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Buy-In: $10,000
Prize Pool: $2,265,400
Entrants: 241

Event 43 - $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship

  • Jun 23, '10 - Jun 25, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jun 25, 10)


Level 29 Update: Ian Gordon Wins


Flop Games: 120,000-240,000 limits
Stud Games: 30,000 ante, 30,000 bring-in, 120,000-240,000 limits

Players Remaining: 1 out of 241

Notable Eliminations:

3. Eugene Katchalov – $378,024
2. Richard Ashby – $611,666

Big Hands:

Katchalov Crippled


This hand happened right before the break at the end of the last level.

Eugene Katchalov completed and Ian Gordon made the call. Gordon led on forth and fifth before checking sixth street. Katchalov bet and Gordon check-raised and their boards looked like this.

Katchalov: (X-X)-ASpade Suit-9Club Suit-3Club Suit-7Spade Suit
Gordon: (X-X)-QSpade Suit-ADiamond Suit-4Spade Suit-8Club Suit

Gordon fired one more bullet on the river and Katchalov angrily mucked his cards, leaving him with just 365,000 in chips.

Eugene KatchalovEugene Katchalov Eliminated


Eugene Katchalov raised from the button, Ian Gordon made it three bets from the small blind, Katchalov made it four bets and Gordon called.

The flop came 10Diamond Suit8Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit and the rest of Katchalov’s chips got into the middle and Gordon made the call.

Katchalov held 7Heart Suit7Spade Suit, but was drawing to runners when Gordon turned over the KDiamond SuitJDiamond Suit, for the second nut flush. The 3Spade Suit on the turn gave Katchalov hope, but the QDiamond Suit on the river sealed the deal for Gordon, giving him the pot and Katchalov was eliminated in third place.

Katchalov will take home $248,831 for his finish and Ian Gordon and Richard Ashby will go heads-up for the bracelet.

Ian GordonRichard Ashby Eliminated in Second, Ian Gordon Wins Event No. 43


After Katchalov was eliminated, heads-up play was as short as it could possibly be. Just one hand later after Katchalov left the tournament area, this hand took place.

Richard Ashby raised from the button and Ian Gordon three-bet from the big blind. Ashby made it four bets and Gordon made the call.

The flop was 6Heart Suit10Heart Suit8Diamond Suit and Gordon check-raised a bet from Ashby. Ashby thought for a moment and then tossed in a call.

The turn was the 10Club Suit and Gordon fired another shell.

“I think you’ve got me, but I have to go all-in,” said Ashby as he moved his chips into the middle.

Gordon made the call and showed 9Heart Suit9Spade Suit and was ahead of Ashby’s ADiamond SuitJDiamond Suit. The river was the KDiamond Suit and Gordon’s nines held up to take home the title and $611,666.

Ashby will take home a consolation prize of $378,027.


Level 28: Down to Three


Flop Games: 100,000-200,000 limits
Stud Games: 20,000 ante, 30,000 bring-in, 100,000-200,000 limits

Players Remaining: 3 out of 241

Average Chip Count: 2,410,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Ian Gordon – 3,600,000
2. Richard Ashby – 1,800,000
3. Eugene Katchalov – 1,600,000

Notable Eliminations:

4. Marco Johnson – $181,503

Big Hands:

Marco JohnsonMarco Johnson Eliminated

Stud 8

Marco Johnson was all-in for his last 350,000 on third street against Ian Gordon.

Johnson: (AHeart Suit-6Club Suit)-7Heart Suit-KHeart Suit-2Club Suit-QDiamond Suit-(JSpade Suit)
Gordon: (ASpade Suit-4Club Suit)-6Diamond Suit-JHeart Suit-8Diamond Suit-ADiamond Suit-(5Heart Suit)

Gordon made a pair of aces and a low to scoop the pot and send Johnson home in fourth place, leaving us with the final three players. Johnson will take home $181,503 for his finish.

