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Niall Smyth — From Ballabriggs to Baller

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Jul 01, 2011


Niall Smyth’s Irish Open story overflows with the stuff dreams are made of. A young guy puts a few quid on a horse and wins, uses the money to enter an Irish Open satellite and wins, plays in the main event, and… well you probably know what happens next. Smyth walked away with €550,000 for the top prize after beating some of the most well-respected players on the international circuit, and not only that, he went home with the €100,000 Sole Survivor package for being the last PaddyPowerPoker qualifier standing. Young, ambitious, excited, and humble, the poker world is now Smyth’s oyster. When Card Player Europe sat down with the newly-crowned champ, he had some very interesting things to say, so who better to tell his story than the man himself… Rebecca McAdam: Did you go back to work after your win? Niall Smyth: I havent been back to work ...

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