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Buy-In: $1,000
Prize Pool: $2,791,800
Entrants: 3102

Event 36 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 19, '10 - Jun 23, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jun 23, 10)


Montgomery Wins

Blinds: 60,000-120,000

Players Remaining: 1 out of 3,102

Notable Eliminations:

2. Mick Carlson – $297,996

Big Hands:

Scott MontgomeryMick Carlson Eliminated, Scott Montgomery Wins Event No. 36

Mick Carlson shoved all-in for 825,000 and Scott Montgomery made the call. Carlson showed KDiamond Suit2Spade Suit and was behind Montgomery’s ADiamond Suit7Diamond Suit.

The board came out 9Club Suit4Heart Suit10Diamond Suit6Spade Suit3Diamond Suit, and Montgomery’s ace-high stayed in the lead unimproved to eliminated Carlson from the tournament and make Montgomery out last man standing.

Carlson will take home $297,996 for his efforts and Montgomery will take home $481,760 along with his gold bracelet.


Montgomery Takes Care of Richardson

Blinds: 50,000-100,000 with a 10,000 ante

Players Remaining: 2 out of 3,102

Average Chip Count: 4,653,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Scott Montgomery – 5,870,000
2. Mick Carlson – 3,436,000

Notable Eliminations:

3. Adam Richardson – $210,892

Big Hands:

Adam RichardsonAdam Richardson Eliminated in Third Place ($210,892)

Scott Montgomery had just crippled Adam Richardson when they got in four bets preflop and Montgomery’s K-7 out-flopped Richardson’s A-10 to leave Richardson with just 500,000.

He then moved all-in for his last 500,000 and was called by Scott Montgomery. Montgomery showed the QSpade Suit10Spade Suit and Richardson was slightly ahead with his KHeart SuitJClub Suit.

The dealer peeled off a 9Diamond SuitQClub Suit8Diamond Suit, giving Montgomery the lead and Richardson was going to need a king or a 10 to take the lead back.

The turn was the JDiamond Suit and the river was the 6Heart Suit, giving the pot to Montgomery and sending Richardson home in third place. Montgomery now takes on Mick Carlson for the bracelet.


Daniel Fuhs Eliminated

Blinds: 40,000-80,000 with a 10,000 ante

Players Remaining: 3 out of 3,102

Average Chip Count: 3,102,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Scott Montgomery – 3,200,000
2. Adam Richardson – 3,150,000
3. Mick Carlson – 2,950,000

Notable Eliminations:

4. Daniel Fuhs – $152,655

Big Hands:

Daniel FuhsDaniel Fuhs Eliminated in Fourth Place ($152,655)

Daniel Fuhs moved all-in for his last 525,000 and Scott Montgomery called from the big blind. It was a classic race situation when Fuhs showed the KClub Suit9Heart Suit and Montgomery held the 6Spade Suit6Club Suit.

The dealer ran out the board AClub Suit7Heart Suit8Spade Suit3Heart Suit3Spade Suit and Fuhs couldn’t outrun the pocket pair of Montgomery to be eliminated in fourth place.

This leaves Montgomery with a slight chip lead three-handed, but all players have around the same count.

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Bunch of Bustouts Leave the Final Four

Blinds: 30,000-60,000 with a 5,000 ante

Players Remaining: 4 out of 3,102

Average Chip Count: 2,326,500

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Adam Richardson – 2,700,000
2. John Dolan – 1,800,000
3. Mick Carlson – 1,560,000
4. Scott Montgomery – 1,500,000
5. Daniel Fuhs – 1,250,000
6. Sebastien Roy – 750,000

Notable Eliminations:

7. Peter Dufek – $62,033
6. John Dolan – $82,804
5. Sebastien Roy – $111,783

Big Hands:

Peter Dufek Eliminated in Seventh Place ($62,033)

Daniel Fuhs raised from the cutoff to 135,000 and Peter Dufek moved all-in from the button. Fuhs made the call and the cards were turned up.

Dufek showed ASpade Suit9Diamond Suit and Fuhs was ahead with his AClub SuitJClub Suit. The flop came 4Heart Suit3Spade SuitJHeart Suit, leaving Dufek drawing to running nines or running wheel cards to chop.

There was no miracle for Dufek and Fuhs moves up to 1,250,000 in chips, while eliminating Dufek in the process.

