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WSOP Day 37: European News Roundup

Euro Assault on World Series of Poker Ramps Up

Day 37 at the 38th World Series of Poker heralded scores more European hopefuls taking to the felt for day 1B of the greatest poker show on earth.

Included in the lineup were Alan Smurfit, Carlo Citrone, Praz Banzi, Patrik Antonius, John Duthie, Ross and Barny Boatman, Jeff Lisandro, Vicky Coren, Michael Keiner, Neil Channing, Bruno Fitoussi, Donnacha O'Dea, Eoghan O'Dea, Roland De Wolfe, Pascal Perrault, Alex Kravchenko, Dave Shallow, Jen Mason, Marc Goodwin, Juha Helppi, Dave Murray, Barry Neville, Ben Grundy, and Simon 'Aces' Trumper, as well as dozens of other Scandinavians, British, French, Italians, Germans, and Irish.

Trumper, best known for his victory on the seminal TV show, was in fine form early in the session when he spoke with Card Player. 'I haven't made day two for five years,' he confided, stating this as a source of considerable annoyance. But he seemed determined and was brimming with confidence after pulling off 'an outrageous bluff,' in level one.

It was not to last, however, and he lost all but $2,000 in chips when his top full house was beaten by quad jacks.

He battled hard for several hours shortstacked and was frustrated at the play on his table. 'It'd make you sick how bad the play at my table was.' He finally succumbed just before dinner

Recent Irish Open finalist Nicky Power busted after the first break but was philosophical. 'I found aces the hand before, raised it up and got no callers,' he explained. 'The next hand i found A-K and the flop came K-K-4. All the money went in the middle and the other fella had 4-4. I don't mind really; folding is not a big part of my game, so what can you do?

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