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Aaron Steury Wins 2011 World Series of Poker $1,500 H.O.R.S.E

24-Year-Old Poker Pro Captures First Bracelet and $289,283


Aaron SteuryAaron “NDGrinder59” Steury is the champion of the 2011 World Series of Poker $1,500 H.O.R.S.E, after outlasting a massive field of 963 players. The Indiana native took home $289,283 in prize money and his first WSOP bracelet in the 17th event of this summer’s Series.

The final table for the event was a tough one, consisting of experienced pros such as David Baker (the older of the two poker famous David Bakers), Adam Friedman, Victor Ramdin (who busted right before the official final table of eight), and eventual runner-up and WSOP bracelet winner, Michael Chow.

The 24-year-old Steury remained focused and battled tough over the course of the five-hour final table, en route to capturing the title early Monday morning at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here are the elimination hands, as featured in Card Player’s live updates:

Paolo Compagno Eliminated in 8th Place ($24,219)

Stud 8

Adam Friedman opened with the 7Club Suit, Paolo Compagno reraised all in for about 80,000 with the 5Diamond Suit and Friedman called. Compagno showed a pair of fives but was behind Friedman’s pair of sevens.

Compagno: 5Club Suit 4Club Suit 5Diamond Suit 9Diamond Suit 7Heart Suit QDiamond Suit AClub Suit
Friedman: JSpade Suit 7Diamond Suit 7Club Suit 6Club Suit 4Diamond Suit 9Spade Suit 8Heart Suit.

Neither player made a low hand and Friedman raked the pot with a pair of sevens. Paolo Compagno started the final table as the short stack and was the first one eliminated in 8th place ($24,219).

David BakerDavid Baker Eliminated in 7th Place ($32,150)

Omaha 8

Adam Friedman button-raised before the flop, Aaron Steury called from the small blind and David Baker called from the big blind.

The flop came QDiamond Suit 7Spade Suit 7Club Suit, Steury checked, Baker moved all in for 25,000, Friedman raised the side pot, Steury reraised and Friedman called.

The turn was the 10Spade Suit, Steury bet and Friedman called.

The river was the QClub Suit, and once gain, Steury bet and Friedman called.

Steury turned over QSpade Suit QHeart Suit JDiamond Suit 10Heart Suit for quads. Friedman mucked trip sevens with an ace, followed by David Baker who was eliminated in 7th place ($32,150).

Denis Ethier Eliminated in 6th Place ($43,512)


Denis Ethier was on the short stack when he got it all in with one card to go with a wired pair of jacks against Aaron Steury’s two pair.

Ethier: JDiamond Suit JClub Suit QHeart Suit 4Spade Suit 9Spade Suit ADiamond Suit 8Spade Suit
Steury: JSpade Suit 8Diamond Suit 8Heart Suit 2Heart Suit QDiamond Suit 2Spade Suit 9Heart Suit.

Ethier bricked on seventh street and was eliminated in 6th place ($43,512) while Steury took the chip lead with about 1.4 million that hand.

Ron WareRon Ware Eliminated in 5th Place ($60,036)


Ron Ware was on the short stack during the hold’em round when he opened for a raise under the gun and called all in to Aaron Steury’s button three-bet.

Ware: QDiamond Suit QClub Suit
Steury: AClub Suit 4Diamond Suit

The board came 10Club Suit 8Club Suit 7Club Suit 5Club Suit AHeart Suit, giving Steury the higher flush on the turn. Steury continued his ascent up the leaderboard with 1.5 million this hand while Ron Ware was eliminated in 5th place ($60,036).

Jonathan Tamayo Eliminated in 4th Place ($84,516)

Omaha 8

Jonathan Tamayo started the level on the short stack with less than 10 BBs and about halfway through the round he made his last stand in a hand of Omaha 8.

Aaron Steury raised from the small blind and Jonathan Tamayo called from the big blind.

Tamayo got it all in on a flop of QHeart Suit 5Spade Suit 3Club Suit with top pair against Steury’s top two pair. Tamayo would have no chance at splitting the pot without a qualifying low hand.

Tamayo: ADiamond Suit QDiamond Suit 10Heart Suit 9Heart Suit
Steury: QClub Suit 6Spade Suit 5Diamond Suit 4Club Suit

The turn and river were the 6Club Suit and the JDiamond Suit, no help for Jonathan Tamayo who was eliminated in 4th place ($84,516).

Adam FriedmanAdam Friedman Eliminated in 3rd Place ($121,437)


Adam Friedman came into the new level as the short stack and was eliminated soon after it began. During the hold’em round, Friedman got it all in before the flop with 7Diamond Suit 3Heart Suit against Michael Chow’s JSpade Suit JHeart Suit.

The board came 9Club Suit 9Diamond Suit 4Diamond Suit 5Club Suit 2Heart Suit, no help to either player as Adam Friedman was eliminated in 3rd place ($121,437). Chow managed to gather a few chips here heading into the final match, but started with a significant chip disadvantage of about 835,000 to Steury’s 3,500,000.

Michael Chow Eliminated in 2nd Place ($178,691)

Stud 8

Aaron Steury started Level 29 with a dominating chip lead once again, continuing to put the pressure on his opponents. Adam Friedman was the next to go in 3rd place ($121,437) about halfway through the level, and although it was runner-up Michael Chow that busted Friedman and took his chips into heads-up play, it was too little too late as Steury already had the stranglehold at that point with a chip lead of 3.5 million to Chow’s 835,000. With help from the suffocating blind structure and an average stack of only 18 big bets, Chow’s 7 hardly stood a chance.

Chow finally got it all in with a wired pair of jacks but was behind Steury’s split aces on third street.

Chow: JSpade Suit JHeart Suit 3Diamond Suit 5Heart Suit 8Heart Suit 10Club Suit 2Club Suit
Steury: ADiamond Suit 8Diamond Suit ASpade Suit 6Club Suit KClub Suit 3Heart Suit 5Diamond Suit

Both players failed to improve and Michael Chow was eliminated in 2nd place ($178,691). Aaron Steury earned his amazing fifth knockout of this final table, capturing the gold bracelet and the $289,283 grand prize for winning event no. 17.

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