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Buy-In: $1,100
Prize Pool: $366,660
Entrants: 378

$1,100 Main Event $200K GTD

  • May 05, '17 - May 08, '17


Updates on Final Day (May 08, 17)


Jared Reinstein Wins Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Main Event

Jared Reinstein, a semi-professional poker player from Tallahassee, has won the $1,100 buy-in Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville main event for $75,714.

Reinstein outlasted a starting field of 378 entries, which created a prize pool of $366,660. The event easily surpassed the $200,000 guarantee. Last year’s event had a $280,330 prize pool from 289 entrants. Amazingly, Reinstein finished eighth in last year’s event.

Jeremy Reed, of Lexington, SC, was able to survive with a short stack for a good portion of the final table to finish second to Reinstein.

There was a final-table deal. When play was three-handed, Reinstein, Reed and Alexis Courtois agreed to give Reinstein first place money ($75,714), while Reed and Courtois would split second place money ($53,018). Both Reed and Courtois were severely short-stacked with just a handful of big blinds, while Reinstein had a monster stack.

Courtois was eliminated in short order after the agreement, and then Reed was felted in second a couple of hands later. On the final hand, Reed was all in with K-Q off suit against Reinstein’s A-7. The board ran out A-6-2-9-5, giving Jared the pot and the win.

Reinstein played extremely solid poker at the final table. He was on the right side of a coin flip with A-K against fifth-place finisher Bob Woodward’s pocket sevens. It was for about half of the 9,450,000 chips in play. Reinstein flopped a king and it held to give him a massive chip lead.

Reinstein entered the final table sixth out of nine. Going into day 2, he was 66th in chips out of 81, so he did a good job surviving throughout the four-day event.

The tournament began on Friday and featured two starting days.

Here’s a look at the final table results:

1. Jared Reinstein: $75,71
2. Jeremy Reed: $53,018
3. Alexis Courtois: $34,086
4. Albert Destrade: $22,456
5. Bob Woodward: $17,292
6. Joseph Dichiaro: $14,321
7. Danny Wilson: $12,001
8. Tracy Bass: $9,779
9. Nghia Le: $7,571

Player Tags: Jared Reinstein

Jeremy Reed Eliminated In 2nd ($53,018)

Jeremy was all in with K-Q off suit against Jared’s AHeart Suit7Spade Suit for the trophy, after the players made a deal three-handed. Jared took first place money, while Alexis and Jeremy split second place money. Jared had a huge chip lead.

The board ran out A-6-2-9-5, giving Jared the pot and the win.

Player Tags: Jeremy Reed

Alexis Courtois Busted In 3rd ($34,086)

Alexis was left crippled after losing with QDiamond SuitJDiamond Suit against Jeremy’s pocket tens. The board ran out Q-10-4-7-7 to give Jeremy a full house.

The very next hand Alexis held ASpade Suit10Club Suit and ran into Jeremy’s KHeart SuitKSpade Suit. Against Jeremy flopped a set, as the board ran out K-8-6-3-7.

The Frenchman collected a payout of $34,086 for his efforts.

It was then heads-up between Jared and Jeremy.

Player Tags: Alexis Courtois

Albert Destrade Eliminated In 4th Place ($22,456)

Alexis moved all in for 525,000 with A-4 and Albert shoved with A-3 for 575,000, and it was heads-up. The board ran out 5-4-3-J-10, doubling up Alexis and leaving Albert crippled.

He was all in the very next hand for 50,000 and ran his 9-5 into the pocket queens from Jared. The board ran out 10-10-2-A-7 and he hit the rail in fourth.

After Albert’s knockout, the final three started discussing a chop.


Bob Woodward Eliminated In 5th Place ($17,292)

WoodwardBob was down to his last 225,000 when he woke up with pocket aces under the gun. He moved his two big blind stack into the middle and it was folded around to Jared and Jeremy in the blinds. Both called.

The board ran out ADiamond SuitQClub Suit10Club SuitKClub Suit10Diamond Suit to give Bob a full house. Both his opponents mucked inferior hands and Bob appeared to be back in the game.

However, on the very next hand Bob was in the big blind and called a 100,000 chip raise from Jared on the button. Jeremy called from the small blind as well.

The flop fell ADiamond SuitKHeart Suit5Diamond Suit, and Jeremy and Bob checked. Jared bet 225,000, Jeremy folded, and Bob called.

The turn brought the 9Club Suit. Bob checked, and Jared bet 300,000 to put him all in. Bob took a few moments before calling for his tournament life.

He tabled KDiamond Suit4Diamond Suit, which was a pair and a flush draw. Jared exposed KClub Suit10Diamond Suit, which had Bob’s hand out-kicked.

The river was the 6Spade Suit, which was no good for Bob. He was eliminated in fifth place for a payday of $17,292.

Player Tags: Bob Woodward

Blinds Up To 50,000 - 100,000

Players are on break and will return to play 50,000 – 100,000 with a 15,000 ante.

The average stack is 1,890,000.


Jeremy Reed Doubles Through Albert Destrade

Albert Destrade opened to 125,000 and found three callers. The flop fell 10Club Suit9Club Suit7Spade Suit.

Alexis Courtois checked, Destrade fired 175,000, and Jeremy Reed moved all in for 850,000 total from the button. Bob Woodward folded from the small blind, Courtois folded, and Destrade called with KClub SuitQClub Suit.

Reed tabled JDiamond Suit8Club Suit for a flopped straight, but Destrade had plenty of outs with a straight flush draw.

The 7Heart Suit on the turn was good for Reed.

The 3Spade Suit on the river was also not one of Destrade’s outs.

Player Tags: Jeremy Reed

Alexis Courtois Doubles Through Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward raised to 175,000 from the button and Alexis Courtois called from the small blind. Albert Destrade folded his big blind.

The flop fell KHeart Suit5Club Suit2Club Suit, and Courtois checked. Woodward shoved to put Courtois all in for 790,000. Courtois called with K-Q.

Woodward tabled an inferior K-J.

The 4Spade Suit on the turn and 8Heart Suit on the river didn’t help Woodward and Courtois was back up to about 2,000,000.

Player Tags: Alexis Courtois

Jeremy Reed Doubles Through Bob Woodward

Jeremy Reed opened and it was on Bob Woodward with the big stack. He shoved, and it was folded back to Reed. He put his 580,000 into the middle with K-J. He was slightly behind Woodward’s A-Q.

The flop fell K-5-3 rainbow, giving Reed top pair. The turn 4 and river 6 completed the runout and Reed was up to more than 1,000,000.

Player Tags: Bob Woodward,   Jeremy Reed

Level 28 Underway

The final five are now playing 30,000 – 60,000 with a 10,000 chip ante.

The average stack is 1,890,000.

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