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Gus Hansen On Cover Of Latest Card Player Magazine

Latest Issue of Card Player Magazine Is Now Available Online!


Gus HansenThe latest edition of Card Player Magazine is now available online and features high-stakes pro Gus Hansen, who is 2011’s biggest online cash game winner with $3.5 million in earnings.

The cover story focuses on Hansen’s early career as a backgammon professional and his eventual transition into poker. Hansen eventually made his way to the online cash games and struggled, losing millions, but made the right adjustments to get himself back in the black this year.

“I’ve made some corrections to mistakes that I’ve been making in the past,” he said. “My focus is a little better, and I stopped playing too loose in some situations. I’ve adjusted to different opponents, and basically have been running a lot better. If we go a year back in time, I wasn’t running too well, and was making bad decisions, which led to the downfall. Fixing the poor decision-making and getting the best of the cards is a recipe for winning on the Internet.”

Other highlights from this issue include interviews with Tim West, Rui Cao and Jason Koon, as well as columns from respected poker minds such as Phil Hellmuth, Todd Brunson, Ed Miller, Matt Lessinger, Barry Tanenbaum and Matthew Hilger.

Be sure to check out the entire magazine archive online. If you don’t like to wait and would like your own hard copy of the magazine, you can subscribe for less than $2 an issue. Check out the banner below for additional information.