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Joseph Cheong Appears on Card Player TV's All Inbox

Cheong Revisits Memorable WSOP Final Table Hand Against Jonathan Duhamel


Joseph CheongJoseph Cheong was already an accomplished online tournament pro before making the final table of the 2010 World Series of Poker main event, but his appearance as a member of the November Nine would no doubt be a life-changing experience for the 24-year-old.

Cheong entered poker’s biggest stage and put on a clinic with fearless bluffs and well-timed aggression, and entered three-handed play as a near lock to make it to heads-up play along with fellow big stack Jonathan Duhamel.

Instead, a hand went down that left the millions watching from home scratching their heads. Cheong raised to 2.9 million from the small blind and Duhamel reraised to 6.75 million from the big blind. Cheong four-bet to 14.25 million and Duhamel made it 22.75 million. Cheong then came over the top, putting Duhamel all in and creating the largest pot in WSOP history.

Duhamel called with pocket queens and Cheong could only turn over ASpade Suit 7Heart Suit. The board offered no help and Cheong was left crippled down to his last 8 million in chips. He was ultimately eliminated in third place, earning $4,129,979.

In the latest episode of Card Player TV’s All Inbox, Cheong explains why he made the play and why he doesn’t care what people think of him. He also shares some of his plans for all that money he won.

Check it out below.