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Euro Poker Tweets Of The Week

Twitter Welcomes Spanish Tennis Legend Rafael Nadal


This week Rafael Nadal received a warm welcome to the poker world via Twitter when it was announced that the Spanish tennis hero had signed a deal with PokerStars.

On Jun. 21, Nadal himself tweeted the good news, “I’ve joined the team at @PokerStars to learn to play poker. Keep you posted on how I get on…”

Poker agent Brian Balsbaugh wrote, “By signing @RafaelNadal to a deal, @PokerStars just did us all a huge favor. It adds additional credibility to online poker.”

While players lined up to congratulate him. Jonathan Little ‏hit Twitter with:
“@rafaelnadal congrats with signing with @pokerstars. If you ever want poker coaching, let me know.”

Taylor Caby said, “Rafael Nadal joins @PokerStars — cool. Will be great when USA athletes and celebs can support poker.”

Fellow team members also welcomed him to the game:

Chad Brown wrote that he was proud to announce the signing, adding “best poker n tennis plys inworld [sic]”

Dale Philip ‏tweeted, “Congrats team mate, glglgl :)” And Arnaud Mattern wrote, “Welcome to new team @PokerStars member Rafael Nadal; can’t wait to play poker with you. for tennis i think i ll wait… #nadalpoker”

Elsewhere the Twitter lines saw some funny and interesting comments this week. Here are just a few:

Erik Seidel: Cashier took away my diamond card said I was being lowered to platinum. Not sure why, hope its not related to how poorly I played yest

Josh Brikis: “This is the best I’ve run in the WSOP” Moneymaker said as he collected the pot.“You won the Main Event, shut up.”Eric Baldwin said…lol

Shane Schleger: Brief moment of tension, then total hilarity, as dealer tells two British players having a conversation, “English only.” ‪#WSOP

Aside from this, a photo of a smiling Vanessa Rousso dressed as a roach made its way onto Twitter with Liv Boeree writing, "So here is what @VanessaRousso is wearing all day in the $3k. Looking good roachgirl!

And Rousso, explaining further, “So it’s official…I’m a cockroach for the day! Losing bets to @liv_boeree is always good for a laugh!”

Check back next week to find out what is heating up the Twittersphere as the World Series of Poker continues onwards towards its centrepiece event.