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Octavian Voegele Wins ANZPT Adelaide

Austrian-Native Makes Second Consecutive ANZPT Adelaide Main Event Final Table


Octavian VoegeleA record field came out to the PokerStars Australia New Zealand Poker Tour‘s opening destination of season 3, and through the crowd a familiar name emerged and made his second consecutive ANZPT Adelaide main event final table appearance. Austrian player Octavian Voegele improved on last year’s third-place finish in the ANZPT Adelaide main event and was crowned 2011 ANZPT Adelaide champion.

The AUD$2,400 buy-in main event brought 253 entrants to the Adelaide Casino over the two starting days. The top 27 finishers were guaranteed at least AUD$4,140 in prize money, and Voegele took home AUD$148,900 and a championship trophy.

Voegele made three final tables in the 2010 ANZPT Adelaide series, including a third-place finish in the main event. This year’s main event title run got off to a solid start when he ended Day 1B as the chip leader (159,600). He was steady on Day 2 (178,200), and on Day 3 he soared to the top, taking the chip lead (1,088,000) into the final table. With well-timed aggression and solid cards, he rolled through the final table and won his first career ANZPT title.

2011 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event Final Table Results (in AUD)

1. Octavian Voegele (Austria) – $148,900
2. Jesse McKenzie (Australia) – $99,260
3. Ian Parnell (Australia) – $55,150
4. Andrew Dales (Australia) – $44,670
5. Charles Caris (Australia) – $35,850
6. John Apostolidis (Australia) – $27,570
7. Jeff Rossiter (Australia) – $19,300
8. Danny Chevalier (Australia) – $14,060
9. Oliver Grujic (Australia) – $11,040

Here’s How The Action Played Out (in AUD)

Oliver Grujic Eliminated in Ninth Place ($11,040)

Oliver Gruijic moved all in preflop with 10Spade Suit10Heart Suit and ran into Ian Parnell’s KSpade SuitKHeart Suit. The board ran ASpade Suit6Diamond Suit3Club SuitJClub Suit9Heart Suit and Grujic was the first elimination of the final table.

Danny Chevalier Eliminated in Eighth Place ($14,060)

Jesse McKenzie min-raised from under the gun and Danny Chevalier called from the big blind. The QClub Suit8Diamond Suit5Club Suit flop was checked to McKenzie, who bet 54,000. Chevalier moved all in and McKenzie called. Their hands:

Chevalier: QSpade SuitJSpade Suit
McKenzie: ADiamond SuitAHeart Suit

The 8Heart Suit turn left Chevalier looking for a Queen, but instead the AClub Suit river fell to give McKenzie a full house. Chevalier was eliminated in eighth place.

Jeff Rossiter Eliminated in Seventh Place ($19,030)

A short-stacked Jeff Rossiter moved all in holding 9Diamond Suit9Heart Suit but Charles Caris looked down and found KDiamond SuitKClub Suit. Caris called and when the flop came ASpade SuitKSpade Suit4Heart Suit he hit a set, leaving Rossiter nearly drawing dead. The QDiamond Suit turn and 5Spade Suit river ended the hand and Rossiter was gone in seventh place.

John Apostolidis Eliminated in Sixth Place ($27,570)

Jesse McKenzie raised to 60,000 and John Apostolidis rereaised to 140,000. Action folded to McKenzie who reraised all in, having Apostolidis covered. Apostolidis quickly called, holding ASpade SuitAClub Suit and McKenzie turned over a dominated 10Club Suit10Heart Suit.

The flop was devastating for Apostolidis, falling 10Spade Suit6Heart Suit2Spade Suit to give McKenzie the set. The 9Club Suit turn and QHeart Suit river couldn’t keep Apostolidis from having his aces cracked and he was eliminated in sixth place.

Charles CarisCharles Caris Eliminated in Fifth Place ($35,850)

Clarles Caris held AHeart SuitKHeart Suit and called the preflop all in bet of Octavian Voegele, who held QDiamond SuitQSpade Suit. The flop came QHeart SuitJDiamond Suit6Spade Suit, giving Voegele a set of queens but keeping Caris alive with a broadway straight draw. The 5Club Suit turn didn’t help, and the ADiamond Suit river wasn’t enough, sending Caris to the rail in fifth place.

Andrew Dales Eliminated in Fourth Place ($44,670)

Andrew Dales raised to 120,000 and Jesse McKenzie raised enough to put Dales all in. He called and they showed down:

McKenzie: ASpade SuitQClub Suit
Dales: KHeart SuitQHeart Suit

McKenzie was out in front on a 7Diamond Suit6Club Suit2Spade Suit flop, and the ADiamond Suit turn sealed it. The meaningless 9Heart Suit river finished the board and Dales was eliminated in fourth place.

Ian Parnell Eliminated in Third Place ($55,150)

Octavian Voegele raised from the small blind and Ian Parnell moved all in from the big blind. Voegele made the easy call and showed AHeart SuitAClub Suit. Parnell showed ASpade Suit9Heart Suit and found no help on a QHeart Suit7Club Suit3Heart Suit6Heart SuitQSpade Suit board. Parnell was eliminated in third place, leaving Voegele and Jesse McKenzie heads up.

Octavian Voegele Wins ANZPT Adelaide ($148,900), Jesse McKenzie Finishes Runner-Up ($99,260)

Chip leader Octavian Voegele and Jesse McKenzie limped and saw a flop of 9Spade Suit6Diamond Suit4Diamond Suit. Voegele bet 50,000, McKenzie raised to 150,000 and Voegele reraised to 400,000 before McKenzie moved all in. Voegele called and showed 6Heart Suit4Heart Suit for two pair, leading McKenzie’s 9Heart Suit5Diamond Suit for top pair. The board finished with the QDiamond Suit turn and JHeart Suit river and McKenzie was eliminated, leaving Voegele as ANZPT Adelaide champion.

The second stop of the season will be at the Burswood Casino for ANZPT Perth, with a AUD$2,500 buy-in main event playing out March 23-27. That stop will be followed up by another AUD$2,500 buy-in main event, this time at ANZPT Syndey hosted by the Star City Casino, April 13-17.