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Poker Pro Jonathan Duhamel Attacked in Home

Treated for Injuries at Hospital


UPDATE: Four individuals were arrested, including Duhamel’s ex-girl friend, according to

Note: Story was originally posted Dec. 21.

Jonathan DuhamelThe Canadian Press is reporting that poker pro Jonathan Duhamel is recovering from minor injuries sustained from an attack in his Montreal home.

Two unknown assailants were reportedly trying to rob the 2010 World Series of Poker main event champion.

Duhamel was assaulted but managed to call for help after the robbers left. He was treated at a local hospital and later released.

UPDATE: Duhamel releases statement on his website:


First I want to sincerely thank my family, friends and the numerous medias. Everyone gave me an incredible support since yesterday morning. This helps me tremendously and warms my heart in this difficult period.

As police reported, I was victim of an home invasion early yesterday, as two persons forced my entrance and beat me up and robbed me. After they threatened to kill me I gave them all I had. They then tied me up and beat me, hitting me in the face and all over my body before leaving my house. I’m glad to tell you that I did not sustain any major injuries. I spent yesterday at the hospital and I’m black and blue all over but no broken bones, no blood clots, nothing to worry about. Today, I am exhausted, both physically and mentally but I’m happy to be alive.

The thieves stole some money, but mainly my WSOP champion bracelet and the Rolex watch that my sponsor PokerStars gave me to commemorate the event. I won’t hide the fact that these two items have a much larger value for me than their commercial value, and I really hope we will be able to retrieve them in a near future.

My bracelet is unique in the world. My name is engraved on its back. My watch is a black Rolex Submarine also with my name engraved. As for the money, it was mainly 500 Euros bills, these being quite rare here.

I would humbly appreciate it if anyone having information regarding either of these items took the time to contact the police at 1 450 463 7211.Any information will remain anonymous.

As for me, I will now try to step back during the Holidays and spend time with my family and close friends. I hope to get back to the tables soon and keep representing poker, my sponsors and Québec well on the international scene and bring back another bracelet home soon.

Thank you all,

Jonathan Duhamel



almost 10 years ago

wow. that is so terrible.

i firmly feel that he will get the bracelet back. eventually the idiots will try and sell it or pawn it. there is no way it doesn't get back to him.


almost 10 years ago

It is unconscionable that these thugs could beat someone so badly after he gave them what they "wanted". If they "wanted" the bracelet as a target in advance, then it will probably never be recovered.

If the bracelet is not recovered within a certain period of time, the WSOP at the very least should present Jonathan with a replacement. At the very least it would be good PR for them and probably be very well received by both Jonathan and the community.

The fact that this has happened in the world of poker, should be a message to all pros who carry around large sums of cash, or have visible assets that they should be much more aware of their personal security and their families.


almost 10 years ago

His pig ex-gf was involved and arrested along with a few other losers.

I hope those little ###$ get their ass kicked in jail.


almost 10 years ago

Have to stay away from these crazy chics. Here is the rule:If you know that she would not have given you the time of day before.... stay away from her now. I mean their little "crew" wasnt too bright. What the hell are you going to do with that wsop bracelet? They would have been better off taking his shoes.