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PokerStars European Poker Tour Deauville -- Day 4

Canadian PokerStars Qualifier Becomes Monster Chip Leader On Day 4


Alex Wice. Credit: Neil Stoddart and PokerStarsThe PokerStars European Poker Tour Deauville main event needed to get down from 90 players to 24 on day 4, and it did, but not without any drama along the way.

Many of the healthy stacks and chip leaders from other days, including chip leader at start of play, Raphael Kroll, hit the rail, creating a new pack of hungry wolves making moves towards the top.

Before his exit, Kroll did knock out one of the most familiar names left, Bertrand Grospellier in 44th place for €15,000. ElkY had earlier busted out another big name, Praz Bansi in 74th place for €11,000 – Bansi’s first ever EPT cash after four seasons of dedication to the Tour’s felt.

Kroll left in 31st place at the hands of Alex Wice for a payday of €20,000.

It was an especially good day for Wice who closed play with almost double that of the next player. The PokerStars qualifier continuously chipped up until he had 3,410,000 in chips. The nearest player to him at the end of the day was another PokerStars qualifier, Laurent Polito with 1,821,000.

While Wice moved up the ladder, many were making their exits. Among familiar names to go out was Team PokerStars Pro Thomas Bichon who departed in 75th place for €11,000. Those who left with €15,000 for their efforts were Rory Rees-Brennan (55th place), Ludovic Lacay (52nd), Shander de Vries (48th), and Cornel Cimpan (42nd). Bruno Launais took home €17,000 for 39th place, as did David Sonelin for 36th. Joe Ebanks received €20,000 for 30th place, as did Matthew Frankland for 28th.

Here is the top 10 going into day 5:

Alex Wice (Canada) 3,410,000
Laurent Polito (France) 1,821,000
Anthony Hnatow (France) 1,710,000
Kenny Hallaert (Belgium) 1,664,000
William Johnson (United States) 1,647,000
Martin Jacobson (Sweden) 1,540,000
Fried Meulders (Belgium) 1,485,000
Kevin Lambert (Switzerland) 1,353,000
Andrzej Nowak-Rogozinski (Poland) 1,339,000
Philip Jacobsen Denmark (1,070,000)

Day 5 is taking place at EPT Deauville’s original haunt, the Salles des Ambassadeurs, and you can catch all the action as it takes place via the PokerStars blog feed. By the end of play, the event will have its final table of eight and you can catch a recap of all the suck outs and bust outs galore here at tomorrow.