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Can Alfonse D'Amato Save Poker? Vol. 20, No. 6 Card Player Magazine

Can Alfonse D'Amato Save Poker?

by Allyn Shulman

Score one for the good guys. Former New York Sen. Alfonse D'Amato has graciously agreed to serve as chairman of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), to be its spokesman, and to lobby for a poker carve-out to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The PPA is a grass-roots organization ...

  • The Inside Straight

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    World Series of Poker Europe Launches This Fall Poker Events Will Take Place at Harrah's London Club International Casinos By Bob Pajich The World Series of Poker is about to cross the Atlantic. Starting this fall, WSOP Europe events will be held ...continued

  • 64 Players, One Winner

    NBC has assembled a group of poker players to compete in its National Heads-Up Poker Championship who have more than $184 million in tournament winnings between them, but the poker pedigree is only one reason that so many people tune in to watch this ...continued

  • The Cheating Game - Part I

    by James McManus

    The earliest editions of Hoyle that mention poker at all suggested most of its players were up to no good. Jonathan Green's Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling had already branded "poque" as the "cheating game" in ...continued

  • Europe, Commerce, Heads-Up Championship, and PPA

    by Jeff Shulman

    I am finally back in the office, and it is great to say that I am home. My wife and I went to London for 10 days for work and pleasure. I had a chance to meet with some advertisers, see a few shows at the theater, and finally go to the Victoria Club ...continued

  • Tunica Again! - Part I

    by Phil Hellmuth

    Recently, the World Poker Tour went to Tunica, Mississippi, and so did Phil Ivey and I. The $10,000 buy-in tournament was starting at the Gold Strike Hotel and Casino on Sunday, so Ivey and I chartered a jet out of L.A. late Saturday night. I had ...continued

  • World Poker Tour Bellagio 2006 - Final Table

    by Daniel Negreanu

    I was in prime position to break a lot of records with this final-table appearance. If I won this tournament, I'd tie Gus Hansen with three World Poker Tour wins, and I'd also become the only player to win the same WPT event twice. It was a ...continued

  • Player Profiles: Ted Forrest

    by Todd Brunson

    Some say they can't see the forest for the trees. I sometimes can't see the Forrest - Ted Forrest, that is - for all the bad beats he has laid on me in a session. My head aches and my vision blurs as he beats my aces with 6-2 offsuit again and ...continued

  • Poker Ain't Anywhere Near Dead

    by Roy Cooke

    The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. - Mark Twain I have written before that poker - like real estate, the stock market, and other economic activities - is cyclical. The game wanes and blooms. People and their money come and go in ...continued

  • The Unappreciated Street

    by Eric Lynch

    There is a lot of material available in books, articles, and videos on how to properly play post-flop. A lot of it goes into detail on what to do on the flop, flop texture, and how to value-bet or bluff on the river. One area that often seems ...continued

  • Slow-Playing Pocket Aces in No-Limit Hold'em

    by Bob Ciaffone

    What is the calling card (pun intended) of the weak no-limit hold'em player? My answer would be letting the opponent draw cheaply – or for free – and then paying off big-time when the opponent gets lucky. Many people would agree with ...continued

  • A-10 Offsuit

    by Michael Cappelletti

    In limit hold'em, is A-10 offsuit in early position a playable hand? Perhaps in a very loose game, but playing A-10 offsuit from early position in a medium to good game will probably cost you money in the long run. Why? If you hold A-10 in first ...continued

  • The $11,500 Bluff

    by Matt Lessinger

    Tim Singleton is a friend who became my first poker student seven years ago. A couple of months after we began doing lessons, he finished in 14th place out of 1,480 participants in his first-ever poker tournament. He has been a consistent, winning ...continued

  • Don't Push the Panic Button

    by Matt Matros

    The heart of no-limit hold'em is post-flop play. The probing raise on the flop, the all-in semibluff on the turn, and the check-raise bluff on the river are the kinds of plays that make a good deep-stack player great. Anyone can learn to shove in ...continued

  • How to Start a Session

    by Barry Tanenbaum

    Most people sit down at the poker table ready to play. They thought about the game on the way to the cardroom, maybe they waited for a while before they got called for their game, they have their chips, and they are ready to go. They probably even ...continued

  • Small Buy-In Fast Tournaments - Part I

    by Steve Zolotow

    Many brick-and-mortar cardrooms and virtually all online poker sites have a variety of small buy-in, fast-structure multitable tournaments. These popular tournaments are great for players with limited poker bankrolls and for those wishing to improve ...continued

  • Poker Pitfalls Resulting From a Faulty Mindset

    by Matthew Hilger

    There are dozens of poker books on the market that are designed to teach the technical aspects of the game. The technical skills are relatively easy to learn, so why do so many players fail to win money at poker? Many poker players never achieve their ...continued

  • Poker Hits the Big Screen

    by Max Shapiro

    Well, I see that they're going to be doing a film about Phil Hellmuth called The Madison Kid, or maybe it's Poker Brat … they're not sure yet which title to use. My suggestion would be Days of Whine and Poses. In any event, I heard ...continued