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Phil Hellmuth Vol. 4, No. 9 Card Player Magazine

Casino Red: Set to Give Customers What They Want on Land

by Alan Campbell

The UK's highly competitive land-based casino market is set to get even more spirited with the launch of another player into the fray, Casino Red. Casino Red has operated the successful online casino since April, and is the brainchild of EndX co-founder Nicolas Boyes-Hunter. He ...

  • Time to Say Goodbye

    by Rolf Slotboom

    Having been the bureau chief of Card Player Europe for almost two years, I am sad to say that this will be my last month in charge. I was thrilled when, at the end of 2005 during the Master Classics of Poker in my hometown of Amsterdam, I was asked to ...continued

  • UK News

    by Jennifer Mason

    A Bracelet for Vaswani and the Final Table of the Year for Jon Kalmar Should you have walked into the cardroom in the Orleans Casino during the last month in search of the rarity of a small pot-limit Omaha game, you may well have found around half of ...continued

  • Austrian and German News

    by Michael Keiner

    Summer in the City Where is the place to stay in Europe after a long and exhausting time at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas? I know only one answer to this question: Velden, Austria! When I arrived back home in Germany on July 16, I just ...continued

  • Dutch News

    by Peter Dalhuijsen

    Disappointing World Series for the Dutch For months in advance, people were speculating who was going to be the first Dutch bracelet winner at the World Series of Poker. This year's tournaments provided good opportunities for our no-limit ...continued

  • Gibraltar News

    by Tristan Cano

    The Perks of the Job The ability to retain employees is a major challenge for any employer. Keeping personnel helps companies to promote a culture of continuity and stability, and enables employees to believe they are a part of the business. Skills ...continued

  • Irish News

    by Roy Brindley

    €100,000 at RDS An International Poker Open event, presented by Poker Ireland, will be staged at the Shelbourne Hall of the Royal Dublin Society on Oct. 6. Demanding a buy-in of €150, organisers are promising a dealer-only dealt two-day ...continued

  • Scandinavian News

    by Ola Brandborn

    I don't think I've ever written about poker in Iceland before, but it's about time now. The country had its first public poker event in June - and an hour later, the first police raid of a public poker event. More than 150 players had ...continued

  • Industry News

    by Roy Brindley

    "Your seat is safe," says Betfair As the official online satellite provider and presenting sponsor, has announced that it is committed to sending more than 125 players to the first World Series of Poker bracelet event ever ...continued

  • Online Zone

    by Shawn Patrick Green

    Chad Batista is M8king Moves Up the Leader Board By Shawn Patrick Green Chad "m8kingmoves" Batista snuck into the top-10 spots on the Online Player of the Year (OPOY) leader board recently when he decided to start making final tables of ...continued

  • Bertrand Grospellier

    by Craig Tapscott

    Bertrand Grospellier has got game. In 2001, the Paris-born computer whiz moved to Korea to compete as a professional gamer in the World Cyber Games, the biggest gaming tournament in the world. He would capture second place in the Starcraft: Brood War ...continued

  • Poker in the Pub - Season Two and the World Series of Poker in the Pub

    by Dave Brannan

    The second season of Poker in the Pub is well under way, and we are looking forward to bigger and better things for the coming year. After the success of the first year that culminated with our sending five people on a luxury holiday to Las Vegas, ...continued

  • Sweet Spot

    by David Downing

    Every racket and bat-and-ball game has the concept of a sweet spot. It's that confluence of just the right timing with just the perfect meeting of surfaces to produce magic: home run; six; ace. Competitors in these games strive to find and meet ...continued

  • Paddy's Corner

    by Padraig Parkinson

    Things turn for "The Worm" Every time I see Micky Wernick in his Blue Square gear, I crack up laughing, not at the fact that Micky got himself a sponsorship deal - he more than earned it, fair and square - but at the fact they insist on ...continued

  • Her Master's Voice

    by Lucy Rokach

    We poker players are a strange breed of people. At the drop of a hat, we whiz around the world to play a game of cards. The more organized amongst us have arranged accommodations, the more impulsive don't worry about such minor detail. But the end ...continued

  • World Series of Poker Changes

    by 'Mad Marty' Wilson

    After looking forward to the World Series of Poker for the past 10 months or so, I discovered several events occurring during my first week there that highlighted just how much it has changed from my first visit some 20 years ago. Back then, it took ...continued

  • Push for the Premiership

    by Aidan Elder

    Not much is likely to change at the top of the English Premiership this season, but there is still plenty for punters to get excited about. The "Phoney War" was, as the name suggests, not so much a war, but a sustained period of gossip, ...continued

  • Fight Club

    by Rick Deere

    Mixed martial arts (MMA) is challenging boxing's hegemony among fight fans. Leading contender Ultimate Fighting Challenge has stepped into the ring, but can it deliver the knockout blow? When Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. faced each ...continued

  • Up for the Hunt

    by Noel Hayes

    Watching a horse and jockey stride toward an open ditch, both risking life and limb as they leap spectacularly through the air with great precision toward safety on the other side, is a truly breathtaking experience. There is something very special ...continued

  • Antepost

    National Hunt Racing Back Kauto Star to win the 2008 Cheltenham Gold Cup at 3.75 on Betfair. What can Antepost say about this beautiful beast that hasn't already been said? He is the best chaser since Desert Orchid and a joy to behold when in full ...continued