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Buy-In: $1,500
Prize Pool: $739,800
Entrants: 548

Event 53 - $1,500 Limit Hold'em Shootout

  • Jun 30, '10 - Jul 02, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jul 02, 10)


Brendan Taylor Wins

Limits: 50,000-100,000

Players Remaining: 1 out of 548

Notable Eliminations:

2. Ben Yu – $114,484

Big Hands:

Ben YuBen Yu Eliminated in Second Place ($114,484), Brendan Taylor Wins Event No. 53 ($184,950)

After a few raises, Ben Yu got all-in preflop with AClub Suit9Heart Suit against Taylor’s ADiamond Suit7Diamond Suit.

Yu was way ahead until the flop came KClub Suit7Spade SuitJDiamond Suit. Taylor then took a big lead and stayed in the lead when the 4Club Suit fell on the turn and the 4Spade Suit hit on the river.

Yu takes home $114,484 for his second place finish, while Taylor will take home $184,950


Down to Heads-up

Limits: 40,000-80,000

Players Remaining: 2 out of 548

Average Chip Count: 1,800,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Brendan Taylor – 3,100,000
2. Ben Yu – 300,000

Notable Eliminations:

4. Joseph McGowan – $48,546
3. Jonathan Little – $73,218

Big Hands:

Joseph McGowanJoseph McGowan Eliminated in Fourth Place ($48,456)

Joseph McGowan raised under-the-gun and Brendan Taylor made it three-bet from the button.

Joseph McGowan called and they saw a flop of 9Spade Suit2Diamond Suit9Diamond Suit. McGowan checked, Taylor bet, McGowan raised, and Taylor called. They got the rest of the money in on the turn when the 6Heart Suit fell.

McGowan showed ADiamond Suit4Diamond Suit and was up against the 5Heart Suit5Spade Suit of Taylor.

McGowan was looking for an ace, a 6, or a diamond, but the 8Club Suit on the river was not what he was looking for and was eliminated in fourth place.

Jonathan Little Eliminated in Third Place ($73,218)

Shortly after McGowan’s elimination, a short stacked Jonathan Little got all his chips in the middle preflop with ASpade SuitQClub Suit against Brendan Taylor’s QHeart Suit5Heart Suit.

The board ran out 5Diamond Suit2Club SuitKDiamond SuitJHeart Suit6Club Suit and Taylor paired his five to take the pot and eliminate Little from the tournament. Little’s departure leaves Taylor with a massive 10-1 chip lead against Brendan Yu.

Player Tags: Jonathan Little,   Joseph Mcgowan

Two More Players Fall

Limits: 30,000-60,000

Players Remaining: 4 out of 548

Average Chip Count: 900,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Brendan Taylor – 1,450,000
2. Jonathan Little – 900,000
3. Ben Yu – 850,000
4. Joseph McGowan – 430,000

Notable Eliminations:

6. Mike Schneider – $23,563
5. Brian Tate – $33,276

Big Hands:

Mike SchneiderMike Schneider Eliminated in Sixth Place ($23,563)

Ben Yu raised on the button and Mike Schneider three-bet all-in from the small blind. Yu made the call and they were off to the races.

Yu showed 7Club Suit9Heart Suit and was up against Schneider’s 3Heart Suit3Diamond Suit.

The flop came QHeart SuitQSpade Suit9Spade Suit and put Yu in the lead. The turn was JClub Suit and the river was the 5Club Suit and Yu stayed in the lead the rest of the way to bust Schneider from the tournament.

Brian Tate Eliminated in Fifth Place ($33,276)

Brendan Taylor raised from the cutoff and Brian Tate three-bet from the small blind. Taylor made the cal and they saw a flop of JClub Suit9Club Suit3Heart Suit.

Tate bet and Taylor called. The turn was the 6Heart Suit and Tate bet again. This time Taylor raised and called the three-bet all-in from Tate.

Taylor showed QSpade SuitJClub Suit and was way ahead of Tate’s ASpade SuitQHeart Suit. The river was the 10Spade Suit and Tate was eliminated in fifth place.

Player Tags: Mike Schneider

Sijbrand Maal Eliminated

Limits: 15,000-30,000

Players Remaining: 6 out of 548

Average Chip Count: 600,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Jonathan Little – 664,000
2. Michael Schneider – 650,000
3. Joseph McGowan – 550,000
4. Ben Yu – 452,000
5. Brian Tate – 446,000
6. Brendan Taylor – 147,000

Notable Eliminations:

7. Sijbrand Maal – $17,215

Big Hands:

Sijbrand MaalSijbrand Maal Eliminated in Seventh Place ($17,215)

Brian Tate and Sijbrand Maal got four bets in preflop and saw a flop of 8Diamond Suit10Diamond SuitAHeart Suit. Tate and Maal capped the action at 75,000 and the rest of the money got in on the QSpade Suit turn card.

Tate showed AClub SuitQClub Suit, giving him top two pair, and Maal showed QDiamond SuitJDiamond Suit, giving him a flush draw, a pair, and a double gutshot straight draw.

The river bricked off and Tate’s two pair held up for the win.

Player Tags: Sijbrand Maal

Terrance Chan Eliminated in Eighth Place

Limits: 10,000-20,000

Players Remaining: 7 out of 548

Average Chip Count: 514,285

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Jonathan Little – 800,000
2. Michael Schneider – 760,000
3. Ben Yu – 452,000
4. Brian Tate – 446,000
5. Joseph McGowan – 411,000
6. Brendan Taylor – 405,000
7. Sijbrand Maal – 382,000

Notable Eliminations:

8. Terrance Chan – $12,961

Big Hands:

Terrence ChanTerrence Chan Eliminated in Eighth Place ($12,961)

Jonathan Little and a very short stacked Terrence Chan got four bets in the middle preflop and saw a flop of JHeart Suit8Diamond Suit3Club Suit.

Chan checked, Little bet, Chan check-raised, Little three-bet, and Chan called off the last of his money. Chan showed 7Club Suit7Heart Suit and was way behind Little’s ADiamond SuitAHeart Suit.

The QHeart Suit on the turn and the ASpade Suit on the river gave Little three aces and the pot.

Chan picked up his bag and headed off to the payouts cage to collect his $12,961 that he will receive for his eighth place finish.

Player Tags: Terrence Chan,   Jonathan Little

Final Table Starts at 3 p.m.

LittleThe final table of the $1,500 Limit Hold’em Shootout is set to start at 3 p.m.

Of the 63 who sat down Thursday, only eight could win their tables and make it to today’s final table.

Jonathan Little, who has five cashes already at this year’s WSOP, won his table again and a seat at his first WSOP final table. He’ll be joined at 3 p.m. by these other players who won their individual tables:

Joseph Mcgowan
Sijbrand Maal
Brendan Taylor
Ben Yu
Michael Schneider
Terrence Chan
Brian Tate

Just one more table to beat in order to win that WSOP title and $184,950 first-place prize. Stay tuned to for updates on the final table action.

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