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Buy-In: $10,000
Prize Pool: $3,252,400
Entrants: 346

Event 55 - $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship

  • Jul 01, '10 - Jul 03, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jul 04, 10)


Alaei Wins Event No. 55 ($780,599)

Big Hands:

MattilaMattila Finishes in 3rd ($354,218)

Ville Mattila raised the pot from the button and Daniel Alaei reraised the pot from the small blind, enough to put Mattila in. He called. Their hands:

Mattila: AHeart SuitKDiamond Suit7Diamond Suit2Club Suit
Alaei: KSpade SuitKHeart Suit6Heart Suit2Diamond Suit

The flop ran ASpade SuitJClub Suit6Club Suit, giving Mattila the best hand going into the turn. That’s when things started looking grim for Mattila, as the KClub Suit fell to give Alaei a set. The river was the 10Spade Suit and Mattila was gone in 3rd place, making $354,218.

With that, Alaei and Miguel Proulx were heads up and Alaei held a dominating chip lead.

ProulxAlaei Wins Event No. 55 ($780,599), Proulx Gets Runner-Up ($482,265)

In a quiet limped pot the flop ran 10Spade Suit9Heart Suit5Club Suit and Miguel Proulx checked, allowing Daniel Alaei to bet 250,000. Proulx called and again checked on the 2Club Suit turn. Alaei bet 900,000 and Proulx raised all in. Alaei called quickly. Their hands:

Alaei: 7Club Suit6Club Suit5Spade Suit5Heart Suit
Proulx: AClub SuitKHeart Suit10Heart Suit2Heart Suit

Alaei held a set and Proulx was in trouble. The river brought the JHeart Suit and Alaei eliminated Proulx in second place ($482,265) to win event No. 55 and his third WSOP bracelet. He also took $780,599.


Level 31: We are Down to Three

Blinds: 60,000-120,000

Players Remaining: 3 out of 346

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Daniel Alaei — 6,130,000
2. Ville Mattila — 2,380,000
3. Miguel Proulx — 1,610,000

Notable Eliminations:
4th – Ludovic Lacay

Big Hands:

LacayLacay Busts in 4th ($262,208)

Ludovic Lacay put his last 415,000 all in preflop and Daniel Alaei called. After some long consideration and confusion from Ville Mattila, he folded and Alaei and Lacay showed their hands heads up:

Lacay: KSpade SuitJHeart Suit9Diamond Suit2Spade Suit
Alaei: AHeart SuitKClub SuitQDiamond SuitJSpade Suit

The board ran out QClub Suit2Diamond Suit5Club Suit10Club Suit3Heart Suit, giving Alaei two pair and eliminating Lacay in 4th place, for which he made $262,208.

Player Tags: Daniel Alaei,   Ludovic Lacay

Level 29: Uyesugi Gone in 5th ($195,631)

Blinds: 40,000-80,000

Players Remaining: 4 out of 346

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Ville Mattila — 3,480,000
2. Ludovic Lacay — 3,200,000
3. Daniel Alaei — 2,130,000
4. Miguel Proulx — 1,610,000

Notable Eliminations:
5th – Trevor Uyesugi

Big Hands:

PiersonUyesugi Rivered Out in 5th ($195,631)

Trevor Uyesugi opened to 280,000 and Daniel Alaei put in a raise of enough to cover Uyesugi. Uyesugi called off his remaining chips and they showed down:

Alaei: 7Club Suit10Diamond SuitJClub SuitQSpade Suit
Uyesugi: 4Spade Suit6Diamond Suit7Spade Suit8Heart Suit

The flop ran 10Heart Suit8Diamond Suit4Diamond Suit to give Uyesugi two pair. The KDiamond Suit fell on the turn and he was still ahead, but the 10Spade Suit river gave Alaei the best hand and Uyesugi was gone in 5th, for $195,631.

Player Tags: Daniel Alaei,   Trevor Uyesugi

Dinner Break

The final five players are eating. They’ll be back in an hour, so stay tuned.


Level 28: Pierson Gone in 6th

Blinds: 30,000-60,000

Players Remaining: 5 out of 346

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Ludovic Lacay — 3,200,000
2. Daniel Alaei — 2,230,000
3. Ville Mattila — 1,780,000
4. Miguel Proulx — 1,710,000
5. Trevor Uyesugi — 1,550,000

Notable Eliminations:
8th – Alexander Kravchenko
7th – Dmitry Stelmak
6th – Stephen Pierson

Big Hands:

PiersonPierson Falls to Kings in 6th ($147,138)

Miguel Proulx put in a raise and Stephen Pierson reraised from the big blind. Proulx raised enough to put Pierson all in, and he called. Their hands:

Pierson: ADiamond SuitJClub Suit10Diamond Suit5Spade Suit
Proulx: KHeart SuitKDiamond Suit4Club Suit2Spade Suit

The board ran 9Spade Suit7Heart Suit6Spade SuitQSpade Suit10Heart Suit and Pierson was unable to best Proulx’s kings. Pierson busted in 6th, taking $147,138 of the prize pool.