John DolanJohn Dolan Eliminated in Sixth Place ($82,804)

John Dolan raised 120,000 of his 165,000 under-the-gun and was called by Mick Carlson in the hijack, Adam Richardson on the button, and Sebastien Roy in the big blind.

The flop was 9Heart Suit3Heart Suit9Spade Suit and Dolan move his last 45,000 in and was called by all three opponents. They all checked down the 2Diamond Suit turn card and 2Spade Suit river card.

Richardson and Dolan showed J-10, Roy showed K-Q, but Carlson took the pot down with pocket fives. Richardson took the pot and sent Dolan home in sixth.

Sebastien Roy Eliminated in Fifth Place ($111,783)

Adam Richardson opened from under-the-gun and Sebastien Roy moved all-in for 590,000 and was called by Richardson.

Richardson showed 5Spade Suit5Diamond Suit and Roy showed ADiamond Suit9Diamond Suit and they were off to the races.

The board ran out KClub SuitJDiamond Suit8Club Suit2Heart Suit8Diamond Suit and Richardson won the race to send Roy home in fifth place with an extra $111,783 to his name.

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Timothy Beeman Eliminated

Blinds: 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante

Players Remaining: 7 out of 3,102

Average Chip Count: 1,329,428

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Sebastien Roy – 1,900,000
2. Peter Dufek – 1,850,000
3. Adam Richardson – 1,700,000
4. Daniel Fuhs – 1,100,000
5. Mick Carlson – 1,100,000
6. John Dolan – 1,000,000
7. Scott Montgomery – 700,000

Notable Eliminations:

8. Timonthy Beeman – $46,985

Big Hands:

Timothy BeemanTimothy Beeman Eliminated in Eighth Place ($46,985)

Peter Dufek raised to 85,000 from middle position and was face with a shove from Timothy Beeman for 800,000. After thinking for a moment, Dufek made the call and the cards were turned face up.

Beeman showed 5Spade Suit5Heart Suit and was in serious trouble against Dufek’s JSpade SuitJClub Suit. The flop was 3Club SuitKSpade Suit6Diamond Suit, with things looking bleak for Beeman. The turn gave him some hope with 7Heart Suit, giving him a straight draw, but the river was the 7Spade Suit and Dufek would take the pot, sending Beeman to the rail and leaving the final table with just seven players.

Dufek moves to 1,850,000 in chips with the pot.


Michael Michnik Eliminated

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 with a 4,000 ante

Players Remaining: 8 out of 3,102

Average Chip Count: 1,163,250

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Sebastien Roy – 1,950,000
2. Daniel Fuhs – 1,800,000
3. Michael Carlson – 1,400,000
4. Peter Dufek – 1,200,000
5. John Dolan – 1,100,000
6. Scott Montgomery – 1,000,000
7. Adam Richardson – 625,000
8. Timothy Beeman – 590,000

Notable Eliminations:

9. Michael Michnik – $35,986

Big Hands:

Michael MichnikMichael Michnik Eliminated in Ninth Place ($35,986)

Michael Michnik was on the short stack when he moved all-in from middle position. Mick Carlson moved all-in over the top from the button. Michnik showed KDiamond SuitJDiamond Suit and Carlson showed ASpade SuitADiamond Suit.

The 6Club Suit5Club Suit8Club SuitAClub Suit7Diamond Suit, giving Carlson a set of aces and the pot. Michnik will take home $35,986 for his ninth place finish.


Final Table Starts at 2:30

Scott MontgomeryThe final table of event no. 36, the $1,000 no-limit hold’em event, will start this afternoon at 2:30 p.m.

Sebatien Roy goes into the final table as the chip leader, but Timothy Beeman is nipping on his heels. Scott Montgomery (pictured right) is on a short stack, but is always dangerous competition.

The pay jumps will be steep as ninth place will receive $35,986, but the first place finisher will receive $481,760.

Here are the chip counts for the final table.

1. Sebastien Roy – 1,867,000
2. Timothy Beeman – 1,788,000
3. Daniel Fuhs – 1,251,000
4. John Dolan – 967,000
5. Mick Carlson – 917,000
6. Peter Dufek – 780,000
7. Adam Richardson – 702,000
8. Scott Montgomery – 604,000
9. Michael Michnik – 307,000

Check back with Card Player on Wednesday for updates throughout the final table.

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