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CPPT IX - bestbet Jacksonville

$2,500 No-Limit Hold'em


Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Main Event Begins Friday, June 25

The 2021 Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville kicked off last week, and now the centerpiece of the 11-event series is set to get underway. The CPPT bestbet Jacksonville $2,500 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event ...


Ciaran O'Leary Vol. 5, No. 8 Card Player Magazine

Wild Rover Ciarán O'Leary on Living the Dream

by Rebecca McAdam

While other young boys watched football in the local pub, Ciarán O'Leary was more focused on the poker games going on in the corner. 1989 was the year, and a bar in Cork the place where O'Leary set his goal for the future. A rerun of the World Series of Poker was being shown on ...

  • Asian Poker Tour: A Thrilla in Manila

    by Nick Ferro

    In June, the Asian Poker Tour landed in the vibrant city of Manila, Philippines, a teeming metropolis with huge tower blocks overlooking the bustling streets of the city. The opulent Dusit Thani hosted the country's biggest poker tournament, ...continued

  • World Series of Poker 2008: The Story So Far

    For poker players, it's the greatest show on earth, the big one, the focal point of the year. It's the one everyone wants to play and win. It's the World Series of Poker. In the first of this two-part feature, Card Player takes a look at ...continued

  • Burned by Chinese

    by Conor Mills

    Chinese poker is the tournament circuit's new side game of choice. It enthrals and excites the most skilful, intelligent, and thoughtful poker players the world over. But what is it about this game in which skill is almost nonexistent, luck ...continued

  • Capture the Flag

    by Lizzy Harrison

    David Benyamine first ventured from Paris to Las Vegas with a bankroll of only $4,000 for cash games, and within a few short weeks he had multiplied his money almost tenfold. His tendency to take risks and play the biggest games he can find has ...continued

  • The Oracle's Corner

    by The Oracle's Corner

    This hand comes from the final table of event No. 4 of the World Series of Poker, $5,000 mixed hold'em. Five players remained: Erick Lindgren, Justin Bonomo, David Rheem, Andrew Robl, and Roland De Wolfe. This was the best final table I have seen ...continued

  • The Inside Straight

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    €250,000 Guaranteed at Ladbrokes Poker Festival, in conjunction with Destination Killarney, has announced details of the €250,000-guaranteed Ladbrokes Poker Festival taking place in the INEC - Gleneagle, Killarney, ...continued

  • From Economic Boom to Economic Gloom

    by Brendan Murray

    As the clouds darken over the global economy and some pessimistic economists predict the return of stagflation (slow economic growth, rising unemployment, and rising prices), the poker industry may be on the cusp of an unknown abyss. After a decade of ...continued

  • UK News

    by Ross Jarvis

    The UK summer is known for a few things: frequent rain, a depressing lack of football, and an equally depressing rise of cricket on the TV to name a few. It is also the time when our finest poker players abscond to Las Vegas in search of fame and ...continued

  • Gibraltar News

    by Tristan Cano

    French Gambling Laws A French law that defends the French state monopoly on gambling has been widely criticised by members of the House of Lords for not providing a level playing field on Internet gaming within the EU. According to Lord James of ...continued

  • Irish News

    by Brendan Murray

    PaddyPowerPoker Signs First Pro has signed Irishman Ciarán "Big C" O'Leary as its brand ambassador. O'Leary, this month's Card Player cover star, is based in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and won the ...continued

  • Dutch News

    by Peter Dalhuijsen

    Holland Casino Series of Poker The final few months before the start of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, a number of tournament festivals were being held across the country at various locations of Holland Casino. After two successful festivals ...continued

  • Scandinavian News

    by Joel Hinz

    Readers with good memory might recall that last month, Card Player wrote about the Swedish National Championship and the uncertainty of legal poker in Denmark. There is plenty of news on both of these topics for this month's column, and some other ...continued

  • Industry News

    by Brendan Murray

    Card Player Media Launches SpadeClub Poker Room and Community SpadeClub, a revolutionary new poker community for players of all skill levels, leads the way in enhancing online poker by adding additional features such as player profiles, exclusive ...continued

  • Eli Elezra, and The Setup

    by Phil Hellmuth

    As Eli Elezra tells it, Rene Angelil set up his own wife. You see, Angelil was playing in a high-stakes poker game at Bellagio, and he invited his wife to watch the game on her birthday. Because Angelil's wife is Celine Dion, all of the players at ...continued

  • World Series of Poker, and WPT Championship Flashback

    by Gus Hansen

    Bling-Bling By the time you read this, I hope to have added some much needed "bling-bling" to my WSOP-naked wrists. Although I have no clear-cut objectives for this year's WSOP, my intention is to perform even better in the main event ...continued

  • Glorious Goodwood

    by Noel Hayes

    I would wager that the person responsible for attaching the prefix "Glorious" to the race meeting now known as Glorious Goodwood did so without accusation of overstating just how magnificent a place Goodwood really is. Basking in wonderful ...continued

  • Doing Business in Beijing

    by Rick Deere

    By its very nature, the Olympics is a political event. It begins with a celebration of social inclusion, as was intended by Pierre de Coubertin, the man who founded the Olympic Committee in an attempt to bring peace to the world, with athletes from ...continued

  • Best Bets From Blue Square

    Manchester United are 6/5 favourites to claim a third consecutive Premier League title next season; with uncertainty over Ronaldo's future, that may look like a skinny price, but let's look at the alternatives. Chelsea (2/1), at the time of ...continued

  • Antepost

    by Roy Brindley

    Big Brother - Big Boy, More Like In case you have been on another planet, I can reliably inform you that Big Brother is back on the box. Just what did glossy magazines do before this mindless tat was on our screens? That reminds me, as is now ...continued

  • The Last Temptation of LAG

    by David Downing

    As any of my faithful readers will no doubt now realise, I am what is often termed a "working Joe." I have been a pro on several occasions, but by and large, I like keeping work as work and poker as a (hopefully) profitable hobby. I was ...continued

  • Paddy's Corner

    by Padraig Parkinson

    Treacherous Kickers I made my first mistake of this year's World Series of Poker about a month before we came to Las Vegas. I booked our flight on American Airlines rather than Air France. I like American Airlines, but confidence is what this game ...continued

  • The World Series of Poker and the Economy of Poker

    by Jennifer Mason

    Before any chronically bad bankroll managers expect me to spell out how to live in a frugal manner while maintaining a healthy balance and maximising their profit in the game, I will just say that that isn't what this column is about. For one ...continued

  • The Month of May

    by 'Mad Marty' Wilson

    The month of May was going to be something special to me, because Manchester United had made the European Cup final and everything was set for May 21. Moscow, here I come! My good friend Simon Zach had managed to get me executive tickets for the ...continued

  • Warsaw Diary

    by Warren Lush

    Monday, May 19 -- 10:30 a.m. I'm off on an interesting little adventure for a few days to check out the poker scene in Warsaw. Specifically, I am attending a media reception held in honour of Agnieszka Rylik, a Polish female champion boxer and ...continued

  • Playing From the Big Blind

    by Daragh Thomas

    It's very difficult to play well from the big blind; in fact, it's one of the positions (along with the small blind) from which it is impossible to show a profit over a large number of hands. That's because you are forced to put in a ...continued