Player Tags: Miguel Proulx,   Stephen Pierson

Level 27: Kravchenko Falls in 8th ($85,180)

Blinds: 25,000-50,000

Players Remaining: 6 out of 346

Average Chip Count: 1,730,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Ludovic Lacay — 3,200,000
2. Ville Mattila — 1,880,000
3. Trevor Uyesugi — 1,050,000
4. Miguel Proulx — 1,510,000
5. Daniel Alaei — 1,530,000
6. Stephen Pierson — 560,000

Notable Eliminations:
8th – Alexander Kravchenko
7th – Dmitry Stelmak

Big Hands:

KravchenkoKravchenko Falls in 8th ($85,180)

Ville Mattila raised to 110,000 and Alexander Kravchenko the last of his 225,000 in from the big blind. Mattila called and they showed down:

Mattila: JSpade Suit7Club Suit6Spade Suit4Heart Suit
Kravchenko: ADiamond Suit9Spade Suit8Club Suit8Heart Suit

Kravchenko was in the lead and stayed that way on a QDiamond SuitQHeart Suit3Spade Suit flop. The turn was the 7Diamond Suit, giving both players straight draws but keeping Kravchenko ahead. The 5Heart Suit river was a bad card for the Russian, as it gave Mattila his straight and eliminated Kravchenko in 8th place. He made $85,180.

StelmakAlaei KOs Stelmak in 7th ($111,524)

Dmitry Stelmak opened for 175,000 and Daniel Alaei moved all in, having Stelmak covered. Stelmak called and saw he was behind. Their hands:

Stelmak: AHeart SuitKHeart SuitQClub Suit6Spade Suit
Alaei: AClub SuitASpade SuitQDiamond Suit9Heart Suit

The flop missed everyone, running JHeart Suit4Diamond Suit8Spade Suit, but the 7Heart Suit on the turn gave Stelmak the flush draw. The river brought the 2Diamond Suit and Alaei’s aces held up to boot Stelmak in 7th place, for $111,524.


Level 26: Wheat Busts in 9th ($65,568)

Blinds: 20,000-40,000

Players Remaining: 8 out of 346

Average Chip Count: 1,297,500

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Ludovic Lacay — 3,200,000
2. Miguel Proulx — 2,510,000
3. Ville Mattila — 1,380,000
4. Trevor Uyesugi — 1,150,000
5. Daniel Alaei — 805,000
6. Dmitry Stelmak — 690,000
7. Alexander Kravchenko — 470,000
8. Stephen Pierson — 380,000

Notable Eliminations:
9th – Matthew Wheat

Big Hands:

WheatWheat First to Go, Out in 9th ($65,568)

Matthew Wheat raised to 100,000 from the button and Trevor Uyesugi made the call from the big blind.

The flop came QHeart Suit9Diamond Suit7Diamond Suit and Uyesugi checked to Wheat. Wheat bet 220,000 and Uyesugi raised enough to put Wheat all in. Wheat called. Their hands:

Uyesugi: ASpade SuitQDiamond SuitQSpade Suit8Diamond Suit
Wheat: QClub Suit10Diamond Suit6Club Suit5Diamond Suit

Uyesgui held a flopped set and flush draw, and Wheat held a pair, straight draw and weaker flush draw. The turn was the 2Heart Suit and the river 10Club Suit didn’t improve Wheat enough, sending him home in 9th place for $65,568.

Player Tags: Matthew Wheat,   Trevor Uyesugi

Level 25: Action Slows

Blinds: 15,000-30,000

Players Remaining: 9 out of 346

Average Chip Count: 1,153,333

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Miguel Proulx — 2,380,000
2. Ludovic Lacay — 2,300,000
3. Daniel Alaei — 1,800,000
4. Dmitry Stelmak — 1,100,000
5. Matthew Wheat — 745,000
6. Ville Mattila — 605,000
7. Stephen Pierson — 450,000
8. Trevor Uyesugi — 420,000
9. Alexander Kravchenko — 295,000

Big Hands:

StelmakGood Start for Stelmak

Dmitry Stelmak checked a flop of 2Club Suit9Heart SuitJDiamond Suit and Daniel Alaei fired 140,000. The third player in the hand folded and Stelmak called.

The 8Diamond Suit fell on the turn and Stelmak again checked, with Alaei doing the same. The 9Club Suit river saw another check-check and Stelmak showed QHeart Suit10Diamond Suit7Heart SuitASpade Suit for a straight. Alaei mucked and Stelmak took down a nice pot early.

Player Tags: Daniel Alaei,   Dimitry Stelmak

Shuffle Up and Deal

The cards are in the air! Stay tuned!


Final Table to Start at 4 p.m.

Miguel ProulxThe final nine players are set for event no. 55, the $10,000 pot-limit omaha championship, and they are set to come back to the Rio at 4 p.m. today to play down to a winner.

Our chip leader heading into the final day is Miguel Proulx with 2,440,000. Proulx won a $2,500 pot-limit omaha event earlier this year and is looking to join Frank Kassela in the double bracelet winner category.

Top pro Daniel Alaei isn’t too far behind Proulx in third chip position with 1,800,000 in chips.

Right now, all nine remaining players are guaranteed a payday of $65,568, but the pay jumps will be steep as first place money is $780,599.

Here are a look at the chip counts heading into Sunday’s action.

1. Miguel Proulx – 2,440,000
2. Ludovic Lacay – 2,279,000
3. Daniel Alaei – 1,800,000
4. Dmitry Stelmak – 1,285,000
5. Matthew Wheat – 745,000
6. Stephen Pierson – 570,000
7. Ville Mattila – 490,000
8. Trevor Uyesugi – 435,000
9. Alexander Kravchenko – 330,000

Check back with Card Player later today for level-by-level coverage of the final table.

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