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Brian Townsend Vol. 20, No. 17 Card Player Magazine

Evolution of a High-Stakes Hit Man

by Craig Tapscott

Bobby's Room at Bellagio: Ornate etched glass sheathed by mahogany walls capture two oval-shaped tables within the poker cathedral. Colorful images of poker's legendary knights hang suspended, and include the room's namesake, Bobby Baldwin, the 1978 World Series of Poker main-event ...

  • The Inside Straight

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    Man Triumphs Over Machine in Computer Poker Exhibition Phil Laak and Ali Eslami Stand Up for the Human Race By Bob Pajich Poker pros Phil Laak and Ali Eslami recently traveled to Vancouver, BC, where the Association for the Advancement of Artificial ...continued

  • Top-10 Moments of the 2007 World Series of Poker

    by Ryan Lucchesi

    The main event of the World Series of Poker is the major reason that hard-core poker players and fans trek out to the desert for six weeks every summer. The main-event winner carries the title of undisputed champion of the poker world with him for the ...continued

  • The Mary Situation

    by James McManus

    You got to appreciate what an explosive element this Bonnie situation is. - Jules in Pulp Fiction The Minnesota Territory became the 38th state on May 11, 1858, just in time to help elect Lincoln and provide him with 22,000 troops for the initial ...continued

  • Card Player and World Poker Tour Join Forces

    by Jeff Shulman

    I hope that you plug into to get your fix of live, in-depth coverage from all of the biggest poker events on the planet. Now, with a recent deal that Card Player just inked with the World Poker Tour, I'm excited to announce that our ...continued

  • The New Champion

    by Phil Hellmuth

    Talk about the American dream; how about 39-year-old Jerry Yang? He and his family show up in the U.S. from Laos almost 30 years ago. Growing up, his parents couldn't even afford to buy him toys when he was a kid. He becomes moderately successful ...continued

  • Why Do Sharks Eat Other Sharks?

    by Daniel Negreanu

    I am asked the following question probably more than any other poker-related question: Why do the players in the "big game" play against each other when they all could crush smaller games against weaker opponents? The line of thinking, I ...continued

  • High-Stakes Golf

    by Todd Brunson

    I know this column is called "The Big Game," as in poker, not golf, but it also has to do with high-stakes gambling in general. One of a poker player's favorite places to be when not on the green felt is on the greens of a golf course. ...continued

  • Tackling Mr. Aggressive

    by Roy Cooke

    In order to improve your poker game to a world-class level, you need to learn how to strategize plays based on your opponents' styles and plays. How do you play against different styles of opponents? How do you counterstrategize plays that you see ...continued

  • Planning Your Play

    by Barry Tanenbaum

    You probably are very careful when planning your finances. You plan your career, your wedding, your vacations, your kids' education fund, and your retirement. Playing hands is also a case of trying to make prudent investments, but for many ...continued

  • An Acronym for Poker

    by Bob Ciaffone

    My poker pal Chuck called me the other day and told me about an experience of a friend of his. He said his friend had gotten to the last two tables of a large no-limit hold'em tournament and had a lot of chips, but lost three big pots in a row, ...continued

  • A Good Play?

    by Rolf Slotboom

    It's the Asian Poker Classic in Goa, India. Right after my first-ever main event at the Master Classics (which was highly successful for me) and the main event of the Betfair Asian Poker Tour in Singapore that followed right after that (which was ...continued

  • Punish the Guilty

    by Steve Zolotow

    Some tournaments, including this year's World Series of Poker, have a rule that a player may not tell the truth about his hand. Before I start ranting about this ridiculous rule, I want to recount my version of an old puzzle. I was hired to scout ...continued

  • My World Series of Poker Wrap-Up

    by Mike O Malley

    All things considered, I think that Harrah's, and the Rio, did a great job of running the 2007 World Series of Poker. Every year, they make improvements and adjustments that benefit the players, and it appears they will continue with that trend. ...continued

  • Are You Emotionally Ready to Win?

    by Alan Schoonmaker

    Part I discussed that emotional control is essential for playing well and that many people don't pay enough attention to it. Part II described a system for taking your emotional temperature. This final column discusses ways to increase control ...continued

  • A Bad Decision Before the World Series of Poker

    by Shannon Shorr

    The summer in Las Vegas was an interesting one for me. I started off by taking a very bad beat before the World Series of Poker even got under way. On May 31, some friends and I had just returned to our house from a nightclub at Treasure Island. ...continued

  • The Local Losers

    by Michael Wiesenberg

    They call themselves the locals, and look with disdain upon those other players they call the tourists, but we can give them another six-letter name that shares half of the same letters, the losers. They're the lowlifes among the low rollers, ...continued

  • Are You Hoping to Win, or Expecting to Win?

    by Roy West

    Hi. Come on in. I got us some of those really greasy fish and chips you like so much - with white wine, of course. You were asking if you should leave a medium-limit game if you get down $300 to $400. My thinking is that if you get down any amount ...continued