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Doyle Brunson - Pokers Living Legend Vol. 19, No. 13 Card Player Magazine

Doyle Brunson: Poker's Living Legend

by Justin Marchand

In the land of poker legends, only one is qualified to sit at the head table. He is the man whose early gunslinging, road gambling days imbued him with a near mythological presence in poker's highest circles. He is the only man who has played at the highest levels and stakes for more than 50 ...

  • Watch Out for the Legends!

    by Jeff Shulman

    It's almost time. I can't stop thinking about the World Series of Poker as it gets ready to roll out the red carpet for record numbers of players swarming to the Nevada desert. I think there is one thing to keep an eye out for: This year could ...continued

  • The Inside Straight

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    Card Player Named Official Magazine of 2006 World Series of Poker Live Updates, Exclusive Content, and Even a Printed Newspaper to be Provided By BOB PAJICH Card Player magazine has been named the official magazine of this year's World Series of ...continued

  • Sheiky's Bizarre Move

    by Daniel Negreanu

    After beating T.J Cloutier, Greg Raymer, and Evelyn Ng, my confidence was very high and I felt like I'd be able to just play my game and grind out a victory over Sean "Sheiky" Sheikhan. In the early going, it appeared as though ...continued

  • Show One Show All

    by Mike O Malley

    In my May column I wrote about a series of head scratching hands that I had been a part of. I asked readers to write in about the hands and what they thought of the play of each player. Wow, the responses were overwhelming! Not only did many people ...continued

  • Limit Versus No-Limit - Part 1

    by Jim Brier

    This is the first in a series of articles comparing limit hold'em to no-limit hold'em. It is aimed at experienced limit players who have decided to make the switch to no-limit as I have done. Here in Las Vegas, unless there is a tournament in ...continued

  • Combining Math and Psychology

    by Byron Jacobs

    In a recent issue of Card Player (Vol. 19/No. 10), I was interested to see Tom McEvoy write - under the title, "Mike Caro is Right!" - that in poker, math is meaningless and psychology is paramount. However, he did go on to temper this ...continued

  • Hold'em Posers

    by Michael Wiesenberg

    Here are a few situational questions about hold'em hands. The answers appear after the last question. If you want to try to figure these out for yourself and can't keep your eyes from straying to the answers, grab another magazine or a piece ...continued

  • If You Want to Win Poker Tournaments You Must Know CPR - Part I

    by Steve Zolotow

    No, I'm not talking about cardio pulmonary resuscitation; I'm talking about Cost Per Round. CPR is the amount of money you are forced to put into the pot if you fold every hand. In flop games, it consists of the blinds plus, and sometimes in ...continued

  • When First is Not a Good Thing

    by Tom McEvoy

    This column is not about bad beats, it is about what can happen to even the best of us (or the worst of us) in a poker tournament. Actually, these stories are kind of humorous if you ask me, even though I was the victim in one tournament and one cash ...continued

  • Puggy Pearson

    by Bob Ciaffone

    I received the news about Puggy Pearson's passing via the newspaper article headline, "Legendary Poker Player Dies." A legend he truly was, growing up poor, dropping out of elementary school, but going on to become the World Poker ...continued

  • The Big One at Bellagio - Part II

    by Mark Gregorich

    Day Two: After surviving day one of the $25,000 World Poker Tour Championship at Bellagio in April, I entered day two full of optimism. My chip count was above average, and it appeared that I had received a fortuitous table draw. There were a couple ...continued

  • Tony Parker and Eva Longoria

    by Phil Hellmuth

    While attending game one of the Dallas Mavericks/San Antonio Spurs series in San Antonio, I happened to see myself up on the Jumbotron. After being booed by 250,000 NASCAR fans in Vegas, I wasn't sure what to expect this time (at least Jeff Gordon ...continued

  • A Rare Ethological Find Part III: A Big Man in Every Way

    by Lee Munzer

    Lee Munzer: Let's continue our discussion about playing tournaments and your mindset. Do you have a game plan? Greg Raymer: I never formulate game plans because I have seen too often, someone comes up with a plan, and they decide to make the plan ...continued

  • A Side Order of Chips

    by Brian Mulholland

    "To change and to improve are two different things." - German Proverb Things change - it's the way of the world. And not just the big things, like the geopolitical structure or the level of man's knowledge, but the little things, too ...continued

  • Shootout at the Venetian

    by Roy Cooke

    The poker boom has brought about the opening of fine new cardrooms in Vegas, at first-class properties such as Caesars Palace and Wynn Las Vegas, and the competition has proven to be a good thing for players. There are quality cardrooms up and down ...continued

  • A Medium-Strength Hand - Part I

    by Matt Matros

    One of the toughest situations in big bet poker is facing a large bet with a medium-strength hand. It's easy to play the bad hands and the good hands. It's the other hands that tend to separate the pros from the recreational players. I'll ...continued

  • Poker Can be a Gas

    by Max Shapiro

    Doomsday Don is now living in Europe. I'm not entirely sure what he's doing there, but somebody told me that George Bush had him deported in an effort to dissipate some of the gloom that's been enveloping the nation, in no small part due ...continued

  • 2006 Mirage Poker Showdown - The Season Begins

    by Alex Henriquez

    Does professional poker really have a season? Does the game begin on a certain date and build to a final cumulative event? Do players have an off-season? In the land of the World Poker Tour, the answer to these questions is yes, and opening day is the ...continued

  • Enter the Singer

    by Alex Henriquez

    At World Poker Tour tournaments, all of the press and the publicity go to the big buy-in events with the televised final tables. But a lot more happens at these tournaments than what you see on's home page or the Travel Channel. The ...continued

  • A Couple of Lessons in Logic - Pokerwise

    by Roy West

    Hi. Come on in. I hope you're not hungry. I don't have much to eat today, just some cheese and crackers. Maybe we'll go out later and chow down. Today we'll be discussing more from the series of "The Many Things I Wish I Had Known ...continued

  • Hidden Luck

    by Barry Tanenbaum

    Many years ago, I worked for a high-tech company that was having spectacular success. A long line of management consultants advised the company's president that his business model was incorrect and he was heading down the wrong path. "Go sit ...continued

  • Another Great Cruise

    by Linda Johnson

    I have a confession to make. For the first time in more than 120 cruises, I didn't want to go on the recent Ancient Wonders 12-day European/Balkan cruise and seriously contemplated cancelling my trip. I didn't want to miss the filming of the ...continued

  • The Name Game

    by Vince Burgio

    There have been many changes in the poker world over the last three or four years and most players would agree that, all-in-all, we should be happy that they have occurred. Some of the changes I have noticed have been in the terminology that is used ...continued

  • Should You Switch To No-Limit Hold'em?

    by Alan Schoonmaker

    Many players don't even think about where they should sit, but Ray Zee, a great player, said that picking the wrong seat was one of the 10 most important reasons for losing. If you make a bad choice, you will have position on the wrong people, and ...continued

  • Why Do You Wager?

    by Chuck Sippl

    That is a question I frequently ask friends and acquaintances when the subjects of poker, sports betting, casino games, horse racing, and so on arise. Having spent more than three decades making sports betting my hobby and then my full-time ...continued