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Kenny Tran Vol. 21, No. 15 Card Player Magazine

The Kenny Tran Plan for Success

by Shawn Patrick Green

A little more than a year ago, if you asked the random poker enthusiast who Kenny Tran was, you'd likely be greeted by a blank stare. To Kenny Tran, that wasn't an embarrassment as much as it was an asset. The self-described cash-game pro was perfectly fine with taking truckloads of ...

  • WSOP Race for the Bracelets 2008

    Poker's 39th installment of the World Series of Poker is nearly in the books. With 54 of the 55 bracelet events decided, the Series has, so far, awarded more than $116 million in prize money to the 50,943 players who have taken a shot at a ...continued

  • A Year in the Life of a World Champion

    by Ryan Lucchesi

    Jerry Yang is a family man, a philanthropist, a poker player, and a world champion. While he is all of those things, if you were to ask him which of his many roles in life is the most important, he would answer that of a family man. Many people in the ...continued

  • The World Series of Poker - Part II

    by James McManus

    Since 1973, Benny Binion and sons Jack and Ted had run the tournament with Eric Drache as their principal lieutenant. In '79, they established the Poker Hall of Fame, essentially a row of plaques hung along a wall of the Horseshoe — a Wall ...continued

  • Capture the Flag: Where Top Cash-Game Pros Talk Strategy

    by Lizzy Harrison

    Phil Galfond, revered in the online poker community as "OMGClayAiken," can be found in the highest-stakes cash games that run online. The 23-year-old professional only recently made his first trip to Las Vegas because of the ease with which ...continued

  • Winning Wisdom

    by Gavin Griffin

    At only 27 years old, Gavin Griffin already holds one of the most impressive collections of poker's most prestigious titles: World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, and World Poker Tour championships. Now, Card Player is giving its readers a ...continued

  • The Inside Straight

    by CPC The Inside Straight Authors

    International Players Make Their Mark on the WSOP Players From the U.S. Still Lead the Bracelet and Money Count By Bob Pajich In the year of the Olympics, the World Series of Poker did a fair job of representing its version of worldwide unity through ...continued

  • Jacobo Fernandez Wins Card Player World Series of Poker Player of the Year

    by Jeff Shulman

    At the end of 53 World Series of Poker events, we have a winner of the Card Player World Series of Poker Player of the Year title. Despite a multiple bracelet summer by John Phan and Erick Lindgren's bracelet win and third-place finish in the ...continued

  • Bluff Central!

    by Phil Hellmuth

    Every year, I look forward to the most prestigious, most meaningful, and most important tournament of the year: the World Series of Poker. Here in Vegas, at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, it's that time of the year! The Amazon Room at the Rio ...continued

  • Life is a Cabaret

    by Todd Brunson

    After I was out of the tournaments in Italy, I had a bit of free time on my hands. I wasn't going to be able to play in the European Poker Tour finals, as I had to get back to Vegas to film a Poker After Dark episode. Many poker players were still ...continued

  • The World Series Show

    by Gus Hansen

    By the time you read this, the final table for the World Series of Poker main event will be set in stone, and the promotion of the nine remaining players will have taken off. I believe that most players, including myself, have gotten used to the ...continued

  • Getting Lucky With a Lady

    by Roy Cooke

    "That's the worst play I've ever seen you make," my friend Jade Lane declared. In my last column, I noted that sometimes a given play seems brilliant when it works, yet looks foolish when it doesn't. This play was one of those ...continued

  • Sniffing Out Bluffs

    by Ed Miller

    Your opponent -- perhaps sensing weakness or perhaps taking leave of his senses -- pushes out a huge bet and dares you to call. If he has the hand he's supposed to have, you're crushed. But you think something is amiss and decide that this is ...continued

  • Winners Focus on the Here and Now

    by Alan Schoonmaker

    Let's say that you're playing no-limit hold'em. The pot is $100. You will win if you catch the right card and lose if you don't. You know the exact odds against catching it. There will be no more betting because the bettor is all in. ...continued

  • A Very Instructive Hand

    by Bob Ciaffone

    Most of the time, a new student of mine will err on both sides of correct play, sometimes being too bold and other times too cautious. However, the fellow who gave me this hand to analyze does not fall into that mold. Rather, he has the constant ...continued

  • Two Terrible River Bets

    by Barry Tanenbaum

    For most players, heads-up play on the river is one of the more straightforward situations in limit hold'em. With no more cards to come, you either have the best hand or don't. Sometimes you don't know, of course, but your river decisions, ...continued

  • Aggressiveness in Tournaments

    by Rolf Slotboom

    For many years, poker authors have advocated aggression as one of the key elements for success in tournament poker. The correctness of this advice was proven by the fact that aggressive players won more than their fair share of tournaments, mostly at ...continued

  • My World Series of Poker Adventures

    by Tom McEvoy

    I thought that with the economy in a recession, attendance at the World Series of Poker would be down from last year. Well, I guess somebody forgot to tell that to the poker players, who have descended on the Rio in record numbers. I have played a ...continued

  • It Was 20 Years Ago Today ...

    by John Vorhaus

    This month marks an anniversary of a sort: It was 20 years ago that I first sat down in a public cardroom, where "they went through me like a freight train through the wind." Twenty years. Wow. Twenty years of trying to balance sensible ...continued

  • Pot-Limit Omaha: Fixing World Series of Poker Structures

    by Jeff Hwang

    A few issues ago in my column on the bankroll schedule for pot-limit Omaha, I mentioned that while a typical buy-in for no-limit hold'em might be 100 big blinds, in order to be reasonably deep in pot-limit Omaha, you should buy in for more like ...continued

  • Be Prepared - Part II

    by Steve Zolotow

    "By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail." - Ben Franklin This column is the second with my thoughts on preparing for a major poker tournament. These tournaments usually consist of an event every day over a period of time that spans ...continued

  • Some Call it Heart - I Call it Courage

    by Roy West

    Hi. Come on in. I fired up my crockpot last night and simmered us some split pea soup, with all of the goodie additives, of course. The sourdough bread is there on the counter. Dig in. Hold it -- put your bib on first. Many knowledgeable poker players ...continued