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Buy-In: $2,000 + $100
Prize Pool: $481,120
Entrants: 248

$2,100 No-Limit Hold'em $300K GTD

  • Mar 15, '15 - Mar 18, '15


Updates on Final Day (Mar 18, 15)


Maxim Sorokin Wins 2015 CPPT Wynn Classic Main Event For $101,619

From the button Kevin Calenzo raised to 125,000 only to have Maxim Sorokin move all-in from the big blind.

Calenzo made the call with the AHeart Suit9Spade Suit but was in rough shape against Sorokin’s AClub SuitJClub Suit.

The board ran out 6Club Suit6Diamond Suit2Club SuitKSpade Suit5Club Suit to win the pot and the title. For the win he was also awarded the $101,619 first-place prize and two impressive trophies from the CPPT and the Wynn.

Calenzo took home $82,024 as the runner up.

Here is a look at the payouts and Card Player Player of the Year points awarded at this final table:

Place Player Earnings (USD) POY Points
1 Maxim Sorokin $101,619 408
2 Kevin Calenzo $82,024 340
3 Stephen Graner $53,501 272
4 Eric Molina $39,933 204
5 Zohair Karim $27,328 170
6 Timothy Chang $20,448 136
7 Dan Alspach $17,320 102
8 Keven Stammen $14,241 68
9 Jared Hamby $11,691 34
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Kevin Calenzo Doubles

Kevin Calenzo was all-in for 1.18 million and Maxim Sorokin called.

Calenzo = KHeart SuitKDiamond Suit
Sorokin = ASpade Suit3Spade Suit

The board = 8Heart Suit7Heart Suit3Diamond Suit5Spade Suit9Diamond Suit

Calenzo now has about 2.4 million while Sorokin has about 3.8 million.

Player Tags: Kevin Calenzo,   Maxim Sorokin

Sorokin Wins A Big One

Maxim SorokinKevin Calenzo raised to 125,000 preflop and Maxim Sorokin made the call from the big blind.

The flop brought the KSpade Suit7Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit and Sorokin check-called 150,000 from Calenzo.

The KClub Suit hit the turn and Sorokin checked. Calenzo bet 300,000 and again Sorokin made the call.

The 7Club Suit paired the board for a second time on the river and now Sorokin came out with a 650,000 bet.

After plenty of deliberation Calenzo decided to make the call, only to muck when shown the JDiamond Suit7Heart Suit of Sorokin for the under-full.

After the hand Sorokin built his stack to nearly 4.7 million while Calenzo fell to 1.5 million.

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Maxim Sorokin – 3.4 million
Kevin Calenzo – 2.8 million


Level 27

The final two players have returned from break to Level 27 with blinds at 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante.


Another Break

The final two are taking another break.


Players Agree To Alter Payouts

The final two have agreed to make a save, taking $10,000 from the listed first place payout and adding it to the eventual runner-ups score.

1st place – $101,619
2nd place – $82,024


Calenzo Doubles Again, Takes The Lead

Kevin CalenzoFrom the button Kevin Calenzo raised to 100,000 and Maxim Sorokin quickly announced that he was all-in, having Calenzo’s 1.8 million stack well covered.

Calenzo looked over at the tournament clock, counted his stack a bit and made the call with the KClub SuitQClub Suit.

It was a race, with Sorokin holding the 6Spade Suit6Heart Suit.

The flop was huge for Sorokin, bringing the the 9Heart Suit8Heart Suit7Heart Suit for an open-ended straight flush draw. The 2Diamond Suit on the turn left Sorokin one card away from the title…

But the KDiamond Suit hit the river, giving Calenzo the best pair and the pot. He now sits with over 3.6 million in chips while Sorokin falls to 2.6 million.

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Kevin Calenzo Doubles Up

Kevin Calenzo was down to his last 937,000 when he announced he was all-in. Maxim Sorokin snap-called and the hands were tabled.

Calenzo = AHeart Suit10Heart Suit
Sorokin = ASpade Suit2Heart Suit

The board = 6Heart Suit5Diamond Suit3Diamond SuitJSpade Suit3Club Suit

And with that, Calenzo had doubled his stack.

Player Tags: Kevin Calenzo,   Maxim Sorokin

More for Maxim Sorokin

Maxim SorokinKevin Calenzo raised to 95,000 and Sorokin called. The flop was AHeart SuitQClub Suit5Club Suit and both players checked. The turn was the JDiamond Suit and Sorokin bet 100,000. Calenzo called and the river was the 7Diamond Suit. Sorokin bet 250,000 and Calenzo called again.

Sorokin showed ASpade Suit9Heart Suit and Calenzo did not show his cards.

Sorokin has about 5 million, while Calenzo is down to about 1.2 million.

Player Tags: Kevin Calenzo,   Maxim Sorokin
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