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Annette Obrestad Vol. 5, No. 1 Card Player Magazine

The Inside Straight

by CP The Inside Straight Authors

Full Tilt Poker Breaks Records in Germany The Million Euro Challenge tour made its sixth and final stop in Munich, Germany, recently, having attracted a record-breaking 18,000 players during the tour. Beginning Sept. 22 in Wiesbaden and continuing in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, ...

  • Gala Casinos

    by Alan Campbell

    Gala Coral Group's involvement in the UK casino industry stretches back only seven years, but it now regularly welcomes 3.5 million people through its doors and has rapidly grown to become the nation's third-largest casino operator in terms of ...continued

  • The Games People Play

    by Brendan Murray

    A temporary blip, or the beginning of a worrying trend? The low turnout for the European Poker Tour Dublin event at the end of October was the subject of earnest speculation within the industry. Was it the higher buy-in? The lack of TV ...continued

  • UK News

    by Jennifer Mason

    A Full Fall Aruba and London October and November seem to be among the busiest months on the poker calendar, with regular circuit events, one-off specials, and TV tournaments galore to choose from, not to mention the occasional foreign trip to be ...continued

  • Dutch News

    by Anthon-Pieter Wink

    Timing is Crucial My fellow Dutch News columnist Peter Dalhuijsen is becoming more feared at the poker tables every week. This is mostly because of his timing - timing on and off the tables, mind you, since he is constantly winning tournaments during ...continued

  • Gibraltar News

    by Tristan Cano

    Election Worries On Oct. 11, 2007, nearly 82 percent of Gibraltar's electorate turned up to cast their vote in what was to be one of the tensest and most closely fought general elections in the Rock's recent political history. At around 7 a.m. ...continued

  • Irish News

    by Brendan Murray

    With the low turnout at the European Poker Tour Dublin still fresh in everyone's mind, it remains a frenzied time for tournament qualification in Ireland. With the Irish Poker Championship, European Deep-Stack Championship, and Irish Open firmly ...continued

  • Malta News

    by Cyril Fievet

    The Maltese Falcon Alexandre Dreyfus, a Frenchman living in Malta, accepted a bet that he couldn't set up an online poker room. was born and the exile collected on his bet. "I am a born entrepreneur," stated Dreyfus. ...continued

  • Portugal News

    by Rolf Slotboom

    Everest Poker European Cup in Vilamoura, Portugal: A Gathering of Young Guns Last year's Everest Poker European Cup (EPEC) was a huge success. I had the pleasure of being there in 2006, and was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere at the tables. ...continued

  • Scandinavian News

    by Ola Brandborn

    Grebbestad in Court A lot is happening in Norway and Sweden concerning the legality of poker. As I've noted previously, the big tournament in Grebbestad, Sweden, was raided by the police about six months ago. The court date is drawing closer, with ...continued

  • Industry News

    888 Sees Boost From Poker, the publicly quoted, Gibraltar-based owner of Pacific Poker, has posted healthy third-quarter results, with poker earning net gaming revenue of $18.6 million, up from $15.7 million in the third quarter of 2006. The ...continued

  • Online Overview

    by Shawn Patrick Green

    Full Tilt Online Poker Series VI Packs a PunchThis quarter's Full Tilt Online Poker Series VI was, once again, a resounding success. Full Tilt guaranteed $9,125,000 in combined prize pools across the series' 16 events, but the prize pools ...continued

  • Stephen Chidwick

    by Craig Tapscott

    There's a new kid in town. In 2007, Stephen Chidwick has managed to become one of the fastest-rising players online, banking more than $500,000 in tournament cashes. Not bad for a soft-spoken 18-year-old who began playing poker in freerolls on his ...continued

  • New Year Cheer

    by Rick Deere

    UFC: Will He Chuck it All Away? There's just no escaping the Ultimate Fighting Championship, perhaps because certain hacks keep bringing the damn thing up, but also because its popularity and media coverage in general continues to increase. Coming ...continued

  • Christmas Racing Preview

    by Noel Hayes

    Christmas, best known for wise men and overindulgence in quality food, is also famed for quality racing. This year promises to be no different as the extensive racing calendar provides an abundance of quality racing in which shrewd judges and eager ...continued

  • High-Tech Trading

    by Conor Mills

    Watching Richard Redmond, a five-week veteran of the Canary Wharf Sports Exchange, close out a three-figure profit for the second race in row, you can see why this new style of sports betting is growing fast. "It's all about hand-eye ...continued

  • Antepost

    by Roy Brindley

    Share Options Inspired Gaming, inspired investment? Over the years, bookmakers have expanded into a multitude of sports and other betting options, and as they have gained the trust of successive governments, they have been able to develop their ...continued

  • Poker in the Pub Regional Finals - Battle of the Sexes

    by Dave Brannan

    It has been a busy few months, and somehow the regional finals have already come and gone. We had more players than ever taking part this time around, and we saw a mixture of both the bizarre and sublime. The South West kicked off proceedings on ...continued

  • Chaotic Fractals

    by David Downing

    Sometime ago, a friend of mine came up with an interesting idea around tournament play. Basically, it boiled down to the notion that a strange attractor existed for playing in these events. Strange attractor is a mathematical term, and without going ...continued

  • Paddy's Corner

    by Padraig Parkinson

    A Touch of Class On a recent visit to Dublin, Jesse May and I dropped in to Cool Hand Luke's in Merrion Square to see Luke Ivory, a poker man for whom I have a lot of respect. The building that houses his club has played a big part in the history ...continued

  • The Lowdown on Dusk Till Dawn

    by Lucy Rokach

    Dusk Till Dawn has just opened its doors, and I was lucky enough to get inside information straight from the horse's mouth - Simon Trumper. Lucy Rokach: Simon, what's your role in all of this? Simon Trumper: As live poker director and host, I ...continued

  • Poker Authors Analyzed

    by Rolf Slotboom

    Editor's note: Former Card Player Europe Bureau Chief Rolf Slotboom has read just about every poker book available, and in this series of columns, he analyzes one poker strategist at a time. He looks at the strengths and weaknesses of both the ...continued

  • Once Upon a Time

    by 'Mad Marty' Wilson

    I've just returned from Dublin, where I had a fantastic time with all of my friends from Bridgnorth who came over to play in a tournament that supported the Simon Community for the homeless of Dublin. While there, I met up with an 18-year-old ...continued

  • Medium-Stakes Cash-Game Strategy

    by Daragh Thomas

    This is the second column in my series on cash-game strategy, covering all of the topics I believe are important while playing medium-stakes cash games. While concentrating mainly on sixhanded games, most of the content will be applicable to any game ...continued