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Dutch News

New Stars and Games of Tag

by Anthon-Pieter Wink |  Published: Jan 01, 2007

Although one needs to be careful in giving instant star status in the world of poker, it seems that the Netherlands can welcome a new idol. Dutchman Steve Wong had some huge paydays at the World Poker Tour Festa al Lago V: After winning the preliminary $5,000 buy-in event, he cruised on to take second place in the main event, resulting in total winnings of more than $700,000. All of this came after his excellent performance at the World Series of Poker this year. It seems that Wong, who is also an infamous online player, is now making his mark as a live-tournament player. His goal is to reach the top 10 of the world ranking, and if he can keep his fine series running, he will have a good shot at it.

And speaking of live tournaments, the Dutch Poker Championship (Pokerkampioenschappen) crowned a new semiofficial Dutch champion. Bureau Card Player Europe Bureau Chief of Rolf Slotboom could not defend his title and had to leave it to Steven ten Cate, who is one of the hardworking men behind Due to the structure of the tournament - with many preliminary rounds in which the top three players would qualify for the finals - the top of the national poker scene was represented. Ten Cate prevailed, and with the title also came an entry into the main event of the Master Classics of Poker, as both events are organized by Holland Casino. The MCOP is being held as I write this article, and I can already say it is the largest poker happening ever held in the Netherlands. The main event has been the pinnacle of live poker tournaments in Europe for a long time, and continues to draw bigger crowds every year. Online poker rooms have been running more satellites for the MCOP again this year, and there is no doubt the casino in Amsterdam will be packed to the roof for all nine days.

On this subject, it seems that Holland Casino will have to build an addition to the casino next year, as this year's edition of the MCOP will be broadcast on national television. This is the first time a local tournament will be shown on television in the Netherlands, and everyone who has anything to do with poker is trying to show their faces on TV. The major influence that television had on the popularity of poker in the United States can be expected here, as well, and all the Dutch websites, forums, and bloggers are looking for media exposure. It's a good opportunity for to demonstrate the new range of poker clothing, and at the same time liven up the place with random outbursts of games like "recognize the PokerInfo poster and he'll buy you a beer" or "tag as many administrators as you can."

If poker is taking a flight, as it did in the States after the broadcast of poker tournaments, and especially after the invention of the "pocket cameras," we will be in for a wild ride. Holland Casino has installed the famous cameras that reveal the players' cards to the public at home, and this will be huge for the understanding and the popularity of our game. New poker shows on television are in the making. One of the most appealing is Poker With the Stars, a show in which Dutch celebrities battle each other on the poker felt, all in line with a recent series of shows called Dancing With the Stars, which was, unexplainably, a huge success. I certainly know where my preferences lie, and I can't wait to see the infamous Dutch (ex-) football players who often visit the casino in Amsterdam try to bluff - for example - a Dutch folk singer off a hand. On this and more, we will keep you posted. spade

Anthon-Pieter Wink is a writer for