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Wigglesworth Is Black Belt Poker London Live II Champ

Peter Wigglesworth Is Champion Of Second Season After Beating 413 Players


Winner Peter Wigglesworth with Richard Ashby [left] and Neil Channing [right].Peter Wigglesworth topped a 414-strong field at London’s Grosvenor Victoria Casino to become the Black Belt London Live II champion.

Wigglesworth’s final opponent was Michael Yiannikkou and after a few run-ins the two decided to play for the trophy and split the money. However, before they could each take home $16,000, it had to be decided who would get the title.

The final hand came when on a flop reading KSpade Suit 8Heart Suit 4Heart Suit the two found themselves all in with Wigglesworth holding KClub Suit QHeart Suit and Yiannikkou tabling QSpade Suit 8Spade Suit. The turn was the 7Spade Suit and the river was the JClub Suit making sure Wigglesworth got all the bragging rights.

Here are the results and payouts including bonuses earned:

1. Peter Wigglesworth $16,020
2. Michael Yiannikkou $16,020
3. Gareth Alder $9,600
4. Gavin Hall $7,450
5. Andy Nguyen $4,500
6. Raj Rughwani $3,520
7. Louis Manson $2,850
8. Stephen Power $2,250
9. Seth Webber $2,000

Some of the more familiar faces who turned out for the event had bounties of up to $250 on their heads. On top of this, Black Belt Poker paid out up to 20 percent more to those who made the money.

A total of 20 bounties included the likes of Ross Boatman, Luke Schwartz, Jake Cody, Nik Persaud, Richard Ashby, JP Kelly, Marty Smyth, Surinder Sunar, the Sensei himself Neil Channing, and the first season’s champion, Paul Pham.

There were three bounty-on-bounty fatalities, one of which involved friends James Mitchell and James Dempsey. The tussle ended with the Irish Open winner sending bracelet-holder Dempsey to the rail.