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The Big Event -- Day 3 at the Bike

Victor Ramdin Still at the Top and Joe Hachem is Still in the Hunt after Day 3


Victor Ramdin holds the Chip Lead with 1.6 MillionDay 3 at The Big Event at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, California welcomed back 68 players on Tuesday, and the first level of business was playing down to the money bubble when 56 players remained. That task was completed just as the first level of play expired. Craig Bergeron literally flipped a coin for his tournament life when he pulled out a quarter and it landed heads to seal his fate. He made the call, lost the hand, and the remaining 56 players all made at least $7,500.

After that the eliminations began their march down to the final 24, which was the set goal for play to end. The eliminations in-the-money included notables such as Vladimir Shchemelev (54th), Ryan Hughes (50th place), Anh Van Nguyen (47th place), Pat Pezzin (42nd place), Shawn Busse (41st place), Dustin Schmidt (40th place), Daniel Negreanu (37th place), Ali Eslami (35th place), Jeff Williams (33rd place). Negreanu fell when his AHeart Suit QSpade Suit in the hole was cracked by the 9Heart Suit 7Heart Suit of his opponent after the board ran out QClub Suit 10Club Suit 5Heart Suit 3Heart Suit 4Heart Suit.

Victor Ramdin began the day with the chip lead and he ends the night with it as well, holding 1.6 million to pace the field. Taylor von Kriegenbergh pulled ahead of Ramdin at times on Tuesday, but his stack settled at 1,213,000 to end the night. James Dowdy (1,132,000) and Wade Townsend (1,108,000) round out the millionaire club in the tournament. Other notables who remain include Joe Hachem, Alexander Kamberis, David Paredes, David Peters, David Baker and Christopher DeMaci, who is looking to make consecutive main event final tables here at The Bike after finishing in second place in the North American Poker Tour event held here last fall.

Just 22 players will return tomorrow after a flurry of eliminations took place around the prescribed stopping point of 24 players to end the night. This was strange because the rush of action was preceded by a stretch this evening where just three players were eliminated in 34th-32nd place during an entire level of play. Tune back in tomorrow to watch more live coverage from Card Player at The Big Event at noon PST. The final 22 will play down to a final table on Wednesday.

Here is a look at the chip counts heading into day 4:

1st Victor Ramdin 1,600,000
2nd Taylor von Kriegenbergh 1,213,000
3rd James Dowdy 1,132,000
4th Wade Townsend 1,108,000
5th Fabrizio Gonzalez 907,000
6th Alexander Kamberis 814,000
7th David Paredes 743,000
8th Joe Hachem 610,000
9th Jaime Kaplan 603,000
10th Ramik Vartzer 569,000
11th David Peters 370,000
12th Bryan Barrile 367,000
13th Santiago Nadal 347,000
14th Christopher DeMaci 340,000
15th Jose Noronha 334,000
16th David Baker 286,000
17th Joshua Field 277,000
18th Bryan Leskowitz 269,000
19th Govert Metaal 157,000
20th Jeremy Ausmus 144,000
21st Joe Gualtieri 100,000
22nd Michael Kucinski 71,000

Day 3 Cashes:

23rd: Thomas Jensen — $11,500
24th: Tyler Cornell — $11,500
25th: Greg DeBora — $10,000
26th: Josh Prager — $10,000
27th: Phi Nguyen — $10,000
28th: Paul Chauderson — $10,000
29th: Nicholas Blumenthal — $10,000
30th: Malachy Hagan — $10,000
31st: Alan Snow — $10,000
32nd: Payman Arjang — $10,000
33rd: Jeff Williams — $9,000
34th: Cynthia May — $9,000
35th: Ali Eslami — $9,000
36th: Farhad Saadat — $9,000
37th: Daniel Negreanu — $9,000
38th: Ognjen Sekularac — $9,000
39th: Calvin Anderson — $9,000
40th: Dustin Schmidt — $9,000
41st: Shawn Busse — $8,000
42nd: Pat Pezzin — $8,000
43rd: Michael Allmrodj — $8,000
44th: Anton Nikaj — $8,000
45th: Ken Lawson — $8,000
46: Dominick Zito — $8,000
47: Anh Van Nguyen — $8,000
48: Luke Nettles — $8,000
49: Travis Carson — $7,500
50: Ryan Hughes — $7,500
51: Anoy Hieu Paan — $7,500
52: Rom Segal — $7,500
53: Hiren Patel — $7,500
54: Vladimir Shchemelev — $7,500
55: Francisco Hidalgo — $7,500
56: Cody Michael — $7,500