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Buy-In: $4,800 + $200
Prize Pool: $2,497,050
Entrants: 537

$5,000 No-Limit Hold'em $2 Million GTD

  • Jul 17, '16 - Jul 22, '16


Updates on Final Day (Jul 22, 16)


Jon Turner Wins CPPT Venetian Deepstack Main Event III for $536,858!

Artem Metadili completed the small blind, Jon Turner raised to 255,000 out of the big blind, and Metadili announced he was all-in for 1,380,000 total. Turner asked the dealer for a count, but as soon as he had a ballpark on the amount, he called with AHeart Suit9Heart Suit. Metadili had the best of it with QClub SuitQSpade Suit.

The KHeart Suit8Club Suit4Heart Suit flop gave Turner a flush draw, and the JClub Suit on the turn kept Metadili out front. The river brought the ADiamond Suit, giving Turner a pair, the pot, and the victory.

Metadili finishes as the runner-up, pocketing $329,860 for his efforts, which is his second-largest career cash behind a runner-up finish in the $3,000 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em event at the 2012 WSOP.

Turner, meanwhile, pockets an impressive $536,838 for besting the 537-entry field. It is a career-high score for the longtime poker pro, whose live tournament earnings now exceed $2.5 million.

That brings the Card Player Poker Tour Venetian DeepStack III main event. A full recap of the tournament and Turner’s victory will be posted shortly.

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Level 29

Players have returned to increased blinds of 40,000 – 80,000 with a 10,000 ante for level 29.


Chip Counts

Seat Player Name Chip Count
1 Jon Turner 11,790,000
2 Artem Metalidi 1,660,000


The final two are going to take a quick break.


Artem Metalidi Down to a Million

Artem MetalidiArtem Metalidi calls from the button and Jon Turner checked his option in the big blind.

The flop came KSpade SuitKClub Suit3Diamond Suit and Turner checked. Metalidi bet 60,000 and Turner called.

The turn was the 2Heart Suit. Turner checked, Metalidi bet 185,000, and Turner called.

The river was the 8Spade Suit and Turner checked a third time. Metalidi bet 365,000 and Turner called.

Metalidi showed 4Diamond Suit5Heart Suit for a busted straight draw and Turner drug the pot with ADiamond Suit3Heart Suit for a pair of threes.

Jon Turner – 12,425,000
Artem Metalidi – 1,000,000

Player Tags: Artem Metalidi

Turner Takes One Down On The River

Jon Turner limped in from the button and Artem Metalidi checked. The flop brought the QHeart Suit9Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit and Metalidi check-called a 65,000 bet from Turner.

The 8Spade Suit on the turn saw Metalidi check again. Turner bet 145,000 and metalidi called.

The KHeart Suit river prompted yet another check from Metalidi. Turner cut out a bet of 310,000 this time. Metalidi had a somewhat agonized face as he contemplated the call. he ultimately folded and his stack fell to 1.7 million.

Metalidi – 1,700,000
Turner – 11,725,000


Artem Metalidi Staying Afloat

Artem Metalidi limped on the button and Jon Turner checked his option in the big blind.

The flop fell AHeart SuitJHeart Suit9Club Suit and Turner checked. Metalidi bet 80,000 and Turner called.

The turn was the 7Spade Suit and Turner bet 140,000. Metalidi called.

The river was the 5Spade Suit and Turner checked. Metalidi bet around 250,000, Turner immediately folded, and Metalidi took the pot.

Artem Metalidi – 2,2250,000
Jon Turner – 11,200,000

Player Tags: Artem Metalidi

Turner Keeps Up The Pressure

From the button Artem Metalidi raised to 130,000 and Jon Turner made the call from the big blind.

The 6Diamond Suit5Club Suit flop prompted a check from Turner. Metalidi bet 100,000 and Turner made the call.

The AClub Suit once again drew a check from Turner. Metalidi bet 310,000 this time. After some thought Turner made it 850,000 total.

Metalidi folded and his stack dipped to 1,900,000. Turner now has roughly a 6-to-1 chip advantage.

Jon Turner – 11,525,000
Artem Metalidi – 1,900,000

Player Tags: Jon Turner

Dan Heimiller Eliminated in 3rd Place ($237,719)

Dan HeimillerJon Turner raised to 120,000 on the button and Dan Heimiller reraised to 300,000 from the big blind. Turner called and the two went heads-up to a flop of 5Heart Suit4Heart Suit2Club Suit. Heimiller bet 350,000 and Turner called.

The turn brought the 8Club Suit. Heimiller bet 550,000 and Turner called.

The river was the KHeart Suit. Heimiller checked and Turner thought for about a minute before announcing he was all-in, having Heimiller’s remaining 2,300,000 or so covered. Heimiller clarified the bet was all-in, then called with ADiamond SuitKSpade Suit for a pair of kings. Turner turned up AHeart Suit7Heart Suit for the nut flush and earned the pot and the KO that sent play heads-up between Turner and Artem Metalidi.

Jon Turner – 10,750,000
Artem Metalidi – 2,700,000
Dan Heimiller – Eliminated in third place

Player Tags: Jon Turner

Turner's Two Pair

Jon TurnerFrom the button Artem Metalidi raised to 125,000 and Jon Turner called from the big blind. The flop brought the ADiamond Suit3Heart Suit.

Turner check-called a 110,000 bet from Metalidi and the 8Club Suit hit the turn. Turner checked again and Metalidi bet 325,000 this time. Turner called and the 7Club Suit hit the river. Both players check and Turner showed the AHeart Suit7Spade Suit for two pair. Metalidi mucked and Turner dragged the pot, increasing his stack to just over 7 million.

Player Tags: Jon Turner
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