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Paul Vas Nunes Wins Unibet Open Dublin

Former Sunday Million Winner Beats 260-Stong Field For €105,000


English poker pro Paul Vas Nunes has won the Unibet Open Dublin heading a field of 260 players in the Irish capital to take down top prize of €105,300 at Citywest Hotel.

The €1,500 + €150 fell short of the 400 capacity but still generated a significant prize pool of €390,000 of from which 30 players got paid.

Vas Nunes started the final table with a large chip lead which he held for most of the day although this had diminised when he got heads up with Dane Emil Pedersen and they were almost equal.

The final hand of the 15 minute heads up duel saw Pedersen raise to 110,000, Vas Nunes reraised to 300,000, Pedersen popped it up again to 1 milion before Vas Nunes moved all in and Pedersen called with his final 500,000.

Vas Nunes had 8Heart Suit8Diamond Suit and Pedersen had AClub Suit QDiamond Suit and despite the board of JSpade Suit 5Spade Suit 4Spade Suit KClub Suit giving the Dane a few more outs to the straight the 2Club Suit on the river meant the eights held and Vas Nunes was the first English champion of the tour.

1: Paul Vas Nunes — €105,300
2: Emil Pedersen — €66,300
3: Pim van Riet — €39,000
4: Tommy Almqvist — €27,000
5: Peter Harkes — €23,000
6: Boris Kuzmanovic — €19,000
7: Marcel Scherjon — €15,000
8: Morten Jensen — €11,000
9: Thomas Svengaard — €7,800