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Partouche Poker Tour Reinstates €5 Million Guarantee

About-Face By Patrick Partouche After Intial Denials Of €5 Million Guarantee


Players at the Partouche Poker Tour can feel vindicated today after a grassroots campaign, quickly adopted by the poker media, resulted in its parent company reinstating the original main event prize pool guarantee of €5 million.

Yesterday the chairman of the group, Patrick Partouche, denied the event ever had a guaranteed prize pool of €5 million, despite lots of evidence in advertising and promotional copy to the contrary.

He also announced the tour would be cancelled after the current event had run its course.

In a statement today the company said new information was presented to him after yesterday’s statement.

Partouche said, "I do acknowledge that there may have been some misunderstanding caused by the way this event was promoted in the media and the confusion that has since followed.

“I have therefore asked the Partouche group to bear the consequences and make up the difference by adding €736,880 to the prize pool.”

He also said he refused the resignation of Partouche Poker marketing director JJ Ichai adding, “I have never turned my back on my troops, even through the toughest of times when storms have raged around us… how true is the expression “anyone who doesn’t make mistakes isn’t trying hard enough” therefore even those at the very top are not immune to error from time to time.”



over 5 years ago

This turn of events solves Jason Mercier's moral dilemma. I love it when the ethically challenged find salvation.


over 5 years ago

This pardouche CEO is a typical example of how the French act in business. No ethics and their word is worthless. Watch the video and tell me that he isn't a liar. So what if he is paying up now, he is still a rotten piece of fruit.


over 5 years ago

man this guy has already done the damage....credibility lost is very hard to regain.......even though he did an about face the debacle is what people will remember.


over 5 years ago

he only did this because he is part of the ISPT. ISPT would have taken a major hit if this pardouche didn't reinstate it.