Gordon Pulling Ahead


Eugene Katchalov raised from the small blind and Ian Gordon three-bet from the big blind. Katchalov called to see the flop of 6Heart Suit4Spade Suit2Diamond Suit. Katchalov then check-raised Gordon, Gordon put in a third bet and Katchalov put in a fourth bet.

Gordon called and called bets from Katchalov on the QClub Suit turn card and the 8Club Suit river card. Katchalov showed pocket nines, but Gordon held pocket tens to take the pot and shoot up to 4,000,000. Katchalov fell to 2,400,000 in chips.

!(left){height:255px;width:170px;margin:3px 10px;border:3px solid;}(Richard Ashby)!Ashby Doubles

Ian Gordon raised from the small blind and Richard Ashby made the call from the big blind.

The flop was 7Heart SuitQSpade Suit2Diamond Suit and Gordon bet, which was called by Ashby. The turn was the 2Spade Suit and Gordon bet again, and this time Ashby moved in for another 140,000. Gordon made the call and showed KSpade Suit9Spade SuitJClub Suit10Heart Suit and Ashby showed the QHeart SuitJSpade Suit10Spade Suit3Heart Suit.

The river was the 6Diamond Suit to double Ashby up to 1,400,000 and Gordon slipped to 3,500,000.


Level 27 Update: Glantz Eliminated


Flop Games: 80,000-160,000 limits
Stud Games: 20,000 ante, 20,000 bring-in, 80,000-160,000 limits

Players Remaining: 4 out of 241

Average Chip Count: 1,807,500

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Eugene Katchalov – 2,500,000
2. Ian Gordon – 2,450,000
3. Richard Ashby – 1,875,000
4. Marco Johnson – 450,000

Notable Eliminations:

5. Matt Glantz – $135,040

Big Hands:

Johnson Doubles


Action folded to Eugene Katchalov in the small blind who raised and put Marco Johnson all-in in the big blind. Katchalov made the call and the cards were turned up. Johnson had KSpade Suit4Heart Suit and was slightly ahead of Katchalov’s QDiamond Suit6Diamond Suit.

The board came out JClub Suit9Diamond Suit9Spade Suit8Spade Suit2Heart Suit and Johnson’s king-high stayed in the lead to double up to 240,000.

Gordon Flushes Glantz


Matt Glantz raised from the cutoff and Ian Gordon three-bet from the big blind. Glantz made the call and saw the 8Spade Suit7Heart Suit10Diamond Suit peel off on the flop. Gordon bet, Glantz raised, and Gordon called.

The turn was the 6Spade Suit and Gordon check-called a bet from Glantz. The river was the 9Spade Suit, putting a straight on the board and completed a backdoor flush draw. Gordon bet and Glantz splashed chips into the middle indicating a call.

Gordon showed the ASpade SuitQSpade Suit and Glantz mucked. Glantz is down to 200,000 and Gordon is up to 1,900,000.

Alligator Blood for Johnson


Marco Johnson rasised under-the-gun to 160,000 of his total 200,000. It folded to Eugene Katchalov who thought for a minute before three-betting and putting Johnson all-in. Johnson called and showed QSpade Suit10Diamond Suit and was up against the 6Spade Suit2Club Suit of Katchalov.

The board ran out 9Club Suit8Spade Suit4Club Suit9Diamond Suit7Heart Suit and queen-high held up for Johnson, doubling him up to 440,000.

Matt GlantzMatt Glantz Eliminated


Matt Glantz raised from under the gun to get all of his chips in the middle and was called by Richard Ashby in the big blind who showed QSpade SuitQHeart Suit.

Glantz said that he only looked at one and showed the AClub Suit. He was happy to find that his other card was the KDiamond Suit and was happy to be off to the races with Ashby.

After the dealer dealt out the 7Diamond Suit10Spade Suit8Heart Suit3Heart Suit3Diamond Suit board, Glantz was eliminated in fifth place and will take home $135,040.


