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Euro Poker Tweets Of The Week

Allen Kessler Fires Up Controversial Discussion On Twitter


Ray HensonThis week’s Tweets Of The Week focuses solely on American players, with the crux of this Twitter news update being the social media discussion surrounding how a particular table was playing during the recent World Poker Tour main event.

On Aug. 30 Allen Kessler wrote, “@SavagePoker you’ve got to stop this blind raising agreement @WorldPokerTour main events it happened at jax and bike.” He continued, “example; $200-400 whole table agrees utg must bet $800 utg+1 must bet $1600 unfair to other tables as deep stacks are result”

Kessler further stated that if the players agree to blind raise prior to a hand they can then be prevented from raising, and believed it should be stopped, also tweeting that two of the players went deep. Some poker fans’ response to this was that it was collusion and the players in question should be penalised.

Then Daniel Buzgon tweeted, " AllenKessler I was at that table and busted and no one from that table even cashed. Flushy bubbled." To which Kessler replied, "WiLDmAn_75 surprised u would be in on something like that."

Kessler then turned to forums, widening the debate further. He informed Buzgon and Savage of this saying, “@SavagePoker @WiLDmAn_75 I started a thread on this issue on 2p2 nvg. Would appreciate both of your input.”

Kevin “Kevmath” Mathers then hit Twitter, saying, "I hope those reading about @allenkessler’s “agreement” issue check the responses from @alieslami + @ray_henson" This linked to the TwoPlusTwo forum which featured detailed responses from both Eslami and Henson, denying Kessler’s statements and basically pointing out how that was just the way the game went, without any verbal blind raising agreement.

Kessler replied to Mathers via Twitter, “@Kevmath @alieslami @ray_henson this went on for several hours. Maybe agreement isn’t the proper term…” Ray Henson’s reply was of a different nature: “thanks Kevin, seems everyone is jumpin to conclusions and Allen is way off on the facts of what happened”

In the last 24 hours, Kessler took to Twitter on the matter again, saying, " @TWKftw @ray_henson @AliEslami I never meant to imply anyone was cheating, and I apologize if that was the inference taken."

Jared Hamby then joined the discussion, tweeting, “@TWKftw
@Ray_Henson @AllenKessler I can’t believe the response on 2+2 from some people, calling us cheaters and scumbags for having innocent fun” Other players and poker fans then got curious and wanted to know what happened. To which Hamby replied, “nothing. just some stupid trolls on 2+2 blowing a story that was short on facts out of proportion, about blind raising”

The tone was then lightened when Jonathan Aguiar wrote, “@Ray_Henson @thetmay @twkftw fuck u cheaters, I’m done with both of you, better get bodyguards bitches” Henson replied, “can I hide behind my bodyguard and try to start a fight w Kessler???” The debate continues…

On another note, David Bach very recently took to Twitter to tell of some health issues he’s currently experiencing. He said, “Dr visits and tests later: I found yesterday that I have a Chiari 1 Malformation. This is a non-life threatening congenital condition…”

Jean-Robert Bellande ‏replied to this via Twitter with "Phew @gunslingerbach. As long as its not “life threatening…” Don’t mind if you wheel chair it to the game but get here. #gamethreatening"

And on a final note, the World Championship Of Online Poker begins Sunday, so players are excited and preparing for a festival of action. One pro anticipating the WCOOP is Daniel Negreanu. He wrote, “On my way to Toronto today to get settled in for the #wcoop grind. I plan on taking zero days off and going for the Player of the Series.”