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Hand 2 Hand Combat - Golden Pot for Irishman

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: May 01, 2011


Thomas Finneran: It was folded to me in mid-position and I opened K♥ 9♥ and got called by the chip leader at the table, who was probably the chip leader of the tournament as well. He was a very aggressive, French guy. Rebecca McAdam: What were the blinds at this stage? TF: I think they were 6,000-12,000. I opened for around 30,000. RM: At that point, did you have a range in mind to open with or was it all situational? TF: It was situational. It’s folded to me in mid-position and all the players behind are pretty weak, even the chip leader is a bad player, very spewy. I had K♥ 9♥ and if I open up, I’m going to get most of the guys to fold to me half the time and even if he wants to play a hand with me his range would be huge, he’d ...

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