Level 26 Update: Glantz Runs Huge Bluff


Flop Games: 60,000-120,000 limits
Stud Games: 15,000 ante, 20,000 bring-in, 60,000-120,000 limits

Players Remaining: 5 out of 241

Average Chip Count: 1,446,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Richard Ashby – 2,100,000
2. Eugene Katchalov – 1,900,000
3. Ian Gordon - 1,300,000
4. Matt Glantz – 1,000,000
5. Marco Johnson – 870,000

Notable Eliminations:


Big Hands:

Ian GordonGordon Moving Chips


Ian Gordon was down to 300,000 after losing back to back omaha 8 or better hands. Then this razz hand came along.

Gordon: (X-X)-4-K-9
Ashby: (X-X)-2-J-2

Ian Gordon was the bring-in with a four and Richard Ashby completed and was called by Gordon. Ashby bet out on fourth and was called by Gordon. Ashby bet on fifth even though he open paired and Gordon moved all-in for just 35,000 more. Ashby called and showed 9-6 in the hole and Gordon showed 8-5 and was in the lead.

Ashby caught on ace on sixth and Gordon caught a 7. Ashby squeezed his last card, but turned up a pair of sixes, meaning that Gordon’s K on the river was meaningless and he wold double up to 600,000.

Razz is Rough on Crazy Marco

Marco Johnson was in two razz hands that left him fairly short. In a hand against Eugene Katchalov, he completed and bet fourth street, before calling fifth and sixth street, but had to fold the river.

Then he completed and was raised by Ian Gordon, but Johnson made the call. Gordon bet every street the rest of the way and their boards looked like this.

Gordon: (X-X)-A-6-5-10-(X)
Johnson: (X-X)-8-J-7-J-(X)

On the river, Johnson was talking to himself before eventually convincing himself to call. Gordon turned over the 7-6-4 in the hole to make a 7-6 low and take the pot. Johnson was left with just 430,000.

Johnson Doubles

Marco Johnson: (X-X)-5Heart Suit-10Heart Suit-9Heart Suit-5Heart Suit-(X)
Richard Ashby: (X-X)-JClub Suit-10Club Suit-ADiamond Suit-KClub Suit-(X)

Johnson completed and Ashby called. Ashby checked and called a bet from Johnson on fourth and fifth street, but wanted to lead out into Johnson on sixth until Matt Glantz stopped him to tell him that Johnson had paired his five and acts first.

Johnson bet and was left with just 35,000. Ashby seemed confused and eventually called. Johnson bet his last 35,000 in the dark and Ashby tossed in a call in the dark.

Johnson showed KHeart Suit6Heart Suit7Club Suit giving him a king-high flush and the pot. He doubles up to 870,000 and got a golf clap from his cheering section of David Baker and Jon Aguiar.

Matt GlantzGlantz Runs a Bluff


Marco Johnson completed and Matt Glantz made the call. Johnson bet fourth and Glantz called. Johnson led again on fifth and Glantz announced a raise. Johnson made the call and led into Glantz on sixth street. Glantz just called and they saw the river with their boards looking like this.

Johnson: (X-X)-QHeart SuitHeart Suit-6Diamond Suit-JDiamond Suit-2Diamond Suit-(X)
Glantz: (X-X)-7Spade Suit-3Diamond Suit-4Spade Suit-9Diamond Suit-(X)

Johnson checked and Glantz appeared to squeeze his river card and then fired out a bet. Johnson then went deep in the tank and eventually folded after six minutes of thinking, leaving himself with just 250,000.

“I haven’t looked,” said Glantz as he was being pushed the pot. “Do you want to see, it’s up to you.”

After Johnson nodded yes, Glantz showed the 5Diamond Suit7Diamond Suit10Heart Suit, giving him just a pair of sevens. Johnson stormed away in disgust, knowing he’d been bluffed off the best hand.


