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Dan Harrington's Universe Vol. 5, No. 5 Card Player Magazine

Big-Game Hunter Patrik Antonius

by Craig Tapscott

Whether in a high-stakes cash game or vying for a world championship title, Patrik Antonius is a powerful presence at the poker table. He sits very still and soldier straight. Then, like a black panther stalking unwary prey, he eases chips into the pot -- always taking the time to decipher each ...

  • The New Faces of Dutch Poker

    by Peter Dalhuijsen

    For years, Dutch poker was associated with just three names: Marcel Lüske, Rob Hollink, and Rolf Slotboom. When other players like Ed de Haas and Mark Boudewijn started to have their successes, as well, the core of Dutch professionals slowly took ...continued

  • Out With the Old, In With the New

    by Brendan Murray

    There is a momentum building within the poker and gaming industry which will pass most players by. It is a constant presence but is largely unseen, moving through the back rooms of the major industry operators before slipping quietly onto the ...continued

  • The Inside Straight

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    Virgin Poker Offers Luxury World Series of Poker Packages Virgin Poker is sending players to this year's World Series of Poker in Las Vegas with a €10,500 package that includes $10,000 (€7,000) main-event seat, €1,500 spending ...continued

  • UK News

    by Jennifer Mason

    Online Qualifier and Last-Minute Planners It seems that February and March gave UK players a wake-up call when it comes to planning their poker forays around Europe. Even considering the ever-rising European Poker Tour buy-in and the plethora of ...continued

  • Dutch News

    by Anthon-Pieter Wink

    Some Election Advice Insiders predict the end of poker hype in Holland to occur by the end of this year. I can tell you one thing: it can hardly become any more popular. As a travelling writer and player who often stays abroad for a long time, I was ...continued

  • Gibraltar News

    by Tristan Cano

    Social Responsibility and the Problematic Gambling Conundrum Greyhound trainer Graham Calvert from County Durham in the North of England is suing bookmaker William hill for £2 million for allowing him to place bets after he had asked them to ...continued

  • Irish News

    by Brendan Murray

    The Irish poker community was greatly saddened to hear of the death of popular and highly respected young player Sean Jethi recently. Sean, who was wheelchair bound and played with the assistance of his uncle was a formidable operator on the felt, ...continued

  • Industry News

    by Brendan Murray

    Poker Business Down for Bookies Annual reports released in the last month by bookmakers and poker room operators Paddy Power, Blue Square, and Ladbrokes indicate the competitive environment continues to cause difficulties for the companies' poker ...continued

  • Phatcat Living Large After His Biggest Online Win

    by Shawn Patrick Green

    Bodog recently held its inaugural Bodog Poker Open (BPO), and all eyes were on the main event and whether the winner would be a well-known pro or an unknown player. Well, the final table was stacked with notable online pros, so the chances were good ...continued

  • Scott Freeman

    by Craig Tapscott

    Quick, someone call 911. Send the Los Angeles Fire Department to extinguish Scott Freeman's blistering computer monitors. The dual flat screens stand ablaze with 15 tournaments simultaneously; a mouse scorches from resteals to all ins, to quick ...continued

  • NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship

    by Gus Hansen

    After a couple of disappointing first-round losses in 2006 and 2007, it was time to make an impact in 2008 -- first of all, to satisfy my own competitive nature, and second of all, to convince the tournament directors that I'm not just a ...continued

  • Premier League Poker

    by Phil Hellmuth

    For 12 days in early February, I was in London playing in Premier League Poker. This one-of-a-kind event features 12 known players who are playing in six heats, six players per heat, for points. The top four point earners advance to the six-player ...continued

  • World Snooker Championship

    by Aidan Elder

    In the end, there will be no bloodied and breathless champion with a sole arm raised aloft by a referee following 12 rounds of brutal punishment. There will be no flying dismount from a mud-splattered but triumphant jockey after a frenetic four miles ...continued

  • Beaten to the Punch

    by Rick Deere

    Nothing to Ibrag' About One suspects that the only reason referee Don Ackerman didn't penalise Wladimir Klitschko for continuously pawing away Sultan Ibragimov's woefully inept attempts to bring down the "Russian Goliath" was ...continued

  • Finding an Edge

    by Roy Brindley

    Let's be very clear here, there is no mathematical edge to be had with fixed-odds bookmakers. No bookmaker will bet to a percentage remotely close to 100 percent, let alone less than it. But can you blame them? It would be a slow and painful form ...continued

  • As Above, Golf Below

    by Thor Henrykson

    If gambling was an ice-cream parlor, with each flavor a different punt, one of my favorites has got to be golf. I attribute this delicious love affair to my personal preference for the game, and my previous experience as a financials trader. I love to ...continued

  • World Championship of Poker in the Pub

    by Dave Brannan

    The Poker in the Pub National Final will take place in May 2008, and it will bring the second season of Poker in the Pub to a close. The players will be looking to book their seats on the plane to Las Vegas, so that they can experience the thrill of ...continued

  • Delta Force

    by David Downing

    Most arrivistes to the world of Internet poker will barely know of the existence of, or RGP, as it was commonly referred to by its participants. This was a noncommercial, noncensored newsgroup, and was really the first mainstream ...continued

  • Premier League Diary Extracts

    by Warren Lush

    Saturday, Feb. 16: Limousine - 1 p.m. Today was the final of the $1 million Premier League, a Matchroom Sport-organized event that starts on Channel 4 in the UK in late March, and subsequently will be broadcast in at least 15 countries. ...continued

  • Paddy's Corner

    by Padraig Parkinson

    Champ Gets Pinged Golfers dream of playing a round at St. Andrews. Footballers dream of Wembley. For Guinness drinkers, the ultimate stage is O'Connor's pub in Doolin, County Clare, deep in the West of Ireland. I got to perform in the theatre ...continued

  • Minding the Golden Goose

    by Lucy Rokach

    Good cardrooms look after their punters; badly run ones don't give a toss. A while ago, my better half returned from playing poker quite disgruntled. He had been playing at Dusk Till Dawn as it was hosting some cracking cash games. He had lost ...continued

  • Poker Authors Analyzed

    by Rolf Slotboom

    Editor's note: Former Card Player Europe Bureau Chief Rolf Slotboom has read just about every poker book available, and in this series of columns, he analyzes one poker strategist at a time. He looks at the strengths and weaknesses of both the ...continued

  • The European Open IV

    by 'Mad Marty' Wilson

    February was going to be a long and exciting month, with three great poker tournaments being filmed back-to-back-to-back. Government scientists using a series of experiments would not get close to what was going to happen, and it was my job to keep ...continued

  • Hand Reading

    by Daragh Thomas

    This is the sixth column in my series focused on six-max online cash games. So far, we have covered hand selection, basic strategy, pot control, playing draws, and using Poker Tracker. Now we move on to a much more difficult skill - hand reading. Hand ...continued