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Team Full Tilt Vol. 19, No. 15 Card Player Magazine

Team FullTilt: The World's First Poker Dynasty

by Michael Friedman

FullTiltPoker is the most unique force in the poker world. Led by modern poker's toughest team of pros, FullTilt has set the bar for poker's commercial and economic success with its player-friendly website and marketing campaigns. By taking poker promotion to a whole new level, FullTilt ...

  • FullTilt Survey

    by Michael Friedman

    Who is your favorite movie star?Ivey: Samuel Jackson Gowen: Bette Midler Harman: Johnny Depp Lederer: Humphrey Bogart Ferguson: Johnny Depp What kind of car do you drive? Ivey: Range Rover Gowen: BMW Harman: Range Rover Lederer: Lexus 400H Hybrid SUV ...continued

  • The Players

    by Michael Friedman

    FullTiltPoker's Greatest Strength lies in its group of superstar players. Led by team FullTilt, which features 11 of poker's top players, the site is represented by 43 highly skilled and highly motivated poker players. Besides being involved ...continued

  • The Hendon Mob

    by Michael Friedman

    Ram Vaswani This former professional snooker player quickly changed his game to poker when he realized just how big the paydays could be. Known as "Crazy Horse," he is the youngest member of the Hendon Mob and is more than just your ...continued

  • New School Versus Old School

    by Michael Friedman

    FullTilt's player representatives include the game's "old school" guard, like Chris Ferguson, and players from the "new school," like John D'Agostino. Both phenomenal players in their own right, Ferguson was involved ...continued

  • The Inside Straight - Highlights & Events

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WORLD SERIES OF POKER'S FIRST TWO WEEKS By Tim Peters The 37th-annual World Series of Poker got under way officially on Monday, June 26, with its first bracelet event, the traditional casino employees no-limit hold'em ...continued

  • The Inside Straight - Articles

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    GAVIN SMITH IS KING OF THE MANSION He Wins $500,000 at the World Pro-Am Challenge By Bob Pajich Gavin Smith is having a great year. On July 3, he came to the Tropicana Hotel and Casino to try to win the World Pro-Am ...continued

  • Both Stars and Unknowns Shine at World Series of Poker

    by Jeff Shulman

    About a third of the way through the 2006 World Series of Poker, as I write this, it's shaping up to be another record-setting event. All 208 tables in the Amazon Room have been packed for most events, and moving into the second half of the ...continued

  • Should You Switch to No-Limit Hold'em? Part IV - Where Do You Want the Big Stacks?

    by Alan Schoonmaker

    Part III (available at discussed whether you should sit to the right, left, or far away from various types of players. You want the most dangerous players to act before you. Now we will apply that principle to an issue - stack ...continued

  • Winning the War

    by Byron Jacobs

    I don't wish to sound overly dramatic, but when you sit down to play poker, you make a decision that you are going to war. The hands that you play are the battles and the overall session is the war. It's always nice to win the individual ...continued

  • Playing Scared

    by Barry Tanenbaum

    A friend of mine recently rode the poker roller coaster. You know how a roller coaster works: It goes up high and comes down fast, and the ride down can be very scary. Vito (we will call him) came to Las Vegas with great skill and a decent bankroll. ...continued

  • The 2006 Tournament of Champions - The Best of the Best

    by Alex Henriquez

    Jesus, a Great Dane, and a Mouth walk into a casino … for the 2006 World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions. Day one of the exclusive invitation-only tournament featured an eclectic starting field. Of the 27 players, the majority earned ...continued

  • Head-Scratching Hands: An Analysis

    by Mike O Malley

    The response to my recent column about head-scratching hands was overwhelming. The detailed and thoughtful responses came in by the hundreds, which is a first for a guy who writes columns about uninteresting decisions! Since there is no perfect answer ...continued

  • High-Stakes Poker Versus 'The Grinder'

    by Daniel Negreanu

    As far as quality poker goes, High Stakes Poker on GSN is without a doubt the best poker on television right now. There are several great poker shows out there, but the quality of play on this particular show is simply a cut above the rest. A lot of ...continued

  • Limit Versus No-Limit Hold'em - Part III

    by Jim Brier

    This is the third in a series of columns comparing limit hold'em to no-limit hold'em. It is aimed at experienced limit players who have decided to make the switch to no-limit. In the first two columns (available at, we covered ...continued

  • The Must-Call

    by Matt Matros

    Don't confuse this column with another column I wrote, "The Just-Call." In that one, I discussed the merits of calling versus raising in certain situations in which both are viable options. In this column, I want to discuss a tournament ...continued

  • A Black Day in New Orleans

    by Phil Hellmuth

    Here are a few hands from the second heat of my new television show Celebrity Poker Showdown (CPS) on Bravo, which I co-host with comedian Dave Foley. We shot the show in New Orleans, and all of the celebrities donated their prize money ($1 million ...continued

  • You Should Learn to Be a Book Writer

    by Roy West

    Hi. Come on in. The summer heat has come to the Las Vegas valley. Let's take a dip in my pool and snack on some fresh fruits while we consider our beloved game of poker. I've had a dozen requests from players new to the game about a brief ...continued

  • Learning From Past Mistakes

    by Bob Ciaffone

    The Spanish-born philosopher George Santayana said in his 1905 work, The Life of Reason, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Let us remember the unfortunate 20th-century American period known as Prohibition, with ...continued

  • Making an Extra Bet

    by Roy Cooke

    It was early in my $40-$80 limit hold'em session at the new Venetian cardroom, where they play the game at a ninehanded table. One of the great things about the Venetian poker room is that it is located with entrances off both the casino pit and ...continued

  • Poker - the Game Versus the Sport

    by Tom McEvoy

    The Las Vegas Sun newspaper recently published an article about poker "the game" versus poker "the sport." In the article, Mori Eskandani was discussing this aspect of poker with Jeff Haney, a reporter for the Sun. Haney has done ...continued

  • The F-Bomb and Other Alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction

    by Steve Zolotow

    I was appalled to read that the normally rational Mike O'Malley agreed with the "F-Bomb" rule, and irate to read that reader comments hadn't dissuaded him from persisting in the obvious folly. There are three reasons why this rule is ...continued

  • Grading the NFL Coaches

    by Chuck Sippl

    We all know that football is "king" when it comes to sports betting. Each season for the past few years, I have taken a look at the NFL coaches, giving them a grade that includes many intangibles. I always like to caution, however, that ...continued

  • Industry Happenings

    by author unknown

    Riverboat Report By Ron Koziol For the first time since modern-day riverboat gambling became part of the Iowa scene in 1991, the state's racing and gaming commission has given the OK for two casinos to operate under the same license. The unique ...continued