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PokerStars Caribbean Adventure -- Andrew Chen Wins NAPT Bounty Shootout

Chen Defeats Shaun Deeb and Michael Binger at a Long Final Table


Andrew Chen Wins -- Photo Courtesy of PokerStarsThe six finalists in the $5,000 North American Poker Tour bounty shootout event at the 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure were all starting from scratch at the beginning of the final table so it came as no surprise that play lasted nearly 12 hours on the final day of play. Andrew Chen, Michael Binger, Shaun Deeb, Billy Pilossoph, Scott Baumstein, and Marko Neumann all sat down to chip stacks of 100,000 after winning their first two tables in the tournament to advance to the final and it took a while for things to warm up with the ESPN cameras rolling.

Seven hours transpired before Billy Pilossoph moved all in on a 5-4-4 flop with 7-5 in the hole to get the knockouts started. Chen made the call with pocket jacks and Pilossoph found no help on the turn or river. He took home four $1,000-bounties and $50,000 for winning his first two tables in the event and exited in sixth place.

It took a few hours for fifth place to be settled as well. Marko Neumann decided to move all in preflop with pocket fives and Scott Baumstein woke up with pocket queens behind him. The board stayed out of the way and Neumann took home five $1,000-bounties and $50,000 for winning his first two tables in the event and exited in fifth place.

Another battle ensued for fourth place, with the hunter Baumstein becoming the hunted. He moved all in preflop with A-Q and looked good to double up once Shaun Deeb made the call with A-9. The board had other ideas though, running out 7-7-2-6-9 to eliminate Baumstein in fourth place. He took home seven $1,000-bounties and $50,000 for winning his first two tables in the event and exited in fourth place.

The three-handed battle for first took on a very different tone from the previous slow hours of the event and things ended abruptly around 1 a.m. On the final hand Michael Binger raised to 10,000 preflop on the button and Andrew Chen reraised to 25,000 from the small blind. Deeb then moved all in for slightly more than that from the big blind and both opponents made the call.

The flop fell JDiamond Suit 6Heart Suit 3Heart Suit and Chen bet 20,000. Binger raised all in and Chen made the call. The final three players in the event then flipped over their cards:

Chen: AHeart Suit JHeart Suit
Binger: 9Heart Suit 6Diamond Suit
Deeb: 9Club Suit 3Club Suit

Turn and River: 5Heart Suit and AClub Suit

Chen won the hand to knock out both of his final opponents and he captured the $213,000 first-place prize in the process. He also took his $1,000-bounty count up to six, bringing his total prize money in the event to $269,000. Deeb was eliminated in third place but he did claim the honor of top bounty hunter with eight to his name. That gave him the bounty bonus worth $25,000. Binger was knocked out in second place after a strange journey in this event that saw him knock out his brother Nick at one point in play. Bunger took home a total of six $1,000-bounties in the event along with $10,000 for winning his first table and $40,000 for winning his second table in the event.

Final-Table Results:

1st: Andrew Chen (6 bounties) — $269,000
2nd: Michael Binger (6 bounties) — $56,000
3rd: Shaun Deeb (8 bounties) — $83,000
4th: Scott Baumstein (7 bounties) — $57,000
5th: Marko Neumann (5 bounties) — $55,000
6th: Billy Pilossoph (4 bounties) — $54,000