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A Look At How Each World Series of Poker Main Event Final Tablist Got There

The Key Hands That Propelled Each Final Tablist


The October NineIf you didn’t have a chance to watch ESPN’s coverage of this summer’s World Series of Poker main event, don’t worry. We’ve sifted through the footage and picked out only the biggest hands won by the October Nine final tablists so that anyone can catch up on all of the relevant action.

Below, you’ll get a good idea of how each player navigated their way to their current chip count and the final table.

ESPN will be airing the final table on Monday where one of these nine players will take home the $8,531,853 first-place prize.

Each video will automatically load to the correct time that each hand begins.

Seat 1: Russell Thomas — 24,800,000

Thomas Sniffs Out A Busted Draw

Thomas Picks Off Robbins’ Bluff

Preflop Action On The Final Table Bubble

Seat 2: Jacob Balsiger — 13,115,000

Balsiger Knocks Out His College Roommate

Balsiger Gets Lucky To Bust Somerville

Balsiger Gets Gift With Three Tables Left

Balsiger Slow Plays Aces To Earn Maximum

Seat 3: Jeremy Ausmus — 9,805,000

Ausmus Flops Straight And Holds Against Top Set

Two Outer Gives Ausmus The Knockout

Ausmus Calls Huge River Overbet Bluff For Half His Stack

Ausmus Wins A Crucial Flip For Most Of His Stack

Seat 4: Steven Gee — 16,860,000

Gee’s Top Pair Holds Against Flush Draw

Gee Comes From Behind To Nearly Triple Up

Misdeal Gives Gee Winning Boat Over Abrams

Seat 5: Greg Merson — 28,725,000

Top Two Pair Holds Against Top Pair With A Flush Draw

Merson Wins Huge Flip To Get Big Stack

Merson Doubles Up With Straight Over Straight

Flopped Boat Holds Against Flopped Trips

Seat 6: Jesse Sylvia — 43,875,000

Sylvia Sucks Out To Take A Chunk From Jejelowo

Sylvia’s Aces Fade Straight Flush Draw To Stay Alive

Sylvia’s Set Wins Biggest Pot Of The Tournament

Seat 7: Robert Salaburu — 15,155,000

Peters Implodes And Salaburu Benefits

Salaburu Doubles Up With Kings

Salaburu Makes Disguised Two Pair To Bust Mahatan

Seat 8: Andras Koroknai — 29,375,000

Koroknai Gets Saved By Obscure Ruling After Mucking His Hand

Koroknai Gets Lucky To Stay Alive On Final Table Bubble

Baumann Gets Ironically Knocked Out By Koroknai

Seat 9: Michael Esposito — 16,260,000

Sixes Beat Eights For Esposito To Climb Above Average

Esposito Wins A Key Flip To Stay Alive

Esposito Cracks Aces With Two Tables Left