Level 25 Update: Mortensen Eliminated


Flop Games: 50,000-100,000 limits
Stud Games: 10,000 ante, 20,000 bring-in, 50,000-100,000 limits

Players Remaining: 5 out of 241

Average Chip Count: 1,446,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Ian Gordon – 2,350,000
2. Eugene Katchalov – 2,050,000
3. Matt Glantz – 1,150,000
4. Richard Ashby – 1,050,000
5. Marco Johnson – 950,000

Notable Eliminations:

6. Carlos Mortensen – $102,237

Big Hands:

Carlos MortensenCarlos Mortensen Eliminated


Carlos Mortensen completed and Eugene Katchalov was the only caller and he was the player who brought it in.

Mortensen bet fourth and was called and the last of his chips were committed on fifth street.

Katchalov: (2-6)-Q-8-4-5-(6)
Mortensen: (A-3)-7-5-7-8-(Q)

Mortesen was way ahead on fourth street, but Katchalov caught good and made a better eight low than Mortenesen. Mortensen was eliminated from the tournament with an extra $102,237 to his name.

Battle of the Big Stacks


Eugene Katchalov: (X-X)-10Heart Suit-AClub Suit10Diamond Suit3Heart Suit-(X)Heart Suit
Ian Gordon: (X-X)-10Spade Suit-KHeart Suit-3Spade Suit-9Diamond Suit-(X)

Katchalov completed and Gordon called. Katchalov checked and called a bet from Gordon on fourth street and then bet fifth and sixth street, getting calls from Gordon both times.

Katchalov bet one more time on the river and this time Gordon let his hand go after a grimace.

Gordon Gets Aces, Knocks Ashby Back Down


Eugene Katchalov brought it in and Ian Gordon completed. Richard Ashby made the call and so did Katchalov. Gordon bet on fourth street and was raised by Ashby. Katchalov folded and Gordon made the call.

Gordon check-called fifth and both players checked sixth and seventh.

Gordon: (ADiamond Suit-7Diamond Suit-10Diamond Suit)-ASpade Suit-6Club Suit-3Heart Suit-4Club Suit
Ashby: (X-X)-JClub Suit-9Spade Suit-2Spade Suit-KDiamond Suit-(X)

Gordon’s aces were enough to take the pot. Gordon moved up to 2,600,000 and Ashby fell to 800,000.


Level 24 Update: Schulman Gone


Flop Games: 40,000-80,000 limits
Stud Games: 10,000 ante, 10,000 bring-in, 40,000-80,000 limits

Players Remaining: 6 out of 241

Average Chip Count: 1,205,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Matt Glantz – 2,400,000
2. Ian Gordon – 1,600,000
3. Eugene Katchalov – 1,500,000
4. Marco Johnson – 1,250,000
5. Richard Ashby – 600,000
6. Carlos Mortensen – 380,000

Notable Eliminations:

7. Nick Schulman – $78,654

Big Hands:

Nick SchulmanNick Schulman Eliminated


Marco Johnson raised from middle position and was three-bet all-in by Nick Schulman from the button. Johnson made the call and showed ASpade SuitKHeart Suit and was ahead of Schulman’s AClub SuitJSpade Suit

Schulman just dropped his head as the board ran out AHeart Suit3Club Suit9Club Suit4Spade SuitKDiamond Suit and Johnson eliminated Schulman in seventh. Schulman will take home $78,654 for seventh place.

Ashby Makes a Comeback


Shortly after doubling up with 10Spade Suit8Spade Suit against Marco Johnson’s AHeart SuitKClub Suit, Richard Ashby three-bet Matt Glantz. The fop was 10Spade SuitJDiamond Suit7Club Suit and Ashby fired and was called by Glantz. Glantz also called a bet on the 7Diamond Suit turn card but gave up when Ashby fired another bullet on the 6Diamond Suit river card.

Ashby is now up to 600,000 and while still short, in much better shape than where he was just a few hands ago.

Gordon Takes a Pot

Matt Glantz raised and Ian Gordon three-bet from the small blind. The fop was QHeart Suit7Heart Suit7Diamond Suit and Gordon bet out. Glantz opted to raise and Gordon flat-called.

