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WSOP 2010 The Final Countdown - Dutch For A Day

Rebecca McAdam's World Series of Poker Memory Countdown Continues


Marcel VonkAs the November Nine prepare to take to the felt, bringing to an end the WSOP 2010, Rebecca McAdam relives her favourite memories from this year’s Series.

The day Marcel Vonk took to the stage to accept his first WSOP bracelet is one that sticks in my mind. Not just because he was the only Dutchman, and most likely the only theoretical physicist, to win an event this year, but because it just so happened to coincide with some very important World Cup results. Being Irish, I like many others at home had to vicariously live through others for the World Cup ⎯ let’s not go in to the reasons for this. For those not so in tune, simply Google the words ‘Thierry Henry’ and ‘Ireland’.

For a while I tried to side with the American “soccer” team, considering I was going to be living in the States for the best part of two months, but I soon found myself following the Dutch. Their support and enthusiasm was infectious, and being an underdog fan, I was hoping to see them go the whole way.

Funnily enough, the day the Netherlands won their semi-final was the same day Vonk received his bracelet, and you could almost taste the excitement as Dutch players, bloggers, and railers, cried out their national anthem while Vonk held his head high, smiling tearfully, with his hand on his heart. I think we all felt a little Dutch that day.