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The 2006 WSOP Final Table Aired Last Night

Tune in This Evening to Watch This Summer's Fireworks


The main event is finally here, even though it's already gone.

Tonight, ESPN airs the final table of this year's World Series of Poker main event in two one-hour shows starting at 8 p.m. ET.

Everyone who visits knows that Jamie Gold won the whole thing in dominating fashion. And many of our readers know by reading's hand-for-hand tournament reports how he accumulated such a big chip stack going into the final table, the archives of which can be found here.

But that won't stop poker fans from tuning in to ESPN tonight.

This year's final table was a true event, with many things taking place besides the poker game. There were a a parade of champions and the money presentation in which $12 million in cash was dumped onto a poker table, to name two. The $12 million was so much money that it needed a whole table for itself.

Plus, it's a good chance to hear the players who made the final table talk about their game and experience at the WSOP. The final table installment of the nuts is also usually a lot of fun.

The final table is made up of Gold, Allen Cunningham, Richard Lee, Doug Kim, Erik Friberg, Dan Nassif, Rhett Butler, Paul Wasicka, and Michael Binger.