The turn was the 5Club Suit and both players checked to see the 3Diamond Suit river. Gordon bet and was called by Glatnz. Glantz mucked when he saw Gordon’s pocket tens.

Mortensen Slips

Omaha 8

Action folded to Eugene Katchalov in the small blind and raised. Carlos Mortensen made the call from the big blind and the flop came AHeart Suit4Club Suit2Diamond Suit.

Katchalov bet and was called by Mortensen. The turn was the 9Spade Suit and Katchalov quickly bet again and was called by Mortensen. The river was the 9Diamond Suit and Katchalov bet again. Mortensen sighed and open-folded the 2-3-4-10, but was already way bheind as Katchalov showed A-A-2-K for a full house.

Mortensen slipped to 380,000 in chips and Katchalov is up to 1,500,000.


Level 23 Update: Traniello Eliminated


Flop Games: 30,000-60,000 limits
Stud Games: 7,000 ante, 10,000 bring-in, 30,000-60,000 limits

Players Remaining: 7 out of 241

Average Chip Count: 1,032,857

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Matt Glantz – 2,000,000
2. Eugene Katchalov – 1,400,000
3. Ian Gordon – 1,400,000
4. Marco Johnson – 1,200,000
5. Carlos Mortensen – 750,000
6. Richard Ashby – 500,000
7. Nick Schulman – 190,000

Notable Eliminations:

8. Marco Traniello – $61,414

Big Hands:

Traniello Triples Up


Marco Johnson raised and Marco Traniello moved all-in for 86,000. Eugene Katchalov cold-called and Johnson made the call as well.

Johnson and Katchalov checked it down as the board ran out 2Heart Suit3Diamond Suit6Heart SuitJClub SuitQHeart Suit. Johnson showed ASpade SuitKClub Suit, Katchalov mucked, and Traniello showed 10Club Suit10Spade Suit, to give him the pot and triple up to almost 300,000.

Katchalov Picks Off Glantz


Matt Glantz raised and called a three-bet from Eugene Katchalov. The flop came 4Diamond Suit4Club Suit3Club Suit and Glantz check-raised Katchalov, who made the call.

Glantz fired bullets on the turn and river which were the JDiamond Suit and the 7Diamond Suit and Katchalov called both times.

Glantz showed AClub Suit6Club Suit and Katchalov showed ASpade SuitJClub Suit to take the pot.

Marco TranielloTraniello Is First Final Table Casualty

Omaha 8

Marco Johnson raised from the button and Marco Traniello raised all-in from the small blind. Ian Gordon cold-called from the big blind and Johnson made the call.

The flop was 7Spade Suit3Diamond Suit3Heart Suit and Gordon led with a bet that was called by Johnson. Gordon fired again on the KClub Suit turn card and Johnson came along to see the KDiamond Suit river. Gordon fired the river and Johnson quickly folded his hand.

Gordon showed the 3Club Suit6Diamond Suit5Heart Suit4Diamond Suit for trip threes and Traniello showed the QSpade SuitQClub SuitAHeart Suit6Heart Suit. Traniello is eliminated in eight place and collects $61,114 for his efforts.

Glantz Closing in on Two Million


Nick Schulman: (X-X)-10Diamond Suit-5Spade Suit-QDiamond Suit-3Heart Suit
Matt Glantz: (X-X)-AHeart Suit-KHeart Suit-8Diamond Suit-7Heart Suit

Marco Johnson completed with the QClub Suit and Nick Schulman raised. Matt Glantz made it three bets and Johnson folded, but Schulman came along. Schulman called bets from Glantz on fourth and fifth street, but folded to a bullet on sixth street and Schulman is now down to 190,000, while Glantz is up to 2,000,000.


