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WSOP 2010 The Final Countdown -- Celebrity Chat

Card Player's World Series of Poker 2010 Favourite Moments Countdown Continues


Don CheadleAs the November Nine prepare to take to the felt, bringing to an end the WSOP 2010, Rebecca McAdam relives her favourite memories from this year’s Series.

During my Card Player TV duties, I got to hit up the red carpet with the celebs (the other side of the rail of course) for the Ante Up for Africa tournament.

Poker players such as Annie Duke, Jennifer Harman, Phil Ivey, and Phil Gordon (who went on to win it) mingled with celebrities such as Don Cheadle, Brad Garrett, David Allan Grier, and Matt Damon.

I got to interview each and every one of them so it was a really interesting day. The most memorable thing about it however was Matt Damon… and no, not just because I’m a young woman and he’s a beautiful, amnesiac spy/ fallen angel / Ocean’s member, plus not to forget, the main character of what is probably the best poker movie ever made ⎯ Rounders, but because he is an unbelievably down to earth, nice guy. We spoke for 10 minutes about the World Cup before I realised I had better start recording and asking him about poker.

And by the way, sorry France, he’s on Ireland’s side for this one (See Dutch for a Day).