern. Newhouse woke up with a raise to 2 million. Morgenstern made it 3.9 million. Newhouse moved all in for about 10.1 million.

Morgenstern called to put the North Carolina native at risk.

Newhouse exposed pocket deuces for a flopped boat, while an emotionless Morgenstern had AClub Suit JClub Suit for just tips. The German was in bad shape, and a 4Club Suit on the river didn’t change things.

After the hand, Newhouse had more than 22 million, which was good for the chip lead, while Morgenstern had about 5 million and was one of the short stacks.

Morgenstern eventually busted in 20th, while Newhouse went on to make the final table.

The November Nine will play out in Las Vegas in early November.