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Jamie Gold Vol. 19, No. 17 Card Player Magazine

Jamie Gold Captures 2006 World Series Championship

by Lee Munzer

For 46 smoldering Las Vegas days and desert-cooled nights, the world of poker took over sin city and the numbers screamed, "Look at us, we're on fire!" The 37th-annual World Series of Poker (WSOP), conducted in the Amazon ballroom of Harrah's Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, was ...

  • Cream of the Crop: Card Player's 2006 World Series of Poker Leader Board

    by Michael Friedman

    It was a record year in many ways for the 37th this year's WSOP. The tournament featured the the largest fields in WSOP history, the youngest bracelet ever, two multiple bracelet winners (Bill Chen and Jeff Madsen) and Phil Hellmuth Jr. winning ...continued

  • Tournament Trail has been Kind, Unkind to 2005 Main-Event Final-Table Players

    by Bob Pajich

    It's been a long and not-so-strange year for the players at last year's World Series of Poker main-event final table as far as the tournament trail is concerned. The champion proved he belonged, and most of the others had a year of marginal ...continued

  • God Bless Chris Moneymaker

    by Bob Pajich

    A total of 8,773 players vied for the $12 million first-place prize money in this year's World Series of Poker main event, and an incredible number of those players earned their $10,000 buy-in at online poker sites. With hundreds of online sites ...continued

  • Yes, Doyle, Louie Anderson Just Raised: Celebrities Flock to World Series of Poker Main Event

    by Bob Pajich

    Here's something that might've been overheard while walking around the halls of the Rio at this year's World Series of Poker main event: "Was that Ron Jeremy? I just saw Lennox Lewis - How can you miss him? - duck into the bathroom. ...continued

  • Rewriting the Record Books

    by Jeff Shulman

    After six weeks of nonstop action, the 2006 World Series of Poker is now behind us. The record number of players it attracted and huge prize pools it generated continued to break record after record. First, congratulations to Jamie Gold, the $12 ...continued

  • The Inside Straight

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    Unfolding History: World Series of Poker Events No. 28 through 39 A Veteran Gets His 10th, a Kid Barely Misses By Bob Pajich After nearly two months of poker and more than 40 events, the World Series of Poker has awarded more bracelets than ever ...continued

  • A Key Hand in New Orleans

    by Phil Hellmuth

    It's a mad, mad world on Bourbon Street in New Orleans right now! But there's no joking here; there's still an unthinkable measure of destruction in Nawleans, with thousands of destroyed houses and cars still just sort of existing there. ...continued

  • High Stakes Poker: My Laydown Versus Todd Brunson

    by Daniel Negreanu

    If you are still unaware of High Stakes Poker, which airs on GSN, you are missing out on the best poker show on television, bar none. The play is very sophisticated, the stacks are deep, and the table talk can be pretty entertaining. I've played ...continued

  • Another No-Limit Lesson for Roy

    by Roy Cooke

    The Venetian recently sponsored a World Series of Poker celebrity poker tournament; 200 entrants put up $125 apiece to compete for five $10,000 WSOP main-event buy-ins. The Venetian kicked in the extra $25,000 for the WSOP seats, as a way of rewarding ...continued

  • What Were They Thinking?

    by Tom McEvoy

    I recently played a no-limit hold'em World Series of Poker event that had a $1,000 buy-in. There were no big-name players at my table, but several of my opponents were playing a very solid game. A play came up that I will never understand; hence, ...continued

  • Bad Tournament Rules and Rulings: Actions Should Speak Louder Than Rulings

    by Steve Zolotow

    Anyone who has played live poker knows that one of the fundamental rules of poker is that when there is action, the hand counts. For lack of a better definition, there is action whenever two players fold or one player calls or raises. From this point ...continued

  • Anyone Can Be a Student

    by Matt Matros

    In a recent column, I mentioned that I have poker students who call me for lessons every so often. Since then, I've received a fair amount of interest from players who want to hire me as their coach. I'm flattered, but between grinding out the ...continued

  • Should You Switch to No-Limit Hold'em? Part V - Which Games Should You Choose?

    by Alan Schoonmaker

    If you have recently converted to no-limit hold'em (NL), you must select your games carefully. If you pick well, you can quickly become a winner. If you choose poorly, you will almost certainly become a loser. Game selection is always important. ...continued

  • Raising When Behind, to Bet or Not to Bet, and an Unusual Take on 'String Theory'

    by Barry Mulholland

    OK, today let's answer some mail. Gary, from Washington, wrote: "I'm fairly new to poker and play mostly limit hold'em and stud, and I'm also intrigued by Omaha but have yet to give it a try. Forgive me for asking a stupid ...continued

  • Keeping Something in Reserve

    by Bob Ciaffone

    Is there a modern style of playing poker that is a big improvement upon what we pro players used to do in the past? Maybe there is a realignment in the number of people who play with a certain style, but let's not pretend that the wheel has been ...continued

  • Have Some Fun With These Questions: You Should Know the Answers

    by Roy West

    Hi. Come on in. Today we're having some healthy skinless chicken and a fine white wine. You'll need nourishment, because we're going to have a quiz on low- and medium-limit poker and other poker-related tidbits, designed especially for all ...continued

  • Going 12 Rounds With Jeff Madsen

    by Michael Friedman

    Like his favorite character from the movie Fight Club, Jeff Madsen has rebelled against popular thought by taking matters into his own hands. Taking after the crazy alter ego of the movie's main character, Tyler Durden, Madsen recently unleashed a ...continued

  • Limit Versus No-Limit Hold'em - Part V Play on the river

    by Jim Brier

    This is the last in a series of columns comparing limit hold'em to no-limit hold'em. It is aimed at experienced limit players who have decided to make the switch to no-limit. In the first four columns, we covered some of the general ...continued

  • Action Al Loses It

    by Max Shapiro

    Over the years I have accumulated a list of peeves and aggravations long enough to make that old curmudgeon Andy Rooney look like Mary Sunshine by comparison. And not all of my annoyances even come from poker. Let me pick a few at random. Take the ...continued

  • Manipulating the Odds

    by Byron Jacobs

    It is a clearly observable trend in poker that players are moving away from full-ring-game limit hold'em. Instead, the action is slowly but surely gravitating toward no-limit hold'em cash games and tournament play. Those players who still ...continued

  • Grading the NFL Coaches

    by Chuck Sippl

    As promised in my last column on grading the NFL coaches, this time we'll take a look at the AFC. As always when it comes to coaches as a sports-betting factor, my caveat applies. A team's coach can be an edge, but he is not always the ...continued

  • Show One, Show Both

    by Mike O Malley

    In my July column, I wrote about the misinterpretation of the "show one, show all" rule. That rule states that if a player shows his hand to one player, the hand can be shown to all players if requested. Lately, some poker rooms and ...continued

  • Showing Your Hand

    by Barry Tanenbaum

    "I can't win," said the young lady after the hand was over. She had bet the entire way to the river, which she checked. "I had a small pair and got counterfeited." Neither of her $30-$60 opponents moved. She was first to show. ...continued