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Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier Vol. 21, No. 4 Card Player Magazine

Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier Conquers the Caribbean

by Lizzy Harrison

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier recently earned $2 million for taking down the 2008 European Poker Tour PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA). The win was doubly sweet for Grospellier, a member of Team PokerStars and the first team member to win an EPT main event. The PCA shattered ...

  • The Inside Straight

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    SpadeClub: The New Way to Win at Poker Membership Poker Software Offers Players a Chance to Win Without the Risk By Shawn Green Twenty bucks can get you a lot of things: two movie tickets, a good meal, a DVD, a half-full gas tank … you get the ...continued

  • Capture the Flag: Bobby Hoff

    by Lizzy Harrison

    Bobby Hoff, known as "The Wizard" for his ability to make his opponents' chips disappear, has been playing poker for almost 50 years. The old-school gambler is a fixture in Southern California cardrooms and his game of choice is no-limit ...continued

  • Brett Faustman Wins World Poker Open

    by Julio Rodriguez

    Tunica, Mississippi, has been a staple location of the World Poker Tour since it first started six seasons ago. While the annual stop has featured some of the most exciting final tables in televised poker history, recently, an oversaturation of ...continued

  • The Buck Stops With Vinson - or Winston

    by James McManus

    Of course no childhood is without its terrors, yet I wonder if I would have been a less frightened boy if Lindbergh hadn't been president or if I hadn't been the offspring of Jews. – Philip Roth, The Plot Against America As the 1944 ...continued

  • Two Poker Milestones and One of Our Own

    by Jeff Shulman

    This past month has been a busy one in regard to poker milestones. First, on Feb. 1, Gavin Griffin scored one of the most impressive achievements in recent poker history. By winning his first World Poker Tour title (the 2008 Borgata Winter Open), he ...continued

  • Carl Westcott Goes Crazy!

    by Phil Hellmuth

    While shooting the finale of a new reality show, the Best Damn Poker Show, featuring Annie Duke and me, my friend Carl Westcott went crazy! First of all, a word about the new show. It airs on FSN (Fox Sports Net), and features 36 players, six of whom ...continued

  • Laying Down Big Hands - Part II

    by Todd Brunson

    This column could easily turn into a four-part series if I went through all of the big hands I mucked in this tournament. Inasmuch as I have a lot to write about, I'm going to skip the three times I laid down pocket jacks preflop and go on to the ...continued

  • Building a Poker Life

    by Roy Cooke

    I am asked all the time for advice about poker as a life and as a business. I recommend that most people considering poker as a career not take it up. For one thing, as a general rule, people who consider abandoning what else they have in life for ...continued

  • Double Vision

    by Matt Lessinger

    "Fill my eyes … with that double vision No disguise … for that double vision Ooh, when it gets through to me It's always new to me …" - Foreigner When working with novices, I assure them that they can still make ...continued

  • The Key to No-Limit Hold'em

    by Bob Ciaffone

    Poker is no different than other money-making endeavors, such as playing the stock market or investing in real estate. There are plenty of hucksters trying to tell you how to become a zillionaire in a few short weeks. They claim that all you have to ...continued

  • Plays That Tip Your Hand

    by Ed Miller

    All poker players like to think they're sneaky, but some aren't quite as unpredictable as they think. In my last column, I discussed three "giveaway" plays that will tell your opponents what kind of hand you have - if they're ...continued

  • A Shorthanded Limit Hold'em Hand

    by Matthew Hilger

    I recently played an interesting hand online during a shorthanded six-max limit hold'em game. The limits were $30-$60. I was in the small blind and the villain was in the big blind. Everyone folded to me, and I raised with the J 10. I love raising ...continued

  • Free Cards - Part 1

    by Barry Tanenbaum

    Much of post-flop strategy revolves around a struggle for free cards. If you're ahead, you rarely want to give one. If you're behind, you benefit greatly by getting or taking one. In this series of columns, we will take a look at various ...continued

  • The MAW Bet

    by Michael Cappelletti

    The "might-as-well bet" situation occurs when you are pot-committed - usually because most of your chips are already in the pot. For example, you have been lead-betting with the nut straight in pot-limit Omaha and have already put most of ...continued

  • Sick of Slick - Part VI

    by Steve Zolotow

    First, I want to recapitulate my recommendations up to this point. If you have memorized everything I have written about playing A-K in no-limit hold'em, I apologize for the repetition. If you haven't, and I strongly suspect that this is the ...continued

  • Back to Cash No-Limit Hold'em

    by Lee H. Jones

    "Ch-ch-ch-ch … changes" I started my poker career at the age of 7, perhaps even earlier. My dad would sit with my younger brother and me on the floor of our living room and we'd play five-card draw, using cheap plastic red, white, ...continued

  • An AUSsome Experience

    by Matt Matros

    Back in December I had the vague notion that I wanted to go to Australia. I knew almost nothing about the continent, but the idea of traveling there held enough mystique for me that I decided to spend two weeks of my life trying to win a trip down ...continued

  • Breathing In

    by John Vorhaus

    When you sit down to play in any poker cash game, your first order of business is to figure out how to beat that particular game. This is a sum of activities, including: finding out what a standard raise is; discerning who the frisky players are; ...continued

  • Fear is the Enemy

    by Marc Karam

    At the poker table, being overly emotional will cost you money, and one of the most expensive emotions is fear. Unlike anger, which often comes in short bursts as a result of a specific trigger, usually a bad beat, fear tends to stay with many players ...continued

  • Danny Gans Does Poker

    by Max Shapiro

    Danny Gans was named Vegas "Entertainer of the Year" 10 straight years for very good reason. His impersonations of personalities ranging from George Burns to Johnny Carson to Michael Jackson are both dead-on and hilarious. My sweetie and I ...continued