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Illinois Governor Signs Law That Would Allow Gambling Facilities To Garnish Winnings From Patrons Who Owe Child Support

State Has Nearly $3 Billion In Unpaid Child Support Payments


Illinois’ governor has signed a bill that will allow gambling facilities in the state to garnish cash outs from patrons who owe child support. Gov. Pat Quinn signed the measure into law on Monday. It was introduced back in February.

The state reportedly has nearly $3 billion in unpaid child support.

The law amended the Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975, the Riverboat Gambling Act and the Income Withholding for Support Act. It mandates that “the Department of Healthcare and Family Services provide each gambling licensee under the Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975 and each licensed owner under the Riverboat Gambling Act with information concerning all individuals who are identified in the State Case Registry of child support orders and who have been determined to be delinquent in child support.”

The gambling facility can take chips, tokens, vouchers and so on, if the amount in winnings is $1,200 or more. The entire amount can be withheld.

The gambling facility may keep an “administrative fee” of five percent or $250, whichever is less.

Signs will have to be posted to inform gamblers of the casino’s ability to garnish winnings.

Illinois has long been considering expanding gambling, which would likely include a full-fledged casino in Chicago. However, lawmakers there have a hard time agreeing on how it would be regulated. Quinn has vetoed the idea before.

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almost 6 years ago

so now a guy gets a signer tips him 5% instead.


almost 6 years ago

well thats kinda stupid.....that law/rule takes away all incentive to play.....stupid rule makers are just that, stupid....they should have made it "up to 50% of winnings" can be witheld.......nobody who owes will play for nothing, that law is so these elected officials even have a brain that is of at least average intelligence?.....all they've done is ensure that some people will never play and nobody will get any money, whereas ALL those people would still play if they knew they'd get at least half of what they win.....typical stupid people in positions that require intelligence but have none.