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Buy-In: $200 + $45
Prize Pool: $467,928
Entrants: 1754

CPPT Bicycle Main Event $400K GTD

  • Jul 08, '17 - Jul 14, '17


Updates on Final Day (Jul 14, 17)


Brad Horner Wins 2017 CPPT Bike Main Event!

A total of 1,754 entries were made in the 2017 Card Player Poker Tour $400,000 guaranteed main event at the Bicycle Hotel and Casino, a great turnout that built a final prize pool of $467,928. In the end there could only be one champion, and that player was Brad Horner. Horner was the chip leader when a seven-handed deal was struck. For the win Horner earned $49,123 as well as a CPPT trophy and a Card Player Magazine cover.

Horner is a 30-year-old IT professional who lives in Visalia, California. He utilized this event’s Quantum Reload structure and bought-in directly on day 2 for $1,750 with the dream of winning the title and fulfilling a promise that was dear to his heart: he told his mom he would make the cover of the Card Player Magazine for her.

“My mom has cancer, and she probably only has a couple months to live. Getting on the magazine will mean a lot,” said Horner. “I’ll show her (the live updates) when I get back. She’s proud of how successful I’ve been in my career, poker and the other things I’m into.”

A total of 26 players returned for the final day of action. Horner was the chip leader coming into day 3, but Ryan Lenaghan was likely the most accomplished tournament player in the field. Lenaghan had just under $900,000 in prior live tournament earnings. His biggest score came when he finished 16th in the 2011 World Series of Poker main event for $378,796.

Lenaghan lost a big pot early in the day and was left quite short. He tried to steal some blinds with an all-in move holding the 6Club Suit4Club Suit and ran into an opponent’s A-J, which held up to send Lenaghan to the rail in 20th place with $3,155.

The final tableAround the same time that hand took place Horner won a massive race with his pocket queens held up against an opponent’s A-K. The pot that really secured his chip lead heading into the final table came when he and Tigran Abgaryan saw a flop of KDiamond SuitQHeart Suit9Heart Suit. Abgaryan got all-in holding the KClub SuitQSpade Suit for top two pair up againt Horner’s KHeart SuitJHeart Suit for top pair, a flush draw and a straight draw. The turn brought the 6Heart Suit and Horner took the lead. The JSpade Suit on the river did pair the board, but did not improve Abgaryan and he was eliminated in 11th place. With that Horner took a sizable lead heading into the unofficial final table.

Negotiations for a deal began while play was still 10 handed, but kept unraveling. It wasn’t until after the elimination of Vanik Matousian that the remaining seven players all agreed to the numbers when presented with a chip chop.

With that the 2017 Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Hotel and Casino has come to a close. Make sure to check out the CPPT when the tour returns to the Bike in October, with a series running Oct. 1 – 17. The $1,100 no-limit hold’em main event will take place from Oct. 14 – 17.

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table:

Place Player Earnings (USD)
1 Bradley Horner $49,123
2 Anonymous $43,135
3 David Snobl $36,065
4 Erich Karle $31,860
5 Anthony Lopez $31,540
6 Andrew Cho $29,680
7 Jesus Gonzalez $23,610
8 Vanik Matousian $9,425
9 Benjamin Nguyen $6,960
Player Tags: Bradley Horner

Players Have Agreed To Seven-Handed Chop

Play is over for the day as the final seven have agreed to a deal. We’ll get you the details here shortly.


Final 7 Chip Counts

Here’s a look at the remaining players:

Seat 1: David Snobl — 7.62 million
Seat 2: Jesus Gonzalez — 2.745 million
Seat 3: Anthony Lopez — 4.7 million
Seat 4: Andrew Cho — 3.07 million
Seat 5: Brad Horner — 9.28 million
Seat 6: Erich Karle — 4.84 million
Seat 7: M. Sabouni — 7.62 million


Vanik Matousian Eliminated In 8th Place ($9,425)

Vanik MatousianVanik Matousian moved all-in for 995,000 from the hijack and David Snobl called from the cutoff.

Matousian had the ASpade SuitQSpade Suit and Snobl the 5Diamond Suit4Diamond Suit.

The board ran out KDiamond SuitQDiamond Suit7Heart Suit8Diamond Suit and Snobl made a flush on the turn to send Matousian to the rail in eighth place.

Player Tags: Vanik Matousian

Level 20 Underway

Blinds are no 75,000-150,000 with a 25,000 ante.


Andrew Cho Doubles Up

Andrew ChoFrom under the gun M. Sabouni raised to 600,000. It folded to Andrew Cho who moved all-in for 985,000 more.

Sabouni made the call with the 3Heart Suit3Club Suit and was behind Cho’s 9Heart Suit9Diamond Suit.

The board ran out 8Diamond Suit5Spade Suit2Spade SuitKSpade SuitJHeart Suit and Cho doubled up to more than 3.2 million.

Player Tags: Andrew Cho

Chip Counts

Seat 1: Vanik Matousian — 1,335,000
Seat 2: David Snobl — 3,375,000
Seat 3: Jesus Gonzalez — 2,625,000
Seat 4: Anthony Lopez — 5,365,000
Seat 5: Empty
Seat 6: Andrew Cho — 1,745,000
Seat 7: Brad Horner — 9,340,000
Seat 8: Erich Karle — 5,620,000
Seat 9: M. Sabouni — 8,305,000


Benjamin Nguyen Busts In 9th ($6,960)

Benjamin NguyenBenjamin Nguyen moved all in for about a million with pocket kings and was called M. Sabouni with the JHeart Suit10Heart Suit. Unfortunately for Nguyen, his opponent turned three tens and rivered a boat to send him to the rail.

After the elimination, the players paused to discuss a potential chop.

Player Tags: Benjamin Nguyen

Dipanjan Chattopadhyay Busts In 10th ($4,750)

Dipanjan Chattopadhyay was short and shoved for about 600,000 with the AHeart Suit9Heart Suit, and he was called by Anthony Lopez with the KHeart SuitQHeart Suit. Chattopadhyay was in decent shape to stay alive, thanks to having superior hearts.

However, the board ran out JClub Suit9Spade Suit3Diamond Suit3Club Suit10Club Suit, giving Lopez the straight on the river to send Chattopadhyay to the rail.

Player Tags: Dipanjan Chattopadhyay

Chop Talk... Stopped

Chip chop numbers were run by the floor and players nearly reached an agreement before things fell apart. They are playing on without a deal.

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