Level 22 Update: Fischman Eliminated to Move to Final 8


Flop Games: 25,000-50,000 limits
Stud Games: 5,000 ante, 7,000 bring-in, 25,000-50,000 limits

Players Remaining: 8 out of 241

Average Chip Count: 903,750

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Matt Glantz – 1,803,000
2. Marco Johnson – 1,292,000
3. Eugene Katchalov – 1,030,000
4. Ian Gordon – 955,000
5. Nick Schulman – 800,000
6. Carlos Mortensen – 737,000
7. Richard Ashby – 546,000
8. Marco Traniello – 85,000

Notable Eliminations:

Scott Fischman – $48,638

Big Hands:

Marco TranielloTraniello Scoops to Stay Alive

Marco Traniello raised and was three-bet by Ian Gordon. Traniello called and they saw the flop of 9Heart Suit-6Heart Suit-4Diamond Suit. After a series of bets and raises, Traniello got all his chips in the middle.

Traniello showed the AHeart SuitJHeart Suit5Club Suit3Spade Suit and was up against Gordon’s ADiamond SuitASpade Suit9Spade Suit5Spade Suit. Gordon had the overpair, but Traniello had straight, flush, and low draws to stay alive.

The turn was the KDiamond Suit and the river was the 2Heart Suit to give Traniello the nut flush and the nut low to scoop the pot and double up to 325,000. Gordon slipped to 690,000 with the loss.

Gordon Gets Best of Fischman

Scott Fischman completed and then called the raise of Ian Gordon. Gordon bet fourth and fifth and Fischman bet sixth and seventh. Gordon called both bets and their boards looked like this.

Fischman: (X-X)-A-3-J-4-(X)
Gordon: (X-X)-8-5-J-Q-(X)

Fischman announced he had a jack-low when he was called on the end and Gordon showed A-7-2 in the hole to take it with an 8-7 low.

Fischman dropped to 390,000 and Gordon now has 840,000.

Schulman and Glantz Dance in Razz

Nick Schulman completed and Matt Glantz raised. Schulman called and both players checked on fourth. Schulman bet fifth and was called by Glantz. Both players checked sixth and seventh and their boards looked like this.

Schulman: (X-X)-A-J-4-8-(X)
Glantz: (X-X)-A-K-10-3-(X)

Schulman turned over the 8-7-7 in the hole to make a jack-low which was good for the pot since Glantz only made a king-low.

Schulman is up to 525,000 and Glantz fell to 1,300,000.

Scott FischmanScott Fischman Eliminated in Ultimate Hold’em Cold Deck


Matt Glantz, Marco Traniello, and Scott Fischman all capped the action preflop with Fischman all-in for the last of his chips.

The flop came 6Club Suit10Spade Suit3Heart Suit and Glantz checked and called a bet from Traniello who fired into a dry side pot.

The turn was the KClub Suit and now Glantz check-raised and Traniello called. The river was the 5Club Suit and Glantz fired another bullet and Traniello made a crying call and the ultimate cooler was revealed.

Traniello held pocket aces, Glantz pocket kings, and Fischman pocket queens. Glantz’s turned set was good for the pot as Traniello, visibly disgusted, tossed his cards into the muck and cursed his way over to the feature table area. Glantz is now up to 1,760,000.


Level 21 Update: Bustouts Galore


Flop Games: 20,000-40,000 limits
Stud Games: 5,000 ante, 5,000 bring-in, 20,000-40,000 limits

Players Remaining: 9 out of 241

Average Chip Count: 803,333

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Marco Johnson – 1,680,000
2. Matt Glantz – 1,400,000
3. Eugene Katchalov – 870,000
4. Carlos Mortensen – 780,000
5. Ian Gordon – 690,000
6. Scott Fischman – 515,000
7. Nick Schulman – 385,000
8. Marco Traniello – 325,000
9. Richard Ashby – 300,000

Notable Eliminations:

16. Brandon Adams – $26,459
15. Roman Yitzhaki – $26,459
14. John Hennigan – $31,851
13. Michael Chow – $31,851
12. Cuong Do – $39,078
11. Steve Billirakis – $39,078
10. Brian Townsend – $48,638

Big Hands:

Brandon AdamsBrandon Adams Eliminated

Omaha 8

Brandon Adams got the last of his chips in the middle against Marco Johnson on a flop of 7-5-3.

