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World Series of Poker Circuit -- Western Regional Championship Day 2

Daniel Negreanu is the Headliner Among the Final 18 Near San Diego


Dwyte Pilgrim is Second in Chips with 236,500The plan at the start of day 2 at the World Series of Poker Circuit $10,000 Western Regional Championship was to play down to the final 24 players, but things don’t always go according to plan at a poker tournament. By the end of the night the field had charged down to the final 18 players, and there are a number of big-name players at the top of the leader board.

Daniel Negreanu is the headliner of the event and he enters day 3 with 173,800. The King of the Circuit and double-gold-ring-winner Dwyte Pilgrim survived day 2 with enough chips for the second spot on the leader board with 236,500. He trails only the overnight chip leader, Kwinsee Tran, who holds 269,100. Other familiar faces who have advanced to day 3 at the Harrah’s Rincon near San Diego include Ali Eslami, Tim West, Kyle Bowker, Steve Brecher, Todd Terry, and Scott Montgomery.

After registration closed at the end of the first level of play today the official number of entrants was 98 players and the total prize pool was worth $940,800. The eventual winner will take home $282,242 in prize money and the top 12 players will get paid. Here is a look at the total prize pool:

1 $282,242
2 $174,443
3 $124,204
4 $90,223
5 $66,834
6 $50,455
7 $38,808
8 $30,397
9 $24,235
10-12 $19,653

There are indeed a lot of big names still in the hunt for this deep point in the tournament, but there was also a lot of top-flight talent who hit the rail during the long day 2. That list included Gregory Brooks, Adam Levy, Carlos Mortensen, Eddy Sabat, Jonathan Little, Zachary Clark, Nick Binger, Adam Geyer, Shannon Shorr, David Williams, Allen Kessler, Jordan Morgan, John Hennigan, Victor Ramdin, Sam Stein, Pat Walsh, and Phil Hellmuth.

The final 18 will play down to the final table of nine on Tuesday at Harrah’s Rincon and Card Player and Card Player TV will bring you content throughout the day. Here is a look at the chip counts for day 3 with seat assignments:

Kwinsee Khoa Tran Orange County, CA 269,100 15 6
Dwyte Pilgrim Brooklyn, NY 236,500 14 6
Ali Eslami Los Angeles, CA 227,500 15 1
Tim West Los Altos, CA 216,900 15 2
David Peters Rancho Sante Fe, CA 200,500 14 8
Joe Parker Livonia, MI 200,000 14 5
Miller Dao Maricopa, AZ 186,600 15 3
Daniel Negreanu Las Vegas, NV 173,800 15 5
Kyle Bowler Walton, NY 168,100 14 1
Dylan Wilkerson San Francisco, CA 166,000 15 7
Dana Kellstrom Stevenson Ranch, CA 164,600 14 4
Steve Brecher Reno, NV 157,900 14 3
D.J. Blanchard Las Vegas, NV 140,700 14 7
Romik Vartear Los Angeles, CA 139,000 15 4
Todd Terry Hoboken, NJ 108,600 15 8
Scott Montgomery Ottawa, ON (Canada) 103,100 14 2
Alejandro Javier Garcia Mexicali, Mexico 59,000 15 9
Jesse Martin Northboro, MA 18,500 14 9