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World Series of Poker -- Amir Lehavot Wins Event No. 7

Lehavot Takes Home his First Gold Bracelet and $573,456


Amir LehavotThe first $10,000 world championship of the summer has drawn to a conclusion and the champion of Event No. 7 ($10,000 pot-limit hold’em) is Amir Lehavot, who took home his first gold bracelet and a handsome first prize worth $573,456 in his third WSOP cash. As you can imagine for a world championship event, Lehavot had to overcome stiff competition at the final table, which included Michael Benvenuti, Mclean Karr. Eric Cloutier, Nicolas Levi, Stephen Chidwick, Sam Stein, and Jarred Solomon.

“It definitely means a lot. It is a great achievement for a poker player. It is so tough. There are so many great players, so it feels really good to win this,” said Lehavot aster the win. Not bad, considering that this was the first live pot-limit hold’em tournament that Lehavot has ever participated in. “I think this game is very much like no-limit hold’em,” said Lehavot.

He also jumped to eighth place in the Card Player Player of the Year standings with the victory. He added 1,500 points to his 2011 total thanks to the bracelet win and he now holds 2,820 points overall. Lehavot scored the bulk of his previous points when he cashed in fourth place at the World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic main event in March, which was good for $421,680 and 1,200 points.

Here is a look at the elimination hands at the final table as featured in’s live coverage:

Michael Benvenuti Eliminated in 9th Place ($52,406)
Michael Benvenuti

Stephen Chidwick opened for a raise to 50,000 from late position, Michael Benvenuti made a pot-sized reraise and Chidwick called.

The flop came JClub Suit 10Club Suit 7Club Suit, Chidwick bet and Benvenuti called all in.

Chidwick turned over 6Club Suit 6Heart Suit for an underpair while Benvenuti showed AHeart Suit KClub Suit for two overcards and a live flush draw.

The turn and river were the 8Spade Suit and the JDiamond Suit, giving Chidwick two pair. Michael Benvenuti was eliminated in 9th Place ($52,406).

McLean KarrMcLean Karr Eliminated in 8th Place ($67,595)

McLean Karr opened the pot for 75,000 from the button, Sam Stein made a pot-sized reraise, Karr moved all in for around 350,000 and Stein called.

Stein turned over 4Heart Suit 4Diamond Suit for a pair while Karr showed ADiamond Suit JDiamond Suit.

The board came JSpade Suit 9Club Suit 6Spade Suit 7Club Suit 4Club Suit, giving Karr top pair on the flop, but Stein spiked a set on the river to win the pot. McLean Karr was eliminated in 8th place ($67,596) while Sam Stein climbed up the leader board with 1.5 million in chips.

Eric Cloutier Eliminated in 7th Place ($87,702)
Eric Cloutier

Eric Cloutier opened the pot for 57,000, Amir Lehavot reraised to 120,000 from the button and Cloutier called.

The flop came 9Diamond Suit 6Spade Suit 2Heart Suit, Cloutier checked, Lehavot bet 75,000, Cloutier check-raised all in and Lehavot called.

Lehavot turned over ASpade Suit ADiamond Suit for an over pair and Cloutier was far behind with QSpade Suit 7Spade Suit.

The turn and river were the 8Spade Suit and the 2Club Suit, no help to Eric Cloutier who was eliminated in 7th place ($87,702). Lehavot crossed the two-million mark this hand, securing the chip lead as the level came to an end.

Nicolas Levi Eliminated in 6th Place ($114,525)

Amir Lehavot opened the pot for 65,000, Nicolas Levi reraised to 200,000, Lehavot made a pot-sized reraise and Levi called all in.

Levi showed 7Heart Suit 7Diamond Suit for the lead while Lehavot showed ASpade Suit QDiamond Suit.

The board came AClub Suit 9Diamond Suit 5Club Suit 10Club Suit 4Spade Suit, giving Lehavot top pair on the flop. Nicolas Levi was eliminated in 6th place ($114,525).

Thomas VinasThomas Vinas Eliminated in 5th Place ($150,453)

Jarred Solomon opened to 70,000 from under the gun and Thomas Vinas called from the button.

The flop came QSpade Suit 9Spade Suit 7Spade Suit, Solomon bet 75,000, Vinas raised to 275,000, Solomon made a pot-sized reraise, Vinas shoved and Solomon called.

Vinas turned over 7Diamond Suit 7Club Suit for bottom set while Solomon showed 9Diamond Suit 9Club Suit for middle set.

The turn and river were the 8Heart Suit and the 8Club Suit, no help for Thomas Vinas who was eliminated in 5th place ($150,453) with the bottom full house.

Stephen Chidwick Eliminated in 4thPlace ($198,927)Stephen Chidwick

Stephen Chidwick opened for 80,000 from the cutoff, Amir Lehavot reraised from the button, Chidwick shoved and Lehavot called.

Chidwick turned over AHeart Suit 9Club Suit for the lead while Lehavot showed KClub Suit JHeart Suit.

The board came AClub Suit 10Spade Suit 9Diamond Suit 8Heart Suit QSpade Suit, giving Chidwick top pair on the flop, but Lehavot caught a gutshot on the river to make an ace-high straight and eliminate Stephen Chidwick in 4th place ($198,927).

Sam SteinSam Stein Eliminated in 3rd Place ($263,651)

Amir Lehavot raised from the small blind, Sam Stein shoved from the big blind and Lehavot called.

Lehavot turned over AClub Suit KSpade Suit for the lead and Stein showed ASpade Suit 6Diamond Suit.

The board came QHeart Suit 9Spade Suit 5Club Suit 3Spade Suit 7Heart Suit, and Sam Stein was eliminated in 3rd place ($264,651).

Jarred Solomon Eliminated in 2nd Place ($543,460)

After whittling Jarred Solomon down to a 6-1 chip lead during heads-up play, only to double him up and have to do it all over again, Amir Lehavot had Solomon by about 6.5 million to 1 million when he finally got the best of him.

Jarred Solomon opened the pot for 100,000 from the button, Amir Lehavot raised to 265,000 from the big blind, Solomon four-bet all in and Lehavot called.

Solomon’s AHeart Suit JSpade Suit was behind Lehavot’s ASpade Suit QHeart Suit.

The board came QSpade Suit QDiamond Suit 10Club Suit 10Diamond Suit 2d, giving Lehavot trips on the flop and a full house on the turn. Jarred Solomon was eliminated in 2nd place while Amir Lehavot grabbed the gold bracelet for Event No. 7 and the $573,456 grand prize.