Adams had the A-A-K-J, giving him just dry aces with no low draw, and Johnson flopped two pair and a low with his A-8-5-3. The turn was a 2 and the river was a 10 to eliminated Adams and vault Johnson to the top of the chip counts.

Roman Yitzhaki Eliminated

Omaha 8

Matt Glantz raised preflop on the button and Roman Yitzhaki three-bet from the big blind. Glantz called and the two saw a flop of QHeart Suit7Spade Suit4Club Suit. There were a ton of raises that led to Yitzhaki being all-in.

Glantz showed the AClub SuitADiamond Suit5Club Suit5Spade Suit and Yitzhaki held the ASpade SuitQSpade Suit9Spade Suit2Spade Suit. Glantz had an over pair and a bad low draw and Yitzhaki had top pair and the nut low draw.

The turn was the JDiamond Suit and the river was the KClub Suit, meaning no low was possible and Yitzhaki was eliminated.

Marco JohnsonJohnson Rolling


Marco Johnson completed and then bet fourth and fifth street against Eugene Katchalov. Katchalov led out on sixth and was raised by Johnson with their boards looking like this.

Johnson: (X-X)-4-7-5-10-(X)
Katchalov: (X-X)-2-9-7-4-(X)

Johnson fired another bullet on the river and Katchalov folded. Katchalov fell to 880,000 and Johnson is up to 1,200,000.

Hennigan Eliminated


We missed the exact details of the hand, but a very short stacked John Hennigan was all-in against Michael Chow. At the end of the hand, Chow was stacking chips and Hennigan was walking away from the table.

Michael Chow Eliminated


Michael Chow completed and was raised by Marco Johnson. Chow made the call and got all of his chips in the middle by fifth street against Johnson.

Chow: (ASpade Suit-7Club Suit)-ADiamond Suit-8Diamond Suit-6Club Suit-QSpade Suit-(2Diamond Suit)
Johnson: (JHeart Suit-JClub Suit)-2Heart Suit-JSpade Suit-6Diamond Suit-3Diamond Suit-(7Diamond Suit)

Chow’s aces never improved and Johnson continued to cruise as he made trip jacks to eliminated Chow.
Cuong Do Eliminated

Stud 8

Cuong Do was down to his last 11,000 after calling bets the whole way down from Scott Fischman in a stud hand and having to fold the river. He got his last 11,000 in the middle on third against Brian Townsened. The boards ran out like this.

Do: (KDiamond Suit-10Club Suit)-ASpade Suit-8Diamond Suit-5Heart Suit-6Diamond Suit-(X)
Townsend: (6Heart Suit-5Spade Suit)-7Spade Suit-10Diamond Suit-9Heart Suit-9Spade Suit-(8Spade Suit)

Townsend made a straight and left Do drawing dead on his river card to eliminated Do in 12th place.

Steve BillirakisSteve Billirakis Eliminated

Stud 8

Steve Billirakis got the last of his chips in the middle on sixth street against Ian Gordon.

Billirakis: (5Spade Suit-5Diamond Suit)-8Spade Suit-5Heart Suit-4Spade Suit-8Heart Suit-(9Diamond Suit)
Gordon: (AClub Suit-7Spade Suit)-7Club Suit-7Diamond Suit-2Spade Suit-ADiamond Suit-(KClub Suit)

Both players made full houses, but Gordon’s sevens full of aces trumped Billirakis’ fives full of eights and Billirakis was eliminated in 11th as we inch closer to the final table.

Brian Townsend Eliminated

Scott Fischman raised from the cutoff and Brian Townsend three-bet from the button. Carlos Mortensen then made it four bets from the big blind. Fischman folded and Townsend made the call.

The flop was QDiamond Suit3Diamond Suit2Heart Suit and Mortensen bet out 20,000. Townsend raised his remaining chips and it was only a little more to Mortensen who made the call.

Townsend showed ASpade Suit3Spade Suit and was up against the JDiamond SuitJHeart Suit of Mortensen.

