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J.C. Tran, Carlos Mortensen Poised For 2013 World Series Of Poker Main Event Final Table

Steven Gee Survives To Play On Day 7 After Making Final Table In 2012


The 2013 World Series of Poker main event final table could include two of the greatest no-limit hold’em tournament players in the history of card playing.

Veteran grinders J.C. Tran — winner of nearly $9 lifetime in tournaments — and Carlos Mortensen — the 2001 main event champion and owner of nearly $11 million in scores — are fourth and sixth in chips respectively after Day 6 on Sunday.

Tran has been deep in the main event many times over his lengthy career.

“The past few times I made deep runs I didn’t envision myself getting there,” Tran said. “It was like, one day at a time type of deal, without thinking too far ahead. This year I’m really starting to think that I can get to the final nine, and that mindset seems to be helping.”

Tran talked with CardPlayer TV to give a recap of his Day 6.

Just 27 remained after a day of action that moved faster than expected. The final three tables were reached well before midnight local time in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Also alive is Steven Gee, who finished ninth last year. He ended the day with less than half the average stack, so he will need to get something going early on Monday. However, he will enter the day with 31 big blinds, so there’s plenty of room to pick his spots.

“I think if I can make the final table this year it will be redemption enough for me to finally forget about what happened last year — to not think about the bust out at night anymore,” Gee said. “We’ll be talking about the back-to-back, instead of my flame out.”

Gee was eliminated last fall after a bluff gone horribly wrong.

Other big names still in contention include Yevgeniy Timoshenko and David Benefield.

Timoshenko is a former World Poker Tour Championship winner, and Benefield is one of the best cash game players in online poker history. Timoshenko ended the day with 5,310,000, despite being one of the chip leaders for part of the day. Benefield is the short stack with 1,840,000 and will need to find a double up quickly. In addition to his live accomplishments, Timoshenko has a whopping $3,332,278 in online tournament scores to his name, which makes him one of the most successful players on the Internet ever.

Everyone is trailing German poker player Anton Morgenstern, who finished with 21,955,000.

Arguably the most noteworthy casualty on Day 6 was Australian pro Jackie Glazier, who was the last woman remaining in the tournament. The poker world will have to wait another year for the first female finalist since Barbara Enright finished fifth in 1995.

Glazier’s elimination hand began with Sergio Castelluccio raising to 200,000. Glazier was down to less than 20 big blinds and shoved with the ASpade Suit QSpade Suit. Castelluccio called with pocket tens, and Glazier needed to catch. However, the board ran out 9-9-9-5-K and she was out.

Day 7 will begin Monday at noon local time and action won’t stop until a final table is set. Stay tuned to for updates from poker’s most prestigious event.

Here is a look at the unofficial chip counts:

Anton Morgenstern — 21,955,000
Sylvain Loosli — 14,125,000
Chris Lindh — 12,035,000
JC Tran — 11,970,000
Fabian Ortiz — 10,810,000
Carlos Mortensen — 10,790,000
James Alexander — 9,445,000
Jay Farber — 8,975,000
Matthew Reed — 7,705,000
Jason Mann — 7,505,000
Amir Lehavot — 7,385,000
Clement Tripodi — 7,135,000
Sergio Castelluccio — 6,560,000
Alexander Livingston — 5,800,000
Mark Newhouse — 5,785,000
Marc McLaughlin — 5,415,000
Jan Nakladal — 5,360,000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko — 5,310,000
Ryan Riess — 3,830,000
Maxx Coleman — 3,830,000
Bruno Kawauti — 3,580,000
Benjamin Pollak — 3,230,000
Steve Gee — 3,160,000
Rep Porter — 2,675,000
Michiel Brummelhuis — 2,245,000
Jorn Walthaus — 1,900,000
David Benefield — 1,840,000

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