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Poker Book Positively Fifth Street Gets French Edition

Acclaimed Poker Book Set For French Language Market Next Month


One of poker’s most enduring and lively books is to receive its first outing in the French language in June.

Positively Fifth Street, or La Cinquième Carte, as it is known En Francais, by poker player and writer James McManus has been translated by Oliver Rohe and will be published by MA Editions. The company has also published translations of books by Phil Gordon, Elky, and Gus Hansen.

The price will be approximately €20.

McManus said of the translation, "I’m thrilled that Fifth Street will finally appear in French. France is the country that invented the design of modern playing cards and that also gave us poque, the vying game that evolved into poker on Mississippi riverboats in the early nineteenth century.

“Poker seems to be hot there, especially since the last seven WSOP events are now played in Cannes."

The book deals with the 2000 World Series of Poker which the author was sent to on assignment by Harpers to cover alongside the murder of Ted Binion of Binion’s Horse Shoe Casino where the event was held.

In a risky gambit he used his advance to buy in to the $10,000 main event.

According to Amazon, “The heart of the book is his deliciously suspenseful account of the tournament itself—the players, the hand-to-hand combat, and his own unlikely progress in it.

“Positively Fifth Street is a high-stakes adventure, a penetrating study of America’s card game, and a terrifying but often hilarious account of one man’s effort to understand what Edward O. Wilson has called “Pleistocene exigencies”—the eros and logistics of our primary competitive instincts.”

McManus is also the author of a comprehensive poker hisotry book Cowboy’s Full.