The QHeart Suit came on the turn and the 5Club Suit on the river kept Mortensen in the lead and Townsend was eliminated in tenth place, leaving the final nine players to re-draw to the unofficial final table of nine.


Level 20 Update: Mortensen Confused, Townsend Crippled


Flop Games: 18,000-36,000 limits
Stud Games: 4,000 ante, 5,000 bring-in, 18,000-36,000 limits

Players Remaining: 16 out of 241

Average Chip Count: 451,875

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Eugene Katchalov – 975,000
2. Matt Glantz – 850,000
3. Ian Gordon – 715,000
4. Nick Schulman – 650,000
5. Michael Chow – 610,000
6. Marco Johnson – 550,000
7. Carlos Mortensen – 520,000
8. Scott Fischman – 450,000
9. Richard Ashby – 440,000
10. Cuong Do – 220,000

Notable Eliminations:


Big Hands:

Carlos MortensenAll Stud Games Look the Same


Matt Glantz: (X-X)-5Club Suit-KSpade Suit-3Spade Suit-2Diamond Suit
Carlos Mortensen: (X-X)-ADiamond Suit-6Spade Suit-10Club Suit-JClub Suit

Mortensen completed on third and was called by Glantz. Mortensen bet fourth and fifth and was called both times. Mortensen then checked and called a bet from Glanz on sixth street and both players checked on the river.

Mortensen tabled the 8Spade Suit-7Heart Suit-2Club Suit and announced “eight,” saying he had an eight-low, which he did. Unfortunately for Mortensen, they weren playing stud and Glantz won with a pair of fives.

Mortensen dropped to 400,000 with that mistake and Glantz chipped up to 700,000.

Billirakis Doubles Through Adams


Steve Billirakis got all-in on third street against Brandon Adams with just 35,000 left in front of him. The boards ran out like this.

Billirakis: (8Spade Suit-8Diamond Suit)-KSpade Suit-7Spade Suit-10Diamond Suit-9Diamond Suit-(6Diamond Suit)
Adams:(KHeart Suit-QClub Suit)-AHeart Suit-9Club Suit-6Club Suit-5Diamond Suit-(AClub Suit)

Billirakis was ahead the whole way and then when Adams improved to a pair of aces, Billirakis improved to a straight to double up to 85,000 and is still painfully short, while Adams is also very short with 95,000.

Adams Doubles Through Ashby


Brandon Adams got his last chips in on third street with a series of raises between him and Richard Ashby.

Adams: (AClub Suit-2Club Suit)-AHeart Suit-3Club Suit-JClub Suit-8Heart Suit-(3Diamond Suit)
Ashby: (QHeart Suit-QClub Suit)-6Heart Suit-2Heart Suit-3Spade Suit-8Club Suit-(KHeart Suit)

Adams’ split aces stayed in the lead the whole way to double up to 210,000 while Ashby fell to 470,000.

Brian TownsendTownsend Crippled

Roman Yitzhaki was all-in on fourth street and there was further betting between Brian Townswend and Carlos Mortensen which resulted in Townsend getting all his chips in on seventh street.

Roman Yitzhaki: (QSpade Suit-JSpade Suit)-JDiamond Suit-10Club Suit-2Club Suit-10Heart Suit-(KHeart Suit)
Brian Townsend: (ASpade Suit-2Spade Suit)-7Spade Suit-6Heart Suit-QClub Suit-KSpade Suit-(AHeart Suit)
Carlos Mortensen: (AClub Suit-ADiamond Suit)-10Diamond Suit-3Heart Suit-2Diamond Suit-4Spade Suit-(6Diamond Suit)

Yitzhaki made jacks and tens for half of the main pot, Townsend made just a pair of aces after drawing to a good low and got half of the side pot, and Mortensen had a pair of aces with a worse kicker than Townsend, but made a 6-4 low to take half of both pots. This left Townsend with just 100,000, Yitzhaki climbed to 140,000, and Mortensen to 520,000.

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